NWA Hard Times 2: Trevor Murdoch retains, Matt Cardona appears

John Siino reviews NWA's Hard Times 2 event with Trevor Murdoch defending the NWA Worlds Championship against Mike Knox.

Photo Courtesy: NWA

NWA Hard Times 2: Revenge Has No Bounds

December 4th, 2021

By: John Siino

Georgia Public Broadcasting Studios in Atlanta, GA

Commentary: Joe Galli, Tim Storm, Velvet Sky & Austin Idol (Pre-Show)


Mims (w/ Anthony Mayweather) def. Jax Dane by pinfall at 6:01

* Anthony Mayweather is the former ‘Crimson’ who announced he will be going by his real name now.

NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship: The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle) (c) def. Missa Kate & Natalia Markova, Kylie Rae & Tootie Lynn, and Jennacide & Paola Blaze (w/ Taryn Terrell) by pinfall at 6:34, to retain

* Missa Kate was a last-minute replacement for Lady Frost; Taryn Terrell used Jennacide’s Champions Series cash-in to make this a four-way title match

NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship Qualifying Gauntlet: Homicide wins by pinfall at 21:30, to advance

Order of Entry: Luke Hawx, Kerry Morton, Sal Rinauro (w/ Danny Deals), Ariya Daivari, PJ Hawx, CW Anderson (w/ George South), Alex Taylor, Homicide, Victor Benjamin, Ricky Morton, Jeremiah Plunkett, Jamie Stanley

·       Luke Hawx eliminated Sal Rinauro by pinfall at 4:18

·       PJ Hawx eliminated Ariya Daivari by pinfall at 5:59

·       CW Anderson eliminated Alex Taylor by pinfall at 9:14

·       Kerry Morton eliminated CW Anderson by pinfall at 10:53

·       Homicide eliminated Victor Benjamin by pinfall at 12:58

·       Ricky Morton eliminated Jeremiah Plunkett by pinfall at 16:21

·       Ricky Morton eliminated Jamie Stanley by pinfall at 16:52

·       Luke Hawx eliminated Ricky Morton by pinfall at 17:31

·       Kerry Morton eliminated Luke Hawx by pinfall at 17:48

·       Homicide eliminated PJ Hawx by pinfall at 18:43

·       Homicide eliminated Kerry Morton by pinfall at 21:30

* Ricky Morton was a last-minute replacement for Darius Lockhart, who got injured at the NWA USA tapings

Hard Times 2: Revenge Has No Bounds

The main show starts with a promo from NWA World Heavyweight Champion Trevor Murdoch who talks about what ‘Hard Times’ means to him and how Mike Knox will get them tonight. The attendance for this event is low, as NWA is following Atlanta’s limited capacity protocol.

NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship Qualifying Match: Rhett Titus vs. Austin Aries

Austin Aries is making his NWA debut as well as just having recently returned to wrestling after an almost two-year hiatus and Rhett Titus is announced as representing Ring of Honor, with the story being here that Aries trained Titus fifteen years ago and there will be more qualifying matches on the new NWA USA show. They start the match taking each other down on the mat, with Titus having the upper hand. Aries finally gets out and takes Titus down with a dropkick. Titus comes back with a monkey flip and a kick to the face from the corner. Aries fights back and hits a neckbreaker on the ropes followed by a suicide dive to the outside on Titus. Back inside, Aries hits a back suplex, but Titus comes back with a leapfrog/bulldog. Titus hits the same back suplex, tries to go for another one but Aries flips it into the front chancery until Titus reaches for the rope. Aries tries a brainbuster on the apron, but Titus gets out and hits a dropkick in the middle of the ring, and a belly-to-belly suplex for a two count. Titus hits a couple of running boots for another two-count before going to the top rope. Aries knocks him off, hits a discuss ‘five-arm’, corner dropkick, and the brainbuster for the pin.

Winner: Austin Aries by pinfall at 9:03, to advance

ROH World Tag Team Championship: The OGK (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) (c) vs. Aron Stevens & Kratos

Mike Bennett and Kratos start the match, as it’s announced the winners of this match go to defend the titles against The Briscoes at ROH Final Battle next week. Kratos uses his power to take down Bennett easily before tagging in Aron Stevens. Stevens thumbs Bennett in the eye, but says it’s accidental as Matt Taven comes in. Taven dropkicks Stevens down but gets punched off the ropes as Stevens is distracting the referee. Stevens takes advantage and starts attacking Taven on the apron and outside before tagging in Kratos. Kratos hits a flying clothesline for a two count followed by a suplex for another two. Kratos and Stevens take turns keeping Taven in their corner as Kratos is impressed by Stevens’ new aggressive style. Taven back body drops Stevens but is stopped by Kratos before making the hot tag. Taven finally makes the tag as Bennett comes in and takes out Stevens and Kratos, including a Death Valley Driver on Kratos for a two. Taven goes to the top rope but gets knocked down as Kratos hits a Death Valley Driver himself for a two. Stevens blind tags himself in as Kratos gets knocked to the outside. Taven and Bennett start double-teaming Stevens, with Bennett knocking out Stevens for Taven to roll him up for the pin.

