Jade Cargill: Mark Sterling helps my brand just as much as I do

Jade Cargill speaks about her on-screen manager Mark Sterling and what he adds to her presentation

Photo Courtesy: @MarkSterlingEsq

The TBS Champion speaks highly of her on-screen manager.

As Jade Cargill’s solo run in AEW got underway, she was paired with Mark Sterling, who is a part of Matt Cardona and Brian Myers’ Major Podcast Network.

Sterling has been alongside Cargill for a portion of her singles journey into present day where she is the reigning and first-ever TBS Champion.

Jade discussed what Mark adds to her presentation during her appearance on Vickie Guerrero’s podcast. She talked about how helpful Mark is and feels that he helps her brand just as much as she does.

It’s funny, it’s funny. I feel like we [Jade & Mark Sterling] are from two different worlds and being that he’s been around wrestling all his life, I mean he is so passionate about what he does. I mean he sits there and he has back up line after back up line after back up line like, ‘Hey, if I can’t use this, I’m using this.’ Like, he’s so into his craft, you know? Because he understands what he brings to my brand. I love Mark. He helps my brand, he’s my mouthpiece, he talks for me when I need something to say because I feel like I don’t have to say nothing to anybody. But, he gets the point across of what to say. He’s very calm, collected and if I’m frazzled or anything like that or after a match, I feel like I didn’t take anything away from it, he’ll sit there and talk to me and we’ll figure things out. At the end of the day, it’s teamwork, you know? I’m out there doing the moves and stuff like that but also, he’s the one who talks and he’s the one who takes away a lot of that. He helps my brand just as much as I do and I’m very thankful for Mark.

Cargill is undefeated in AEW and is inching closer to 30 wins. Since becoming champion, Jade scored wins over Anna Jay, Julia Hart and the recently signed A.Q.A.

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