Stardom Tokyo Super Wars Report: Utami Hayashishita vs. Maika, Nakano vs. Shirakawa

Karen Peterson has a full review and analysis of Stardom's Tokyo Super Wars card featuring Utami Hayashishita vs. Maika in the main event.

Photo Courtesy: Stardom

Tokyo Super Wars

By: Karen Peterson

The second stop in the CHOJO TAISEN series was The Second Arena at Yoyogi National Gymnasium for STARDOM’s Tokyo Super Wars. With the year coming to a close, the matches for Ryogoku Dream Queendom begin to get slotted in. However, with Osaka Super Wars eleven days before, there is likely going to be some last-minute card additions as well as set-up for the Year-End Climax at Korakuen on Christmas Day.

English Commentary: Unavailable

The commentary booth was led by Haruo Murata on play-by-play with Makoto Ohe on color commentary. No special guests were announced for commentary before the event. However, a guest later joins for the title matches.

From Kawasaki Super Wars to Tokyo Super Wars

No Longer “Undeclared” Hazuki Makes Her Choice

When she returned from retirement, Hazuki made it her mission to seek out like-minded, Stardom originals to take back their company from the influx of outsiders coming in and controlling the spotlight. Another massive stride in Hazuki’s reintegration into Stardom since her Reunion of Destiny return match against Koguma, was their uniting to participate in Goddesses Tag League, leading many to believe that Hazuki would be a lock for STARS, despite remaining undeclared for the first half of the series. On November 4th in Korakuen Hall, Fukuoka W (Double) Crazy (FWC) wrestled to a time limit draw against Queen Quest’s AphroditE (Utami Hayashishita/Saya Kamitani), after which Koguma invited Hazuki to join STARS.

“I’ll join STARS, but I will still remain true to who I am.” – Hazuki

FWC would continue their strong showing throughout Goddesses Tag League, eventually winning the entire league after a series of tiebreakers against both AphroditE and defending 2020 League Champions MOMOAZ, to become the 11th Annual Goddesses Tag League Champions. During their celebratory remarks, FWC issued a challenge to the reigning Goddesses of Stardom Tag Team Champions: AliKaba (Syuri and Giulia), for a title match in the future at an undisclosed date.

A Wild Gori-chan Appeared!

When Koguma invited Hazuki to join STARS, Mayu announced that Saya Iida, who had been out for knee surgery, was on-site in Korakuen for a photoshoot. Iida ran to the ring, naturally catching her bad knee on the ropes, before happily rolling into the ring. Not only was she happy to be in the ring with STARS again, but Hazuki was like a parental figure to Iida during her training. While many expected mention of a return, Saya directed all of her happiness toward celebrating Hazuki’s choice to join STARS, sobbing her way through her comments. In her closing, Mayu mentions that Saya will return to help defend STARS, but not return match announced.

Arisa Hoshiki Announces Suspension of Activities

On November 20, 2021, former Stardom wrestler Arisa Hoshiki announced on Twitter that she would be indefinitely suspending all public activities including her ActWres persona “Hoshiki Arisa” as well as that of her band Unlimited Dream Navigator (UDN). While she doesn’t disclose in detail her personal choices behind the decision, she is thankful to everyone who supported her and wishes everyone well. (For those thinking she is the Masked Assailant, this likely rules out Hoshiki as a suspect.)

A Healthy Konami Returns!

At the TSW press conference, Syuri followed up on her desire to remedy her outstanding loss to Konami from the 5★GP. Konami had been hospitalized for acute enteritis, but there were reports that she was on the mend. Syuri’s challenge was issued with a one-week acceptance window before she would be forced to select a different opponent for TSW. Konami accepted the challenge shortly after the press conference and returned to action on November 21, in Osaka. She would later formally accept Syuri’s challenge in person on the same show, indicating that she would like to challenge as previously planned: under UWF rules. Syuri accepted.

