Capt. Shawn Dean would like to do more with Carlie Bravo on AEW TV

Shawn Dean speaks highly of his tag partner Carlie Bravo and hopes that they can be featured on-screen together on AEW TV in 2022

Photo Courtesy: All Elite Wrestling

‘The Infantry’ on AEW TV is something that Shawn Dean would like to happen.

Capt. Shawn Dean sports several hats for AEW. He’s an in-ring performer along with working behind-the-scenes for the company. Dean was featured on AEW Dynamite’s premiere show on TBS.

He went one-on-one with MJF and as the match got underway, CM Punk interfered and gave Dean a ‘Go To Sleep’ which came with a win. Dean is now one of three individuals in AEW who has a win over MJF.

The Navy veteran does have multiple goals he wants to accomplish in AEW, such as being featured on-screen alongside Carlie Bravo. They are known as ‘The Infantry’ and Carlie regularly competes on Dark and Dark: Elevation. Shawn told Mark Henry and Ryan McKinnell on Busted Open Radio that he hopes to get get Carlie spotlighted on a national scale.

I think a goal for me and it’s not — [it is] somewhat of a selfish goal but I have a tag team partner that I’ve wrestled on the indies [with], his name is Carlie Bravo. I would love to do more stuff with him on AEW TV and bring our group that we have together called The Infantry to the masses, you know? I think that Bravo has a lot of potential and he can do a lot of stuff and we’re working on making it happen but that would be the cap for me, no pun intended, to my 2022 would be to do some more stuff with Bravo on a national scale to showcase his abilities because I believe in his talents and I think he can go places. He just needs to keep it going so I mean, a selfish goal but also a giving goal. I wanna see him succeed.

Carlie was last in action for AEW at their Universal Studios taping[s] in early December. The Dark and Dark: Elevation shows are covered here on POST Wrestling via ‘Shot In The Dark’.

If the quote in this article is used, please credit Busted Open Radio with an H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcription. 

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