IMPACT No Surrender: Honor No More prevails, Moose retains, Jake Something earns future shot

Photo Courtesy: IMPACT Wrestling

IMPACT Wrestling No Surrender 2022

February 19th, 2022

By: John Siino

Alario Center in Westwego, LA

Commentary: Tom Hannifan & Matthew Rehwoldt

Countdown to No Surrender Pre-Show

Trey Miguel def. John Skyler by pinfall at 6:07, after a Meteora

Havok (w/ Rosemary) def. Tenille Dashwood (w/ Madison Rayne & Kaleb with a K) by pinfall at 4:44, after a Tombstone Piledriver

Country music group Chapel Hart sang the National Anthem at the start of the main show

IMPACT X-Division Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Chris Bey vs. Ace Austin (w/ Madman Fulton) vs. Jake Something vs. Mike Bailey

Right away Austin and Bailey get knocked to the outside before Something clotheslines Bey to join them. Something teases going to the outside, but Bailey stops him and showers him with kicks before dropkicking Austin and Bey to the outside but gets stopped with a Thesz Press by Something before Something suplexes Bailey to the outside on top of Austin and Bey. Something dives onto all 3 men plus Fulton on the outside. Austin comes in and takes down Something for a two count before choking him down with his knee and a kick for another two-count. Bey comes in as all three men go at it, before Bey dropkicks Bailey off the apron followed by a dive onto him. Austin and Bailey fight on the apron, with Bailey moonsaulting on the other three men as the crowd gets behind him with a big Speedball chant. Something catches Bailey off the top rope, who gets kicked off by Bey who hits a poison ‘rana on Something for a two count, followed by a top rope splash on Austin that gets broken up by a shooting star press by Bailey. Something goes after Bailey, but Bailey and Austin team up and superkick Something out before Bey hits the Art of Finesse on Bailey for a two count. Austin tries The Fold, but Something catches him for The Void and the three count.

Winner: Jake Something by pinfall at 7:19, to become #1 Contender for the IMPACT X-Division Championship

Know the Truth

We go to a video from Eric Young who says that everything that he’s gotten in this business he’s earned the hard way, the old fashioned way, and the right way. He’s not political and never have been, never will be and he’s not a kiss ass. He’s not going to wait outside someone’s office to pitch them an idea that they don’t want to hear. He’s not an ex-football player or MMA guy who stumbled upon something as a way to make money when he’s done. He’s not a mark, a skinny ass who got over on the internet. He’s a professional wrestler and everything he’s got he’s earned it. And people who really know who shared a ring with him and know the truth, the truth is that he’s the best all-around performer that anybody has ever seen and if you don’t think that now, you will. In the end, Jay White has two things; his word and his reputation, and when you truly love something, you’re willing to die for it. So later tonight, we will find out the lengths that Jay White is willing to go to, to defend his reputation.

JONAH vs. Black Taurus

JONAH comes out with a bull skull around his neck as a way to play ‘mind games’ with Black Taurus, but stomps on it and destroys it before the match starts. They start the match with a hard lock-up and go into the corner before Taurus breaks out and delivers knife-edged chops. JONAH challenges him to shoulder block him down but knocks Taurus to the outside with a clothesline. Taurus knocks JONAH into the post followed by a couple of dives before heading back inside the ring. JONAH catches Taurus and press slams him into the top turnbuckle and into the mat. JONAH keeps Taurus down to the mat with a waist lock before knocking him down with a back elbow. Taurus comes back with a dropkick, reverse sling blade, and crucifix bomb for a two count. JONAH comes back with a splash in the corner, a headbutt, and Thesz presses before Taurus trips JONAH in the corner and hits a twisting senton for a two count. They continue with the headbutts, before JONAH press slams Taurus off the top rope, followed by a flying Thesz press and a powerbomb for a two. JONAH goes to the top and hits the Tsunami top rope splash for the win.

Winner: JONAH by pinfall at 8:08

Dead Weight

Gia Miller is backstage congratulating Jake Something on his win tonight but asks if he thinks he has what it takes to defeat Trey Miguel for the X-Division Championship. Something says he beat three of the finest and he can’t wait to find out what he can do against Miguel, but Miguel interrupts him and says he has no intention of losing his title. Ace Austin and Madman Fulton interrupt them and Austin says Something can get lucky in a multi-man match, and one-on-one he’s a loser. Miguel defends Something, and Austin says that must be because his old friends dropped him like dead weight. Miguel suggests a tag match for this Thursday, and Austin agrees.