Spoiler-Free Synopsis

  • Future of Stardom Championship Triple Threat: Ruaka © (OET) vs. Mai Sakurai (CA) vs. Waka Tsukiyama (CA)Will overconfidence be the downfall of the Champion?
  • Tag Match MOMOAZ (QQ; Momo Watanabe/AZM) vs. Unagi Sayaka (CA)/Lady C (Undeclared) A rookie odd couple versus seasoned veterans in a surprisingly solid match. Recommended
  • 6-Woman Tag: STARS (Mayu Iwatani, Hazuki & Hanan) vs. OedoTai (Saki Kashima, Fukigen Death & Rina)Very simple stakes. The losing team member gives up their dark makeup look.
  • Wonder of Stardom Next Contender Match: Saya Kamitani (QQ) vs. Natsupoi (DDM) vs. Himeka (DDM)Does DDM drama help or hurt?
  • Starlight Kid © High-Speed (OET) vs. Koguma (STARS)A dizzying, high-speed match-up. Recommended
  • Syuri © SWA/World Certificate (DDM) vs. Konami (OET) The long-await rematch that does not disappoint. If you watch nothing else, watch this. Highly Recommended 
  • Semi-Main Event: Tam Nakano © Wonder (CA) vs. Mina Shirakawa (CA) Will Shirakawa finally catch Tam’s attention? Recommended
  • Main Event: Utami Hayashishita © World (QQ) vs. Maika (DDM)How much power fighting are you up for because DAY-YUM. Highly Recommended

Future of Stardom Championship – Ruaka © (OET) defeats Mai Sakurai (CA) and Waka Tsukiyama (CA)(4:50)

Ruaka had the most to lose in the three-way battle. Besides her guaranteed ticket to wrestle Hanan at Ryogoku Dream Queendom as Future of Stardom Champion, she didn’t need to be pinned to lose her championship. Waka and Mai teamed up at the opening when they realized Ruaka was outpowering them both. However, The Cosmic Angels quickly learned that neither one of them would win if they focused solely on the champion.

The champion took the opportunity to let the challengers wear each other down, before breaking up Sakurai’s pin attempt. Ruaka quickly took control of Mai, dragging her to the corner. With a Freezer Bomb, the Future of Stardom kept her promise to make quick work of the two by pinning Sakurai and completing omitting Tsukiyama.

The Mysterious Assailant from Kawasaki Super Wars returned!! They immediately interrupted Ruaka’s victory celebration, by attacking the champion with a sledgehammer first and immediately proceeding to both fallen challengers. The Assailant was chased off when Starlight Kid charged the ring before they could get another swing in on Ruaka. They exited the entry ramp, dragging their sledgehammer behind them. Their identity and motivation for coming to Stardom are still unknown at this time.

“I would really like to defend against someone — you know– much stronger.” – Ruaka

“I’m going to take every single thing I learned in wrestling this far… and destroy you.” – Hanan

Next Challenger

  • Ryogoku Dream Queendom – Hanan accepts Ruaka’s offer

New in 2022 Announcements 

    • Stardom Awards 2021 at Belle Salle Shinjuku Grand Hall on January 3rd, 2022. This two-part event will have an afternoon session with matches and the evening award show and unit photos.
    • NEW YEAR STARS in Korakuen Hall. Back-to-back shows on January 8th & 9th, 2022.  

Tag Match MOMOAZ (QQ; Momo Watanabe/AZM) defeat Unagi Sayaka (CA)/Lady C (Undeclared) (9:36)

Unagi arrived last year in Stardom right around the time Lady C made her professional debut, and they tagged together for one day only earlier this year. To commemorate their respective one-year anniversaries within Stardom, they teamed up to fight MOMOAZ. While Lady C is prepared to show her growth within the last year, Unagi is out to celebrate the start of her second year, by taking down two of the most powerful veterans in the Stardom locker room.

