POST NEWS UPDATE: Sam Adonis confirms that Corey Graves is cleared, hoping to work with him in the future

Corey Graves' status, Tony Khan would love for Jorge Masvidal to wrestle in AEW, Lady Frost talks her IMPACT run, Lita/Charlotte Flair

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** Back in January, it was first reported by Fightful Select that WWE commentator Corey Graves had been moved off the ‘no contact’ list at some point in 2021. This past November, Graves was involved in a 24/7 Title segment during which he won and immediately lost the belt. Sam Adonis, Graves’ brother, confirmed to the Juice Pro Wrestling Podcast that Corey is cleared. Sam is hoping to work with him in the future.

I was before everyone else [informed that Corey Graves is cleared].

Absolutely [I would want to work with Corey in the ring]. That would be one of my big dreams. That’s kind of what upset me in the first place… when my brother was initially hurt, that’s what kind of sucked the wind out my sails and made me so upset. It was very selfish. You know, clearly because my brother has his kids and you know, it’s gonna be way worse for him than anything. But selfishly, it was like, you know, this is my brother. We grew up wrestling on the bed together. We literally have done everything together and I’d love to have our WrestleMania 10. I’d love Sam Adonis against Corey Graves, WrestleMania from Pittsburgh, whatever it is, you know? I’d love that moment just to capitalize on it because we both, you know, we put the work in. We both put the work in, we both love wrestling. I think we proved we care, we love wrestling and we respect it more than anyone. You know, so I think that was something sooner or later would have been somewhere on the cards. So when that happened and he was, you know, forced to retire, that hurt me a lot. I was like, ‘Dammit.’ But at the same time, I know how bad it hurt him and how much he misses being in the ring. He definitely loves being a performer. The nice thing is he’s so talented at the commentary.

That’s kind of the beauty of it is he still gets to be that tongue in cheek heel and gets to perform [in] character, but you know, it’s hard to sit back — as a brother, I’m sure he’s probably watched some of my stuff and he’s happy for me. He wants me to, you know — he likes knowing that I’m taking care of myself and doing well. But I guarantee there’s moments when he says, ‘Sh*t, I wish I was able to do that.’ It’s nice to know that now, finally, he can.

It would be nice to know — whether it’s WWE or somewhere else somewhere down the line, I would love to work with him. I think, especially now, given his history of concussions and injuries, a tag team run could be a great thing. It is something that’s safe for him. You know, we’re both 100 percent supportive of each other all the time so, I’d love to get back in there with him. Like I said, if it was a perfect world, it’d be WrestleMania 42, live from Heinz Field in Pittsburgh with 70,000 people and you know, all that good stuff but, I don’t know if that’s gonna happen. But either way, it’d be cool if we got back in there and get it going.

** K & S WrestleFest hosted a virtual signing with Lady Frost. As she reflected on her 2021, Lady Frost feels that being a part of NWA EmPowerrr is what put her on the map and said she feels her match against Rachael Ellering at IMPACT Wrestling’s Knockouts Knockdown event is what might’ve got her hired by the company.

It was the EmPowerrr match. I think that was the match that put me on the map, when people thought I was a genuine threat or talent and then the Knockouts [Knockdown] pay-per-view that they [IMPACT Wrestling] had. I think that was a big match too against Rachel Ellering. I think that was the first time that I got to prove to IMPACT that I got to go and that I could hold up with their Knockouts. I think that’s what possibly got me a job so, those two, and they were like back-to-back, almost a month apart.

Frost was a part of the Knockouts Ultimate X match at Hard To Kill. While she was going over her IMPACT contract with Gail Kim, she told Gail that she wanted to be in a Ultimate X match.

And the Ultimate X match in IMPACT, that was a goal of mine. I didn’t even know they were having an all-women’s Ultimate X so when I talked to Gail [Kim], when we were going over the contract, I said, ‘Listen, it’s been a goal of mine to be in a Ultimate X match in the X Division, intergender, whatever. I just wanna be the first woman in one’ and then they decided to do an all-female Ultimate X which was even better to make history with five other females so…

She has enjoyed her time in IMPACT so far. Frost spoke highly of the locker room and the fans who attend the events.