Eric Young vs. Jay White

Young goes at this alone, as Joe Doering and Deaner head to the back during his entrance. They start the match taking each other down with shoulder blocks, before White whips Young into the corner and delivers chops, until Young stops him and tries to suplex him before choking him out in the corner. White comes back with a back body drop before tossing Young to the outside where he drives him into the apron, before chopping him and throwing him back inside where there are more chops. Young comes back by whipping White into the bottom turnbuckle before choking him up in the corner. White comes back with a DDT as the crowd gets behind him with a Switchblade chant. White hits a twisting suplex for a two count before attempting the Blade Runner. Young gets out, but White chokes him out in the corner. Young comes back with a DDT of his own, followed by an Air Raid Crash for a two count. They start measuring each other before doing a chop exchange, with White getting chopped to the outside. White goes back in, and they continue before White knocks Young down off the top turnbuckle, but Young bites White off and hits a flying elbow drop for a two count. White comes back with a Uranage for a two, followed by a Saito suplex. They get on the apron, where White hits a Flatliner. They continue back on the apron fighting back and forth before Young delivers a piledriver, knocking both men to the outside. They head back inside where they try multiple pine attempts before White hits a half-and-half suplex followed by the Blade Runner for the pin.

Winner: Jay White by pinfall at 12:12

Slowing Down Speedball

Mike Bailey is seen leaving the building, but Ace Austin stops him and asks him to be his tag team partner this Thursday against Jake Something and Trey Miguel. Bailey appreciates it but says he didn’t come here to be in a tag team. Austin and Madman Fulton say it’s important to have the right type of people to watch their back. Bailey says Austin and Fulton have a great dynamic and he doesn’t want to get in the way. Austin says he overheard Something, and Miguel says some things he won’t repeat but was disrespectful to Bailey and says to at least give this a try, and Bailey agrees to it.

ROH Women’s World Championship: Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Miranda Alize

This was an open challenge for either championship that Purrazzo holds, but the story here is Alize was in the finals to crown the first-ever ROH Women’s World Champion losing against Rok-C, so she points to that to start the match, opposed to the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship. Alize starts quick with a takedown and pin attempt before they go back to the mat with submission attempts. Alize comes back with dropkicks and chops on the ropes, before knocking Purrazzo to the outside where she’s met by a dive from Alize. Alize throws Purrazzo back in for 2 count, but Purrazzo comes back and stops her with a pump kick before going after Alize, putting her in a submission hold. They fight on the ropes with a couple more pin attempts, but Purrazzo stops her again with another boot. Alize comes back with a spiked rana off the ropes, as they get on their knees and exchange strikes. Alize keeps Purrazzo in the corner, hitting a running boot for a two count. Purrazzo comes back with a suplex for a two before Alize twists her into the Miranda Rights. Purrazzo dodges Alize’s shining wizard and puts on an armbar as Alize immediately taps out.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo by submission at 7:26, to retain

Drinks on Us

Gia Miller is backstage with Chapel Hart who says they are here to support Mickie James tonight, as James comes in and says they killed it tonight. Chelsea Green comes in and wishes James luck, and James says she knows their match didn’t go as planned so after tonight, she will give her another shot. Chapel Hart says later tonight they will go out for drinks as all the ladies get excited.

IMPACT Digital Media Championship: Matt Cardona (c) vs. Jordynne Grace

Matt Cardona comes out in full heel mode, flipping off the crowd. Cardona starts the match putting his hand out and asking for a good clean fight, but Grace attacks him and goes for the early pin attempts. Grace hits a back elbow and jumps on Cardona’s back and tries to bring him down, before hitting a vertical suplex for a two count, as Cardona heads to the outside for a breather. Grace chases after him before they head inside where Cardona pushes the referee Brian Hebner in between them to take advantage and choke Grace in the corner. Cardona starts tossing Grace into the corners, but Grace tries a comeback before getting suplexed into the corner. Cardona gets in her face and screams that he’s the champion, but Grace comes back with a sliding lariat and a spinebuster for a two. Cardona stops Grace in the corner and hits a missile dropkick and the Reboot in the corner, before hitting another one for the pin, but Grace kicks out at two as Cardona is shocked. Cardona sets up for the Radio Silence, but Grace dodges it and hits double knees and a sliding elbow in the corner, knocking Cardona in the outside. Cardona holds up a chair, but Grace hits a running boot into it knocking Cardona down. Grace picks up the chair and throws it inside, but Hebner takes it away from her causing Cardona to try and roll her up for a pin, but Grace kicks out. Cardona flips off the camera and grabs the chair, but Grace stops him by hitting a low blow, causing the disqualification.