The unlikely pairing of Lady C/Unagi each had their own motivations for the match. Lady C celebrated the first anniversary of her pro debut and Unagi commemorated her first year within Stardom. At first glance, they could make for an interesting tag team. Maybe it’s the similarity in height and build that makes feel like an interesting pairing. While Lady C is still undeclared, I am wondering if CA might be the path she chooses. 6-months since their last pairing, both tagged with different members of CA during Goddesses Tag League (Lady C with Waka Tsukiyama and Unagi with Mai Sakurai).

There was extensive focus on MOMOAZ as the defending 2020 GTL champions, who were unable to secure back-to-back victories in GTL. in this match, commentary subtly highlighted a looming possibility: the Fall of Momo Watanabe. While MOMOAZ maintains their incredible synchronicity throughout most of the match, a miscalculation on the veteran tag team, gave me several moments of doubt. The great thing about MOMOAZ is that they can truly elevate other wrestlers, showcasing them as credible challengers… to the point where I thought for a moment that Lady C and Unagi could legitimately steal a win if MOMOAZ couldn’t manage to resume being on the same page. However, that crisis of faith was short-lived as Momo and AZM recovered. AZM hit a diving foot stomp before pinning Lady C for the victory.

My gut tells me that long-time Queen’s Quest leader, Momo Watanabe might not be in charge of QQ for much longer. Whether she acknowledges it or not, Starlight Kid’s constant taunting is lurking in the back of her mind, causing her to make errors I haven’t seen Momo make in a very, very long time. However, I also want to see how gritty The True Heart could be as a heel. With SLK at the helm and Natsuko likely to return in the near future, I wonder if Momo could find the same success as a heel, should she be forced to move factions. I applaud Watanabe’s cool confidence, but the more she protests, the more mishaps occur. The more mishaps that occur, give me chills because a true no-nonsense babyface could become the second to fall from grace to OET in 2021.

6-Woman Tag: STARS (Mayu Iwatani, Hazuki & Hanan) defeat OedoTai (Saki Kashima, Fukigen Death & Rina)(8:48)

This is Hazuki’s first large event under the STARS banner after she accepted Koguma’s invitation to join the group with the backing of Mayu and the other members. I was very curious to see how the former OedoTai mainstay would feel fighting against the very faction where she belonged prior to her departure. However,

At the TSW Press Conference, young Rina demanded that if STARS loses, Hazuki must stop “being a copycat and quit using black lipsticks/dark makeup.” Hazuki reminded Saki (Rina’s proxy), that she wore dark makeup long before Rina did and cites that it looks far better on her (because she’s an adult).

Rina wasted no time calling out her “copycat,” Hazuki prior to the bell. The match was a fast-paced, lighthearted 6-woman match. There was a great balance of speed, technique, and comedy which made for an entertaining watch.

Hazuki pinned Kashima, securing the win for her team as well as ensuring she keeps her signature look. Honestly, Hazuki’s return and her subsequent alignment with STARS, is giving the unit the much-needed lift it’s been missing since Kyona left the company, losing SLK to OedoTai and with Saya Iida out with injury. Plus, this gives Rina an opportunity for a possibly more age-appropriate make-under.

After the match, Hazuki asked Mayu about the teams participating in the unit tournament at Osaka Super Wars, citing that 3 teams aren’t enough to make a proper tournament. Mayu agreed to announce that STARS, DDM, and Cosmic Angels would be joined by a group from Marvelous, continuing the friendly exchange with the rival promotion.

Wonder of Stardom Number One Contender Match: Saya Kamitani (QQ) defeats Natsupoi (DDM) vs. Himeka (DDM) – (7:52)

Himeka attacked Natsupoi prior to the bell when she had her back turned. Kamitani spent the majority of the match looking like the odd woman out as Himepoi 21 aired out their grievances with one another after failing to advance to the Goddesses Tag league Finals. Natsupoi’s biggest issue with Himeka in the number one contender’s match was that she didn’t even want to be there as at Kawasaki Super Wars, Himeka advised fellow DDM member, Syuri, to keep her head on a swivel as there are plenty of other challengers in her immediate vicinity.