Well, I wasn’t signed with IMPACT then [when she wrestled Savannah Evans in 2021]. I think I was still on the ‘let’s see how she does.’ I do love IMPACT. The locker room is great, I love the energy there, I think it’s super cool. The fans are awesome. Like we have really, really great fans.

** Ahead of challenging for the Raw Women’s Title at WWE Elimination Chamber, Lita sat down with D.S. Shin of Ring The Belle for an interview. She commented on how Charlotte Flair took the ‘Twist of Fate’ finisher on SmackDown and Lita joked that they can work on making it better.

Yeah, she’s [Charlotte Flair] very tall huh? We can work on those [how Flair takes the Twist of Fate].

Lita was the last individual to wrestle the late Joan Laurer (Chyna) in a match for WWF/E. That match took place at Judgment Day 2001 and they were scheduled to have two more matches at upcoming pay-per-view events. Chyna ended up being off TV for months and she left the company in November.

Oh, I just remember Chyna, when they had introduced her working with women, of course she was not happy about that because she was like, ‘What? I kick the guys asses,’ you know? And then Ivory was a bit of the segue into me and we were close so she was like, ‘All right, well, I wanna just keep kicking guys asses but if I am gonna play with the women, I’m glad it’s you’ and so we had a three pay-per-view program that was slated. So this match [Judgment Day 2001], we wanted to intentionally just give a taste and have it be entertaining enough to make people wanna see more. But, I was also given advice separately that didn’t — not in relation to this match. ‘Don’t hold back, because you might not get another opportunity’ so it’s like make the most of every opportunity you have. Like whatever that is, a job interview, a relationship, whatever it is, make the most of the opportunity because your opportunities, you don’t know when you’re gonna get them. You might be walking out of Gorilla Position after the Royal Rumble 2022 and asked if you wanna fight Becky [Lynch]. So, while you might want more time to train, you will make the most of your opportunity.

Since returning to WWE in 2018, Lita has written notes on her arms or worn patches on her gear to get messages out that have to do with issues in the world. She discussed the importance of those messages:

When you’re full-time, you have the next week. Like, if your outfit didn’t look quite right, you can take a risk, à la Becky Lynch at Raw last week [Lita laughed]. You could take a risk and it doesn’t matter because you’re like, ‘I’ll wear something the next week.’ But when I’m only coming out for such a short time, it’s like I wanna make it count. So it was really important for me on the first [Royal] Rumble to honor the women that weren’t there to see how far the women had progressed and then this time, I just wanted to highlight some issues that were important to me. So I had a patch on my gear that said ‘end gun violence’, I had a patch that said, ‘No human is illegal’ and then I had a trans rights patch on there with the rainbow flag around it.

** In 2017, Jinder Mahal and Randy Orton had a series of matches over the WWE Championship. With Jinder throughout his run were The Bollywood Boyz (Gurv & Harv Sihra). At the 2017 Battleground event, Harv was knocked off the Punjabi Prison structure by Randy Orton. As he was preparing to take the fall, he recalled Orton saying that he’s “one crazy motherf*cker.” They detailed this story and more during their conversation with The Wrestling Classic.

Harv (Samir): I mean, I called that [falling off the Punjabi Prison structure]. As soon as the match happened, I’m like, ‘I’m jumping off of that,’ you know? And again, this is a credit to Randy [Orton] because he made it happen because again, think about it, it’s Randy versus Jinder [Mahal]. You have a guy who’s on the outside, not really part of the storyline. He allowed me to climb up there and gave me that spotlight, you know what I mean? It really should not have happened the way it did. Again, we were so blessed that —

Gurv (Sunil): You gotta remember, we had earned his respect by then too and his trust.

Harv (Samir): He allowed that to happen and I just remember being up there and if you watch it, during rehearsal, I never jumped off but I climbed it, I got off my footing on the base but when you watch that match, as Randy’s punching me, I’m climbing up, so I’m like, I’m not selling down, I’m selling up which is weird and as I’m coming off, I remember Randy just saying, ‘You’re one crazy motherf*cker,’ boom and I took the bump I remember. Yeah, just, everybody was very proud [that] I did it. I know Vince [McMahon] was very — that showed a lot of guts and stuff like that. Again, we’re not main event talent, we’re not top talent but how do we get noticed in this small little way? And I think we did our job.

