JBL recalls Harris Brothers brawling with someone at a meet-and-greet for making a comment about Sable

John Layfield tells the story of when Ron and Don Harris brawled with someone at a meet-and-greet for making a negative comment towards Sable

The Harris Brothers brawled with someone in defense of Sable.

Ron and Don Harris f.k.a. as ‘Skull’ and ‘8-Ball’ from their time in WWF/E, became a topic of conversation during an episode of Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw.

The former three-time WCW World Tag Team Champions were described as “legit tough guys” by John Bradshaw Layfield and Jerry Jarrett, who was a guest on the show. Layfield told the story of when Ron and Don brawled with someone at a meet-and-greet because of a comment that was made towards Sable. He added that Vader exchanged words with said individual, but could not physically act on the matter due to legal parameters.

We had an autograph session one time and somebody had said something to Sable and Vader said something back but Vader had, at that time, a lawsuit or something on his — some fan, he had an interaction that got a little violent and Vader didn’t wanna do anything. Well the Harris boys [Ron & Don Harris] didn’t mind, and they came piling on — it was a pretty good little brawl there for a short time and they did very well.

The Harris Brothers’ names are mentioned on a number of the Rewind-A-Wai episodes over the years. To take a look a look at the show’s archives, click here.

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