Instead of focusing on Kamitani, Himeka focused on the much shorter Natsupoi, but their in-fighting lead to lots of opportunities, including quickly capitalizing, pinning Natsupoi! After the match, Himepoi made up, as Himeka offered to carry Natsupoi out on her back. While Kamitani won the match, the win was overshadowed by friendship as Natsupoi strolled to the back as friends once more.

Giulia joins commentary as a guest commentator again while still out with injury. She doesn’t provide any further updates on her projected return date. It was previously mentioned that end of December (likely in time for Queendom).

Starlight Kid © High-Speed (OET) defeats Koguma (STARS) – (8:33)

In Starlight Kid’s campaign to defeat every former High-Speed champion, The High-Speed Genius, Koguma, quickly fell into the Darkness Sky Tiger’s crosshairs after Koguma pinned SLK in the 5★GP. The last time Koguma won a title in Stardom, it was pinning Io Shirai for the High-Speed Championship seven years ago. SLK is determined to add Koguma to her collection of fallen champions, dragging her completely into darkness if necessary.

Giulia notes that SLK watched Koguma pinning Io Shirai as her motivation to become a wrestler. Kid would become a trainee after Koguma retired from wrestling. Their match was fast-paced, almost dizzyingly fast. What I love about the High-Speed matches is there isn’t unnecessary length to the match. In the final stretch of rolling pins, SLK snuck a three-count over Koguma, securing her third successful title defense. Although it didn’t look like the cleanest win with The Kid Clutch, Koguma accepted the loss and even sat down to allow Kid to slip on her mask in victory.

AZM challenges and Starlight Kid gladly welcomes the challenge, stating there is only one place appropriate for their face-off: Ryogoku. However, before they can make it official, Koguma interrupts. She insists that she isn’t ready to give up and suggests a three-way match. SLK reminds Koguma that she just lost, but accepts the offer for a three-way match.

“I want to fight [AZM] at the greatest stage, so the only stage that is fitting is Ryoguku!!” – Starlight Kid

Next High-Speed Championship Challengers

  • Ryogoku Dream Queendom – AZM vs. Koguma – Three Way

Syuri © SWA/World Certificate (DDM) defeats Konami (OET) under UWF Rules – (13:06)

This is the rematch many looked forward to but was put on indefinite hold once Konami found herself admitted to the hospital with Saki Kashima stepping up to ensure a defense was completed. “I was worried about Konami’s health (as she isn’t present at this press conference), but the fact that this match has been set, I believe she’ll be fine (in time for it),” Syuri confidently declared during the TSW press conference while Konami was absent. The Woman Unlike No Other stressed that more than anything she wanted to face Konami not only when she was ready to return, but when Konami was in her best condition. Konami returned to action days before Tokyo Super Wars, not only fully recovered, but looking incredibly healthy.

From the moment she stepped out of the curtain, the Konami that made her way to the ring wasn’t the normal OedoTai version many had become accustomed to in the last year. Wearing a simple black top, MMA shorts, and kick pads, The Submission Sniper carried herself to the ring like a champion. No outlandish makeup nor color contacts either, Konami affords Syuri something she doesn’t give many of her opponents since turning heel: respect. Ever since their intense match at All-Star Cinderella, and both opened up about their storied past prior to Stardom, I’ve found myself becoming a bigger and bigger fan of each of them.

Syuri entered with a fresh haircut and in the costume that she wore in her match with Kashima. The design was originally selected for this match with Konami. Unlike previous solo matches, her makeup was very understated which complimented the overall look even more. From the first bell, the air is thick with anticipation, and while the fans do cheer at times, it’s largely a very quiet match– save for the echoes of kicks, chops, and bodies being thrown around. Unlike their previous meetings in the last year, the UWF rule set played to both wrestlers’ strengths, forcing them to engage in a physical bout of chess, choosing when to attack, but also when to sacrifice.