Although they enjoyed their time working alongside Jinder Mahal, Harv and Gurv felt that they were stripped of their personalities and what got them into WWE to begin with.

Harv (Samir): I felt like the one — the drawback, one thing was like we felt like we were stripped of our personality and charisma [while being paired with Jinder Mahal], which being smaller guys, that’s what got us to WWE and that was the one thing that kind of, okay, now you’re just dress shirt, dress pants and that was what we were told to do so, okay, we’re doing it, you know what I mean? So that was the hard thing.

The Bollywood Boyz were released from WWE in June of 2021. Following their releases, they were contacted by both Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels and received words of encouragement and support from them.

Harv (Samir): The messages we got from both Shawn [Michaels] and Bret [Hart] after we got released kind of made it like, ‘Okay, we’re on to something. There’s been a bit of a [detour’] but to get that type of validation from your wrestling heroes and they’re not guys who have time to bullsh*t, you know?

Nobody [has time to bullsh*t] and for them to be like, ‘You guys got it. It’s just a matter of, you know –’ again, talking to Drew Gulak, or Drew [McIntyre] and Jinder [Mahal] and the guys who got fired and then came back or wherever, you know? It’s just a matter of like, okay, bit of a setback, keep at it. You’ll get to where you need to get to eventually.

They were brought into the fold of WWE via dark matches at the Cruiserweight Classic tournament. Harv believes that if they would’ve went the route of doing a tryout, the company would not have signed them.

Harv (Samir): Just to kind of touch on this, I think, again, we were very lucky. It’s because we didn’t have to go through the tryout system. If we had to go through the tryout system, I don’t think we’d ever get signed because tryouts are you’re in a WWE Performance Center t-shirt, WWE shorts and all you do is drills and bump around and I don’t think a guy like me or my brother would showcase who we truly are like that, you know? I perform best when the camera’s on, lights are on, pressure, you know? And the fact that we kind of bypassed all that and they put us on WWE television just to wrestle and do our entrance and have our matches, that’s why we got signed and that’s — and Gurv (Sunil), you could touch on that if you want because I always felt like, man, we lucked out.

** Episode 56 of the MCW Cast featured Erick Redbeard. He recalled tearing his rotator cuff in 2016 after taking a DDT from Randy Orton. Redbeard told WWE that he needed to get an MRI, but they told him that they could not find a doctor to do it.

The most serious injury I’ve had was my right rotator cuffs. I had two of the four heads of the rotator cuff go out on me which, you know, I took a — one of those DDT’s from [Randy] Orton and I think I tore it a little bit but then you know, with this business, you keep working and working and I think I was working Apollo Crews for a three day loop and after the match, I think I had to do something with Kane too and I did something in the third day of the loop where during the beginning of the match, I think I gave him a shoulder tackle and my arm just went limp and then it came back to me during the match. I was able to finish the match and when I got to the back, it just started getting really warm and you know, by the next morning, I couldn’t even raise my hand at all and I was like, ‘Yep, I think I need to go see a doctor,’ and they didn’t send me to a doctor. We were in a big town, I remember I was really upset about this. They couldn’t find a doctor to get an MRI and I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ So, they wanted me to do a backstage on that show and then the next day, I had to fly back home to get an MRI, even though I knew I just needed to have surgery, and then — because [when] you know, you know, and you know what you can work through and you know what you can’t and when it comes down to it, things just go out and yeah, I was really upset and I went back home. I got an MRI in a smaller town that I was in and then, a day later they gave me travel to go down to have surgery so that was probably the most painful of surgeries.

Redbeard was a part of WWE’s mass releases in April of 2020. Shortly after his departure, he was contacted David Arquette about an acting opportunity that turned out to be the ‘Ghosts of the Ozarks’ project.

Fast forward to 2020, I got let go, first part of WWE’s massive releases of COVID, hence my last show was the last live show they had before COVID and then, they kept me under contract for like a month and then they let me go which is weird because it’s like you’re used every week and then, ‘Hey, out of here,’ which, you know, has become the norm lately. But a day later, I got a call from David Arquette to — an opportunity to do some film and acting and perfect transition from wrestling, obviously acting so…

** AEW President Tony Khan made the media rounds to promote Dynamite from Atlantic City, New Jersey. He chatted with Josh Martinez and they discussed American Top Team’s involvement on AEW TV. Tony said he would love to have Jorge Masvidal compete in AEW but it depends on his schedule with the UFC.