Winners: The OGK (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) by pinfall at 10:57, to retain

After the match Aron Stevens went on a bit of a rant at the commentary table and said, ‘he’s not doing this anymore’, ‘he’s not done’ and ‘he’s never been better’.

Colby Corino (w/ Jay Bradley & Wrecking Ball Legursky) vs. Doug Williams

This is Doug Williams’ first match in the United States since 2013. Williams starts controlling Corino as The Fixers on the outside try to distract him. Williams is able to twist up Corino, holding him down with a couple of wrist locks and arm drags. Corino tries to power out from a bridge, but Williams turns it into a suplex for a two count. Williams goes back to using arm drags, but Corino gets out and finally hits a bit of offense. Corino puts on a stretch as the crowd gets behind Williams. Williams powers out with uppercuts until Corino hits an Enziguri knocking Williams to the outside. The Fixers go to attack Williams, but Corino stops them and gets hit with a flying uppercut from Williams. Back inside, Williams hits an exploder suplex for a two, tries to go for Chaos Theory but Corino gets out and hits a double stomp for a two count. Williams hits a Tiger Driver for a two, as the Fixers hold Corino’s legs preventing Williams from hitting a Chaos Theory. Williams runs into the post, as Corino hits a cross-like driver for the pin.

Winner: Colby Corino by pinfall at 8:46

IMPACT Knockouts Championship: Mickie James (c) vs. Kiera Hogan

Kiera Hogan gets a nice reaction in her hometown, as we have an AEW wrestler fighting the IMPACT Knockouts Champion on an NWA show, with them hugging to start the match. They lock up and twist around the ring until Mickie pushes Kiera off. Kiera comes back with a wrist lock until Mickie drags her off for a two count. Mickie keeps a hammerlock on and headlocks Kiera down in the middle of the ring. They go for a test of strength with Mickie bridging out into a head scissors. They go back and forth until Mickie hits a kick to the face for a two. Kiera comes back with one of her own for the same outcome. Mickie hits a hurricanrana from the top rope knocking Kiera to the outside where Mickie hits her with a baseball slide. Kiera then knocks Mickie to the outside and hits her with a suicide dive. They trade strikes back and forth until they both knock each other down with kicks to the head. Mickie comes back with a bunch of clotheslines, hitting a neckbreaker for a two. Mickie hits a flapjack before going to the top rope, but Kiera dodges her and hits a superkick before going to the top herself. Kiera hits a crossbody off the top, but Mickie turns her over and gets the pin.

Winner: Mickie James by pinfall at 13:23, to retain

NWA World Television Championship / No Disqualification Match: Tyrus (c) (w/ Austin Idol, BLK Jeez & Jordan Clearwater) vs. Cyon (Special Guest Referee: Da Pope)

Right before the match starts, Pope ejects Jordan Clearwater and BLK Jeez. Cyon starts the match taking Tyrus down right away with kicks and punches, as Tyrus escapes to the outside for a breather. Cyon grabs a bunch of chairs, throwing them into the ring before hitting Tyrus with one. Cyon finds a trash can and throws it inside as well. They brawl on the outside for a bit until Tyrus knocks Cyon into the interview podium and the apron, before going after the mask of Cyon. They go back inside, where Tyrus splashes Cyon in the corner followed by an exploder suplex. Tyrus hits an elbow drop, but Cyon kicks out at one. Cyon reverses out and hits a DDT for a one-count. Cyon grabs a chair and smacks it against the back of Tyrus a couple of times. Tyrus comes back putting the trash can on top of Cyon hitting a couple of elbow drops but Pope can’t do the three count as Cyon is inside the trash can with his shoulders up. Tyrus sets up four chairs next to each other, puts Cyon on the top rope, and tosses Cyon onto them back first. Tyrus goes back to ripping Cyon’s mask a bit more, tries to go for the Heart Punch, but Cyon hits a low blow and trash can lid to the head of Tyrus. Cyon goes and grabs a table from under the ring, but as he tries to bring it in, Austin Idol grabs the other end before Pope ejects him as well. Tyrus hits a chokeslam on Cyon, starts climbing the ropes but gets power bombed through the table for a two count. Clearwater and Jeez run back in and attack Cyon, as Tyrus gets in the face of Pope. Pope starts attacking Tyrus in the corner, but Tyrus moves as Pope splashes against Cyon. Tyrus hits the Heart Punch as Pope reluctantly counts to three for the pin.