It’s been a while since we’ve enjoyed Konami’s 100% Success Rate Triangle Lancer! She took the lead over her mentor in the points deductions, forcing Syuri to reach for the ropes. Both women really whittled down the other until it was down to the last point for each of them. After an exchange of German Suplexes and a Buzzsaw Kick, Konami finally fell to the mat, losing her final point in a Knock Out.

While she was handed her belt, the referee waited to hand her the Right to Challenge case. Syuri embraced Konami tightly. What they whispered to one another at that moment, will hopefully remain between just the two of them: the master and her beloved student. Although they’re constantly on opposite sides, there is always something special when the two of them get in the ring with one another. They afforded one another perfect sportsmanship, although Konami can be seen laughing a little as Syuri can’t seem to stop her tears. Konami is escorted out by OedoTai as Syuri’s hand is raised in victory.

“This is the sort of special match that only the two of them (Syuri and Konami) can have.” – Giulia

While we’ve waited months for this match, seeing both wrestlers at optimal health made this defense definitely worth the wait. If Konami winds up being the one to leave OedoTai to join Queen’s Quest once more, I would not be the least bit angry at it. As Starlight Kid continues to rise in the ranks of OET, I feel like Konami could certainly use a place where she could flourish. While DDM is closed-ranks at the moment, I wouldn’t be mad if Giulia and Syuri count Konami to join them in the future either. While Konami excels as a heel, seeing her serious side in this UWF Rules match, makes me want Stardom to ship her and Syuri both over to GLEAT for UWF matches against their roster.

My only qualm with the match was the ringside photographers and camera folks because, with the mat-centric UWF match, I feel like they really blocked the view of the fans in attendance as well as those seconding at ringside. Natsupoi and Ruaka who were assigned towel duty, in the event of a necessary match stoppage, were crowded out of the red and blue corners at times, and even Starlight Kid found herself at a neutral corner at times, trying to watch the match.

With this match, Syuri’s outstanding debts to the World of Stardom Championship Rights to Challenge Certificate are now paid in full. Short of something happening along the Road to Osaka Super Wars on December 18, Syuri will be taking the stage against the winner of Utami versus Maika… provided another challenger doesn’t get in the way in the next month.

What’s Next for Syuri?

  • Ryogoku Dream Queendom – World of Stardom Championship Main Event

After the match, there was a promotional video for a series of games for the Japanese Women’s National Basketball Team starting on January 1, 2022. The Tokyo Olympic Silver Medal Women’s National Team and the first team to win the Asia Cup five times in a row– will host the W League 2021-22 New Year’s Day Tournament at Yoyogi National Gymnasium’s Second Gymnasium over four days! Ten women’s teams will participate.

An announcement for the Star Girls’ School comic is that the first volume will be released in graphic novel format on December 29th at Ryogoku Dream Queendom as well as online at the Stardom Pia WebShop. The first volume will cost 1,500 yen (roughly twelve dollars). An eReader version will be available. Signed versions will also be available for reservations from November 27 (430PM JST)-December 12 (until 11:59 PM JST), but only through the WebPia online shop only. A tapestry with the entire roster will also go on sale, as will Stardom Girls’ School LINE Stamps.

Semi-Main Event: Tam Nakano © Wonder (CA) defeats Mina Shirakawa (CA) – (17:12)

“From the time I joined Stardom last year, I stood at your side, kept my promise, and got stronger. (in English) I want to be the next challenger for this white belt!… No one’s watched your journey to the white belt as closely as I have.” – Mina Shirakawa challenging Tam Nakano

I was hesitant to get onboard with Mina Shirakawa’s descent into madness over the Wonder of Stardom belt. However, the match preview video pieced together the story Mina’s been trying to tell about her journey in Stardom over the last year. As she alluded to in the press conference and backstage comments– Tam only sees certain people like Mayu and Arisa Hoshiki as her equals, not those who stood by her in the last year. The key point is that Mina is not wrong in her assessment of the situation.