Well I do think it’s still a possibility [Jorge Masvidal competing in AEW]. I mean, you know, we’ve established [that] the American Top Team fighters are very dangerous and we’ve [had] Junior dos Santos in the ring and Andrei Arlovski’s gone out and beat people up, so I do think there’s a constant threat and of course, Paige VanZant had been around AEW before and now she’s back so it’s something to keep an eye on and we’ll have to see how Masvidal’s fight schedule lines up but I’d certainly be open to it in the future. But, you know, he’s gotta make the UFC a priority too. I really like those guys at the UFC. Dana has been so good to me. Dana White and Hunter Campbell are great executives and I really have a lot of respect for the UFC. So it just depends on what his schedule is like but it’s something I would love.

Continuing on the topic of guests outside of pro wrestling coming into AEW, Khan spoke highly of Shaquille O’Neal and said he’s the most humble guest that has ever been brought into AEW.

You know, we’ve probably never had better guests in AEW than Shaq. He was so great on every level to us and you know, not just a hard worker and put on a great wrestling match, but also backstage, the most humble person we’ve ever had in the history of the company in terms of coming in. He went around and thanked every wrestler and it was unbelievable to all these pro wrestlers to have Shaq coming up to them and saying nice things but also saying, you know, ‘I did my best out there. I hope I didn’t embarrass anybody. I just want to make pro wrestling look good because I like wrestling’ and to hear that from Shaq of all people, one of the biggest sports starts of all-time, one of the greatest athletes ever, that was so cool.

** Sports Guys Talking Wrestling conducted an interview with The Miz on Super Bowl LVI’s Radio Row. Miz talked about teaming with Maryse at the 2022 Royal Rumble and being surprised at her ‘Hurricanrana’ onto Edge.

I had a blast doing it with my wife [wrestling at the 2022 Royal Rumble]. I got to have a tag team match, got to watch her do things I’d never expect her to do. Like when she got on that top rope, I went, ‘Uh, wait, what are you doing up there dear?’ And then she did a hurricanrana to Edge. I was like, ‘There you go!’

** Canyon Ceman, former WWE Senior Vice President of Talent Development has been hired as the Chief Athlete Officer for ‘Obsesh’, a sports marketing platform.

** Mickie James made the media rounds and was interviewed by Denise Salcedo of Instinct Culture. Mickie felt that it would’ve been childish and egotistical to not take the Royal Rumble opportunity because of how she felt her last run with WWE ended.

For me I felt that it was a very childish and egoic way to look at it, to go like, ‘No I don’t want to do this because my feelings are hurt.’ I could have done that and that was an ego decision, I would have had to live with that decision. I would have had to take accountability for the fact that I just blew my chance to be the first person to do something in a very, very long time and to open this gateway and all of these possibilities… This business is bigger than my ego, and my love for this business is bigger than my ego in the sense that this is groundbreaking for everyone to follow and I’ve always wanted to make a positive change in the business no matter what and this was an opportunity to do this and if nothing else, if this was my last thing on WWE television this would be the last thing they remembered, not the latter. That was my reason and if people can’t understand that then we just don’t think alike and that’s okay.

I prayed about having an opportunity to reclaim Mickie James and to put respect back on my name and here was an opportunity that was given to me on a silver platter. Why would I turn that down if it was something that I prayed for?

** On February 11th, Master Wato is challenging El Desperado for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title. interviewed Wato and asked him for an update on how he is feeling since he posted on social media in January that he came down with a fever. Wato was sure that he had COVID, but his PCR test results came back negative.

After the January 23 card we had in Tochigi, I came down with a fever, 39.3 degrees Celsius. My throat really hurt, and then the next day it went down to 38, but I got a cough as well. I felt pretty sure it was COVID, but my PCR test came back negative.

Wato admitted that he was disappointed he did not make either of the Wrestle Kingdom 16 (Tokyo Dome) main cards. He mentioned that it hurt seeing another company (STARDOM) be spotlighted on that main stage.

That really hurt. We had another company (STARDOM) having their match on the main card, but I didn’t have a spot. It really hurt. I was hoping to springboard my year, but then I was on the pre-show of the second night. I was let down, and at the same time I took it as, ‘OK, you have to try harder’.