Winner: Tyrus by pinfall at 15:54, to retain

Mick Foley in NWA

Kyle Davis introduces Mick Foley, who comes out dressed in Christmas-inspired gear who says it’s great to be right here in Atlanta, Georgia. Foley mentions Dusty Rhodes and says it’s been 30 years since Foley’s wrestled under the NWA banner and mentions November 1989 when he took out his own partner Rick Fargo and Arn Anderson who told him ‘he had no sense’, where Foley says ‘He had no dollars’. Foley talks about the future and asks how NWA fits so much talent in their dressing room and name drops Mickie James and Kiera Hogan and he’ll have his eyes glued to the monitor and if somebody steps over the line, we might not see the last of Mrs. Foley’s baby boy.

NWA National Heavyweight Championship: Chris Adonis (c) vs. Judais (w/ Father James Mitchell)

They lock up right away and fight against the ropes, as Mitchell jumps right on the apron to give Judais some advice. Judais starts raining down punches, before Adonis reverses and tries himself. Judais reacts by clotheslining Adonis down and delivering stomps and an elbow drop for a two. Judais tells the referee to get out of the way before missing in the corner, as Adonis takes advances and starts attacking the legs of Judais. Adonis starts twisting the ankle of Judais before putting on a single leg Boston Crab. Adonis hits a body slam but misses a leg drop, as Judais puts on a Sharpshooter until Adonis grabs the rope. Judais comes back with a backdrop for a two and gets in the referee’s face. Adonis comes with a spine buster for a two. Adonis calls for the Master Lock, but Judais fights out of it. Adonis stops Judais on the top rope but gets pushed off as Judais hits a flying clothesline and immediately grabs his injured hamstring. Adonis goes and puts the Master Lock right away as Judais passes out.

Winner: Chris Adonis by submission at 10:53, to retain

NWA World Tag Team Championship: La Rebelion (Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf) (c) vs. The End (Parrow & Odinson)

The End is getting this title shot after winning a tag team tournament on NWA Powerrr as La Rebelion is back in NWA after a quick hiatus to Mexico. All four men start fighting before the bell rings taking it to the outside with suicide dives from La Rebelion. Parrow stops the last dive before tossing Bestia inside as the match officially starts. The End stays double-teaming Bestia with quick tags and splashes in the corner before Odinson tosses Parrow onto Bestia for a two-count. Bestia tries to fight out but gets clotheslined on the mat from Parrow, before The End hits the Blood Eagle for a two count that Mecha breaks up. Bestia is able to hit a DDT on Parrow and crawls over to make the hot tag to Mecha. Mecha and Odinson go at it, before Bestia comes back hitting a missile dropkick on Odinson, as La Rebelion knocks Parrow outside. They hit an assisted blockbuster to Odinson, but Parrow breaks up the count. Odinson fights back and tags in Parrow and sets up for the Hell on Earth, but La Rebelion stops it. All four start going at it until The End hit the Super Collider and try and go for the Hell on Earth again on Mecha, but Bestia stops it and knocks Odinson into Parrow, hits a splash on Parrow, suicide dives onto Odinson as Mecha Wolf hits a 450 Splash for the pin.

Winners: La Rebelion (Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf) by pinfall at 7:47, to retain

Dirty Dango in NWA

As La Rebelion is celebrating, JTG and Dirty Dango (the former Fandango) come out and stare down with the champions.

Grudge Match w/ No Seconds at Ringside: Nick Aldis vs. Thom Latimer

They announce that if there is a disqualification from either man, they will be suspended for two months. Aldis goes right after Latimer once the bell rings, but Latimer runs to the outside before they take it back inside where Latimer is vocal about being a better wrestler than Aldis. They trade snap mares and hammerlocks, but Aldis stays in control, including pulling Latimer’s tights down showing the audience his pink thong. Aldis stops short from running into the referee, as Latimer pokes him in the eye and hits a piledriver for a two count. Latimer stays in control, hits a pair of gut-wrench suplexes, and body slams Aldis into the ropes for three pin attempts, getting two every time. Latimer heads to the outside and grabs a hammer, as the referee takes it away, Latimer hits a low blow. Latimer goes to the top rope but misses a senton. Latimer misses a splash and gets hip tossed into the corner by Aldis. Aldis comes back with a Michinoku Driver for a two count, but Latimer comes right back with an implant DDT for a two also. Aldis hits a powerbomb and puts on a figure four in the middle of the ring before Latimer grabs the rope. Latimer hits a powerbomb and puts on Aldis’ own submission, the Cloverleaf, but it’s broken up. Latimer tries to go for the figure four, but Aldis kicks him off and hits a piledriver for a two. They start trading blows and forearms until Latimer calls for the finish and gets rolled up in a jackknife pin by Aldis for the win.