While Nakano surrounded herself with Cosmic Angels, there was a clear imbalance of interest when it came to her matches against Shirakawa, Unagi Sayaka, and even Saya Kamitani. Unintentional or not, Tam doesn’t afford all her challengers the same level of focus. Rivals like Iwatani and Giulia tended to consume all of Tam’s interest and resources, so when it comes to challengers she may not necessarily revere on the same level, there is a bit of looking down upon her opponents as if they are beneath her.

While her music was the same, the wrestler who emerged on the entrance ramp wasn’t the usual, fun-loving Mina Shirakawa. A new persona or perhaps a new personality facet, “TAMina” appeared with her pink hair gone in favor of a dark brown akin to Tam’s, a brand new, sexier costume and a new attitude. TAMina wasted no time going after The Wonder of Stardom Champion once her back was turned. This twisted TAMina could be good fun in OedoTai.

TAMina’s frustration and desperation for acknowledgment throughout the match are clear as daylight as she tries everything to unlock that fire and fury that Tam seemingly only reserves for certain opponents. Her motivation to understand why Tam doesn’t treat her like Mayu or Giulia pushes TAMina to the brink of insanity and is likely the best match of her short career so far. Shirakawa leaned into everything, including her bloody lip, her increasing exhaustion, and tears, leaving everything on the mat. However, it would be Tam in the end with a Twilight Dream.

While Shirakawa eventually drew some of Tam’s wrath out, it was still a fraction of what she usually gives a match with Mayu or Giulia. While Tam’s post-match comments are intended to be earnest and supportive, there is a slight cold, mechanical twinge to them. Mina Shirakawa would return, stuffing TAMina back into the darkest corner of her heart, tackling Tam into a hug before leaving.

“Chan-Mina, get stronger… I’ll always be waiting for you.” – Tam Nakano

Tam Nakano’s 6th Defense since winning the title in March 2021. Tam called out her next challenger, Saya Kamitani and they shook hands after deciding Ryogoku would be their stage.

Next Challenger

  • Ryogoku Dream Queendom – Saya Kamitani

Main Event: Utami Hayashishita © World (QQ) defeats Maika (DDM) – (23:43)

With the anniversary of her winning the World of Stardom Championship in December 2020 closing in, Utami Hayashishita had only one remaining obstacle standing between herself and the main event of Ryogoku Dream Queendom: her final piece of unfinished business– reconciling her loss to Maika in the 5★GP.

With only one year of experience separating the pair, Utami and Maika both truly showed how they both have grown since their first meeting in Korakuen on January 14, 2020, for the Future of Stardom Championship. Even the difference between Maika’s first challenge for the World of Stardom in January of this year, and her second attempt today, truly has shown how quickly she’s growing as a performer.

Utami continues to prove why she’s shouldered the responsibility for the red belt for so long. From the moment she entered, the aura she exuded was overwhelming. She blessed Giulia with her rose this time around, but Giulia was uncertain if it was a blessing or a curse apology for what would soon befall her DDM comrade. Hayashishita’s demeanor is not the calm before the storm, she’s truly the eye of the hurricane.

Maika and Utami did not take their time building the momentum of the match. They went at each other quickly, fiercely, and unapologetically. The only apology Maika had for Utami before the match was simply that she’d be relieving the champion of her year-end commitments by snatching away the red belt and the Queendom main event. The champion, however, was unrelenting, unforgiving, and unstoppable.

If you’re a power fighter fanatic this match is an entire buffet to sink your teeth into complete with powerhouse stand-offs, clashes of strength, top rope shenanigans, and smashing into one another like bumper cars fighting to stay on the track. While this was not a scheduled Last Woman Standing Match, both competitors fought steadily and equally trying to see which one’s body would collapse first.