He was asked about the NJPW vs. NOAH show from day three of Wrestle Kingdom 16. Kaito Kiyomiya’s name was brought up and Wato stated that he does not see the appeal of what makes Kiyomiya a main-event talent.

Not really [Wato responded when asked if he was impressed by anyone from the NJPW vs. NOAH show].

Seeing that, I really didn’t get it. Seeing that match [Okada & Tanahashi vs. Muto & Kiyomiya], I didn’t see what makes him a top guy. I don’t think he’s any better than me, certainly.

Well, I watched the whole card; I thought I should in case those guys wanted to try and get into Best of the Super Juniors somewhere down the line. But I don’t think their junior heavyweights were anywhere near as good as ours. When I was growing up as a fan, I did like Naomichi Marufuji as a junior heavyweight, but now…

** On the most recent episode of Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Christopher Daniels was the featured guest and he discussed his on-screen partnership with Frankie Kazarian coming to an end. He said he was not ready for a split and would not mind teaming with Kazarian again.

Not really, we were not looking forward to it. But it was a calculated risk to make that offer. At the time there was a wide variety of tag teams in the company. I felt like there was an opportunity for us both to do some stuff as singles. I wouldn’t mind and I would love to tag with Frankie again. But if singles is the way to go, we were both accomplished singles before SCU. I know Frankie can go, I am looking for that opportunity to do the same.

On the topic of WWF/E never showing interest in Daniels, he said if there was interest, he was not made aware of it. He felt that there was not a space for him in the company in the 1990s and explained why.

If there was [interest], then they never said it to me. Honestly at the time, they were not buying what I was selling, and I get that. If you look at the way that the light heavyweight division was not emphasized, it’s all about timing. When I was available, there was not space for guys like me, they were struggling with guys like Taka Michinoku and the other smaller guys. They were on television, but they were struggling. But then it’s 2010 and they are like well let’s get the smaller guys and give them opportunities. At that time, I was entrenched in TNA and ROH, so there wasn’t much there for me.

There was a window for Daniels to join WWE at the beginning of 2010. He shared that he reached out but was never contacted back.

No [WWE did not contact me], and honestly the only time they could have, I was fired from TNA at the beginning of 2010. I made a phone call and no one got back to me. But right after that, Jim Cornette made a phone call to me and Ring of Honor reached out. The good thing about ROH is that they always treated me like family, so when that call came, it wasn’t hard to say yes. I had my best matches with El Generico, Kevin Steen, that year was so much fun. It culminated with me going back to TNA, because ROH was bought by Sinclair, so I offered to do both. But at that time, Jim Cornette, and rightfully so, said that he couldn’t trust TNA to book me in the same strength that ROH would. I think TNA would have been very forgiving, and if they booked me badly, they would boo TNA and not boo Christopher Daniels. But that was the argument that was made and lost.

** The subject of Hiroshi Tanahashi’s latest Ace’s HIGH write-up was the 2011 ‘All Together’ show that saw NJPW, NOAH and All Japan Pro Wrestling come together for a joint event. A young SANADA was present at this show. Tanahashi said he always saw something in SANADA and still feels he has more to offer to New Japan that hasn’t been displayed.

SANADA hadn’t made his break yet, but I did think that he had something. Great look, good movement. I know he has that stoic thing going on, but I would really like to see him go full babyface. He’s the same age as Okada, but I think he still has more to offer that we haven’t seen yet, and I see him being a key guy for us.

** Lisa Marie Varon’s birthday was celebrated on the latest GAW TV episode. She talked about her last singles match in 2019 against Melina and stated that she did not tell the promoter that it was going to be her last match. The promoter found out when Lisa announced it in the ring.

My retirement match was against Melina and we didn’t know it was my retirement match until I got to the ring. I’m like, ‘I can’t do this anymore.’ I was so freaking nervous, puking and just my stomach was a mess and I just said — I told the guy — that was Masters of the Ring and I just said, ‘Give me the mic. Thank you for coming to my last match’ and the promoter goes, ‘You didn’t tell me it was your last match.’ I go, ‘I decided 30 minutes ago.’ I couldn’t do it. I go, ‘Oh my God’ and it was like — but you know, she got emotional at the beginning, but once she starts circling, we tied up and I said, I go — we locked up and I go, ‘Dude, you’re f*cking scaring me with your facial expressions.’ Dude, I go, ‘This is freaking my last match. Be gentle. God dammit, be gentle.’

