REWIND-A-WAI #102: WCW Christmas Brawl Theme Songs (1996, CD)

Wai Ting is reunited with Nate Milton & Kris Ealy to discuss WCW Christmas Brawl Theme Songs, a limited-edition 1996 CD compiling entrance themes from Diamond Dallas Page, Disco Inferno, American Males, Public Enemy and more.

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They rate the album track-by-track and discuss the circumstances behind its limited German release, the WCW Christmas Brawl tour of 1996, the careers of composers Jimmy Hart and JJ Maguire, whether Nirvana’s Dave Grohl ever considered suing WCW for “Self High Five”, Alex Wright’s rapping skills, and why Chris Jericho inaccurately appears on the album.

Stream the album here:

  1. American Males – American Males
  2. Disco Inferno – Disco Fever
  3. Public Enemy – We Like to Party
  4. Jimmy Hart – We’re Still Rocking
  5. Alex Wright – Hartbeat Away
  6. Nasty Boys – We’re the Boys
  7. Chris Jericho – California Sun
  8. Diamond Dallas Page – Self High Five
  9. Konnan – Konnan’s Theme
  10. Kevin Sullivan – Taskmaster

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