In the end, Utami outlasted Maika, closing this chapter of their journey with a Jackknife Bomb with Maika unable to muster up the strength counter. This match is definitely worth a rewatch or two. I am ready to queue up their previous matches between their Future match, their two 5★GP matches, and both of Maika’s attempts at the World Championship, purely to see how both of them have grown since. Utami has truly cemented herself at the top not only as the company’s present but most certainly its future with a long career ahead of her.

Maika would exit the ring, and Syuri would finally step in to face Utami. Both have fought a long road since the conclusion of the 5★GP to keep their main event plans in place. The pair would shake and exchange looks of relief that they’ve both managed to keep their promise to one another– to close out 2021 together in the main event of Stardom’s final show of the year: Ryogoku Dream Queendom.

“I’ve waited so long for this, so let’s do this without a time limit.” – Syuri

“Good because that was what I hoped for as well.” – Utami

Utami’s 9th Defense since winning the title in December 2020. Additionally, FIBREPLEX provided Utami with a year’s supply of hair care products as the show’s sponsor. Utami’s closing remarks were brief now that she and Syuri finally charted their collision course for Ryogoku Dream Queendom.

Next Challenger

  • Ryogoku Dream Queendom – FINALLY. Syuri versus Utami 

Potential Osaka Super Wars Updates (December 18, 2021)

Stay tuned for future announcements from Stardom and likely a press conference in the next few days. Based on the challenges issued during the show, several matches could be on the horizon for the third and final installment in the Chojo Taisen (Super Wars) series:

  • Momo Watanabe/QQ vs. SLK/OedoTai – Loser joins the opposing faction (2021.11.04 Korakuen Hall)
  • Unit Tournament – Featuring STARS, DDM, Cosmic Angels & Marvelous. Additional participants are unknown.

Ryogoku Dream Queendom (December 29, 2021)

  • Future of Stardom Championshpionship: Ruaka © vs. Hanan
  • High-Speed Championship: Starlight Kid © vs. AZM vs. Koguma
  • Wonder of Stardom Championship: Tam Nakano © vs. Challenger
  • World of Stardom Championship: Utami Hayashishita © vs. Syuri* 

Medical Updates

  • Giulia – No further updates; No return match announced yet.
  • Saya Iida – No further updates; No return match announced yet.
  • Natsuko Tora –  No further updates; No return match announced yet.

Event Updates

  • Osaka Super Wars – Edion Arena (2021.12.18)
  • Ryogoku Stardom Dream Queendom (2021.12.29)
  • NEW: Stardom Awards 2021 (2022.01.03) Belle Salle Hall announced
  • NEW: NEW YEAR STARS (2022.01.08-09) Korakuen Hall announced
  • Nagoya Supreme Fight (2022.01.29) – No additional updates


Live PPV Details for future events are currently TBA. Follow @We_Are_Stardom and @WWR_Stardom for details and announcements. 


  • Time Date: Saturday, December 18, 2021, at 330 PM Japan Local Time (130 AM ET)
  • Location: Edion Main Arena (Osaka)
  • Press Conference Date/Time TBA

December 2021: Ryogoku Stardom Dream Cinderella

  • Time Date: 2021.12.29 (Time 5PM JST)
  • Location: Ryogoku Sumo Hall (Sumida Ward Tokyo)
  • Press Conference Date/Time TBA

January 2022 Events: 

Stardom Awards 2021

  • Location: Belle Salle Shinjuku Grand
    • 2021.01.03 Afternoon Session: Matches 230PM JST
    • 2021.01.03 Evening Session: Awards Show 6PM JST


  • Location: Korakuen Hall
    • 2021.01.08 630PM JST
    • 2021.01.09 1130AM JST

Nagoya Supreme Fight!

  • Time Date: 2022.01.29 (Time 5PM JST)
  • Location: Dolphins Arena (Aichi Prefecture)

Stardom Press Releases

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