Winner: Nick Aldis by pinfall at 11:16

A Special In-Ring Tribute to Jazz

Kyle Davis is in the ring and runs down the accolades of Jazz and introduces Jazz as well as her husband, Rodney Mack. The women’s wrestlers surround the ring as Jazz thanks them as well as God for granting her the talent and the gift to perform for all her fans for 25 years. Jazz thanks everyone for having given her the platform to become the female fighting phenom and the baddest bitch. Jazz thanks WWE for allowing her to become the last WWF Women’s Champion and the first WWE Women’s Champion, and the first African American woman to go into WrestleMania as a WWE Women’s Champion and come out as WWE Women’s Champion. She thanks Paul Heyman, Tommy Dreamer and ECW for telling her she has TNA, not being ‘Tits & Ass but Talent and Ability’. She then thanked Billy Corgan and NWA for allowing her to be NWA Women’s Champion for over 900 days. She thanks Rodney Mack for being her gym partner, rock, and best friend, and their children for being proud of her mama. She then thanks Billy again for giving her the opportunity to open up the next chapter of her career working behind the scenes and producing the women’s matches in NWA. She then thanks Madusa before ending the segment.

NWA World Women’s Championship: Kamille (c) vs. Melina

Melina goes right after Kamille as the bell rings, knocking Kamille to the outside a couple times, but Kamille catches Melina off the apron. Melina gets off and knocks Kamille into the post. Back inside, Kamille hits a spine buster before heading to the top and picking up Melina by the hair, hits a running leg drop, and gets a two count. Kamille continues her attack hitting a gut wrench suplex and splashes Melina in the corner before hitting a snap mare and kicking to the back of the head. Melina kicks her way out before getting clubbed right back down. Kamille starts choking Melina in the ropes and traps her in the corner before hitting a gut wrench suplex. Kamille keeps Melina in the corner, but Melina climbs to the top and hits a Meteora, but they trade pin attempts. Melina comes back with Eat Defeat and starts working on the right arm of Kamille. Kamille punches her way out as they start trading kicks and punches. Melina traps Kamille in the ropes and starts stretching her out, until Kamille reverses and does the same. Melina runs the ropes, but Kamille stops her with a clothesline. Melina puts on the California Dream submission, but Kamille drags all the way to the rope. Melina starts attacking Kamille on the apron dragging her into the post, but Kamille comes right back. Kamille misses a spear and hits the corner, Melina tries to hit a sunset flip, but Kamille stops her and puts on a leg submission until Melina bites her way out. Melina takes off her knee brace to go and hits Kamille with it, but Kamille hits the spear first for the pin.

Winner: Kamille by pinfall at 12:42, to retain

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship: Trevor Murdoch (c) vs. Mike Knox

This match comes from Mike Knox attacking Trevor Murdoch in a steel cage in front of Murdoch’s son. They brawl right away as the bell rings, but Knox goes right to the outside for a breather. Murdoch follows him and sends him face first into the steel post before going back inside hitting a leg drop on the apron. Murdoch hits a drop toe hold and clubs Knox from the back. Murdoch takes Knox into the corner, but Knox drops him face first and hits a clothesline. Knox keeps Murdoch in the corner and hits a splash followed by a hip attack knocking Murdoch to the outside. Knox keeps Murdoch on the ropes, hits him with a knee, and boots the face but Murdoch puts his foot on the rope. Knox puts on a stretch on Murdoch, but Murdoch ducks a clothesline and knocks Knox with a pair of clotheslines followed by a DDT for a two. Murdoch calls for the bulldog, but Knox runs into the rope knocking him down. They go to the top as Knox hits a superplex but only gets a two. After another pin attempt, Murdoch grabs the rope, they go back to the top as Knox tries and goes for another suplex, but Murdoch knocks him down and hits the bulldog from the top rope for the pin and the win.

Winner: Trevor Murdoch by pinfall at 8:15, to retain

Matt Cardona in NWA

As Trevor Murdoch is celebrating, Matt Cardona comes to the ring and distracts Murdoch as Knox hits a low blow on Murdoch. Cardona makes it seem like he just wanted to congratulate Murdoch, but Mick Foley comes back and says instead of ho-ho-ho, he’ll say no-no-no and this is not how they do things in NWA. Foley says to Cardona, first of all, he sucks and he’s an embarrassment to all of Long Island and he’s got an early Christmas gift for Mike Knox as Da Pope runs out and attacks Knox. Matt Cardona takes out Pope and tells him to stay out of his business and tosses him face first into the steel steps. Matt Cardona heads into the ring, asks Murdoch if he’s ok before Knox takes Murdoch out with a boot to the head. Cardona grabs the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship, stares at it, and places it on top of Trevor Murdoch as the show ends.

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