Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott proud of what he accomplished in WWE, was initially upset about the release

Isaiah 'Swerve' Scott is proud of what he was able to do in WWE and is excited about what's to come in the future

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Swerve discusses his exit from WWE.

After a two-year run with the NXT brand as a solo act, Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott joined the Hit Row group which consisted of AJ Francis (Top Dolla), Briana Brandy (B-FAB) and Tehuti Miles (Ashante Thee Adonis). The group was called up to SmackDown after five months of being on-screen together.

Brandy was released from the company in early November and the remainder of Hit Row were collectively released later that month. With his exit from WWE, Scott brought back his Swerve City Podcast to YouTube and his first guest was AEW’s Eddie Kingston. Scott spoke about his exit from the company and said he was initially upset about it. Despite being let go, he’s proud of what he accomplished and is excited about what the future holds.

You know, on my behalf, personal, at first, when the [WWE] release happened, I was upset. It was more of an embarrassment to my family because I felt like — I was like I let them down because I talked up so much about how everything was gonna be okay. ‘Everything’s going to be — I’m going to exceed the expectation. We’re doing something that’s never been done,’ yada, yada, yada and it felt like, it was like no, it’s being thrown back in my face but, I looked around — it took me a couple of days, two days. I looked around and got on the phone with my mans [Teasy Scott], talked to my peoples and we talked about all the possibilities that are out there right now. We had a long convo. Spoke with the lady, spoke with — still trying to tiptoe back into the family. I’m getting better at it but once again, I look around, I’m appreciative of all that I’ve accomplished, everything that I’ve done in the WWE, I’m proud of. I was able to — I learned to rap three years ago from this man right here [Teasy]. I learned to rap from this man three years ago, and then I was able to do it on the USA Network live with my friends in the audience watching. I was able to do it live, one-take, no cuts. Live, on the USA Network in front of hundreds and thousands of people watching at home, in front of my friends and family that were there live in attendance. I was able to pull myself out of obscurity into becoming something that was just like, it was needed. It was wanted. An act, a group that just had to be on the next level and we did that and we did it in five months of being together and knowing each other. That’s something I can always be proud of and I can leave my mark with that and be proud and move on and now, my artistic vision is so vast, I’m still trying to find ways to funnel it but now that I have more opportunities — more time, more opportunities to have the hands off me, to let it go, it’s about to get spooky. Spooky season has arrived.

A.J. Francis spoke about the future of Hit Row and said they have discussed the idea of what their group could look like post-WWE. He added that they want to continue working together but also focus on their individual goals and endeavors.

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