Seth Rollins discusses fan incident on WWE Raw, comments on security

TMZ caught up with Seth Rollins after his incident with a fan at the Barclays Center

Seth Rollins reflects on his run-in with a fan on the 11/22 Monday Night Raw.

Following Seth Rollins’ segment with Finn Balor on the 11/22 WWE Raw, while he was on his way up the entrance ramp, Elisah Spencer, a fan in attendance jumped the guardrail and tackled Rollins to the ground. Security quickly pulled the individual off of Rollins and he was turned over to the New York Police Department.

TMZ caught up with Seth and asked him about the incident. Rollins admitted that it was terrifying, but he was just hoping that security interfered quickly.

Of course, of course. It was terrifying brother.

It happened very quickly so I was mostly just reacting and hoping our security team would come and do their job which they did very quickly and then it was just trying to detach and move on, you know? I hope that everybody’s okay.

Rollins is not injured and said everything is fine. He says it was a startling situation but it was only a tackle.

Well yeah [I knew it was legit]. Once the tackle happened, I knew what was going on. The guy was barreling around the corner, I didn’t — no, no, no [it didn’t hurt]. I mean it was startling but it was not — it was just a tackle. No [I did not get hurt]. No serious injuries, nothing like that. I was safe, he was safe, everything’s okay.

When asked about the fan getting past security, Seth feels that more can always be done to prevent that from happening but he added that security does a great job and it was a one-off incident.

I mean there can always be more [that could be done security-wise] but the security does a great job. Guy just slipped through the cracks. It’s a one-off incident.

Spencer was charged with attempted assault. He declined to comment on if he’ll be pressing charges against Spencer.

I’m not gonna speak on that at this time [if I’ll be pressing charges].

When Seth came out for the main event, he jokingly looked side-to-side before making his way to the ringside area. To hear POST Wrestling’s thoughts on the situation, check out the latest recording of Rewind-A-Raw.

If the quotes in this article are used, please credit TMZ with an H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions. 

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