** While speaking to Sportskeeda, Mickie James recapped the lead-up to her being a part of the 2022 women’s Royal Rumble match. She thinks that when WWE initially reached out to IMPACT Wrestling, it was to bring her in as her WWE incarnation and not the ‘Hardcore Country’ version.

Obviously it took some negotiating and some conversation, but it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it was going to be. When Johnny (Laurinaitis) called Scott D’Amore first (because company to company) he wanted to make sure that it was going to be something internally that IMPACT would want to be a part of. I don’t think the initial reach out was for Mickie James, hardcore country, IMPACT Knockouts Champion. It was for Mickie James (the WWE legend).

** Ahead of the assembly elections in Punjab, India, The Great Khali joined the Bhartiya Janata Party, which has been the ruling political party of the republic of India for multiple years.

** Dallas’ WFAA outlet has a story about Booker T visiting a school in Texas.

** ITV News profiled Myla Grace (Shannon Mateer), who competed on the 2/3 episode of NXT UK. Grace aspires to compete at/in some of WWE’s marquee events and match types such as WrestleMania and Money In The Bank.

** Go Shiozaki versus Keiji Muto from February 12th 2021 was awarded Tokyo Sports’ Best Match of the Year honor. Muto spoke to Tokyo Sports about receiving the award.

** Seth Rollins sat down with Michael Fabiano at Super Bowl LVI Radio Row.

** Prior to AEW Dynamite in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Asbury Park Press interviewed Sonny Kiss.

** Pro Wrestling NOAH ‘Step Forward’ Results (2/10/22) Korakuen Hall
– Kongo (Aleja & Nio) def. Kai Fujimura & Kinya Okada
– Tadasuke def. Hao
– Kongo (Katsuhiko Nakajima, Kenoh & Manabu Soya) def. Funky Express (Akitoshi Saito, King Tany & Mohammed Yone)
– Stinger (HAYATA & Seiki Yoshioka) def. NOSAWA Rongai & YO-HEY
– Eita, Kotaro Suzuki & Super Crazy def. Kaito Kiyomiya, Yasutaka Yano & Yoshinari Ogawa
– Kazushi Sakuraba, Takashi Sugiura, Daisuke Harada, Hajime Ohara & Masato Tanaka def. Atsushi Kotoge, Daiki Inaba, Junta Miyawaki, Masa Kitamiya & Yoshiki Inamura
– Naomichi Marufuji def. Go Shiozaki
GHC National Championship: Masakatsu Funaki (c) def. Masaaki Mochizuki

** Trevor Murdoch vs. Mike Knox for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship:

** While promoting WWE at Super Bowl LVI Radio Row, The Miz appeared on Sirius XM’s ‘Fantasy Dirt’.

** At Warrior Wrestling’s March 12th event, Killer Kross will be returning to the promotion.

** Taylor Wilde welcomed fellow IMPACT Wrestling Knockout Gisele Shaw onto her Wilde On podcast.

** NJPW Golden Series Results (2/10/22) Yamagata, Japan
– Great-O-Khan def. Kosei Fujita
– BUSHI def. Ryohei Oiwa
– Gedo & Yujiro Takahashi def. Tiger Mask & Togi Makabe
– Satoshi Kojima, Toru Yano & Yuji Nagata def. Suzuki-gun (DOUKI, Minoru Suzuki & TAKA Michinoku)
– CHAOS (Hirooki Goto, Tomohiro Ishii & YOH) def. House Of Torture (Dick Togo, EVIL & SHO)
– Los Ingobernables de Japon (SANADA, Shingo Takagi & Tetsuya Naito) def. Hiroshi Tanahashi, Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Kazuchika Okada
– Master Wato, Ryusuke Taguchi & Tomoaki Honma def. Suzuki-gun (El Desperado, Taichi & Yoshinobu Kanemaru)

** The latest episode of Carmella and Corey Graves’ podcast.

** Vicente Beltran posted his interview with Liv Morgan from the Royal Rumble media junket.

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