Winner: Matt Cardona by disqualification at 7:58, to retain

Grace grabs the chair and smacks Cardona in the back with it before he takes his title and heads to the back.

Knockouts & Knocked Out

Gia Miller is backstage with Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans and says Tasha must be feeling confident after getting a pinfall over Mickie James. Tasha says that was just a small preview of what she’ll do tonight because tonight is the last night that James will call herself the Knockouts World Champion. Tasha sees she got Chapel Hart and Chelsea Green cheering her on tonight, but it won’t be nothing after she beats her tonight. We hear someone screaming for help, as the camera runs to see what happened. We see it was Chris Sabin who is standing over an unconscious Eddie Edwards.

IMPACT World Tag Team Championship: The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) (c) vs. Guerrillas of Destiny (Tama Tonga & Tanga Loa)

Karl Anderson and Tama Tonga start the match as commentary mention how these are the two with the most history, as well as this being a first-time match-up between these two teams. Tonga starts by choking Anderson out in the corner with his boot before hitting a big splash and knocking Anderson outside where all four men start brawling. Anderson and Tonga head back inside and start trading strikes before Tonga clotheslines Anderson down and tags in Tanga Loa. Loa drives Anderson into the corner, but Anderson rakes his eyes before tagging in Doc Gallows. Loa and Gallows trade strikes and whips, before Tonga tags himself back in and gets caught by Gallows in the corner and gets slammed down and put into the Good Brothers corner where they take turns keeping Tonga grounded. Gallows keeps Tonga grounded with rest holds before tagging Anderson in, but Tonga clotheslines him down and makes the hot tag to Loa. Loa goes after Anderson, trying a running powerslam, but ends up hitting a neckbreaker before tagging in Tonga as they hit a double neckbreaker for a two. Anderson comes back with a neckbreaker himself before tagging in Gallows and hitting a double neckbreaker as well. They go for the Magic Killer, but Tonga escapes as Loa heads in, and all four men brawl, along with Tonga hitting a Gun Stun on Anderson. Anderson and Tonga go at it, with Tonga hitting a rolling thunder and a top rope splash for a two count. G.O.D. go for the Magic Killer, but Gallows breaks it up as Chris Bey makes his way down to the ring. Loa and Gallows spill to the outside, where Loa starts questioning what Bey is doing there and ends up getting choke slammed by Gallows on the outside. Jay White runs in and hits the Blade Runner on Tama Tonga as the referee is distracted. The Good Brothers hit the Magic Killer on Tonga, as Anderson gets the three count.

Winners: The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) by pinfall at 12:19, to retain

After the match, Jay White stands over Tonga and ‘too sweets’ Chris Bey and The Good Brothers.

IMPACT Knockouts World Championship: Mickie James (c) vs. Tasha Steelz (w/ Savannah Evans)

They start the match locking up as Chapel Hart is seen ringside cheering James on. They spill out to the outside where they fight driving each other on the apron before James goes back inside and invites Steelz back in. Steelz slowly does, as they go for a test of strength with pin attempts before James hits a running kick for a two. Steelz comes back with chops and kicks James off the apron. Steelz attacks James on the outside before calling out James’ husband Nicholas (Nick Aldis) into the camera. James fights back and hits a neckbreaker on the outside, before chasing Steelz around the ring, but Savannah Evans ends up tossing James into the ring post as the referee was distracted. Steelz takes advantage on the inside and stomps James while she’s on the ropes. James fights back and hits a hurricanrana, before getting knocked down by a boot from Steelz. James fights back by biting Steelz, kicking her down, flipping her off, and hitting a pair of clotheslines and a flapjack. James heads to the top rope and hits a Thesz press for a two count. Evans gets on the apron, but James knocks her down with a Mick Kick, giving Steelz the chance to hit a cutter. Chelsea Green runs out and takes out Evans. James and Steelz go at it, with James almost bumping into Green on the apron, but James reverses and tosses Steelz into Green knocking her off the apron, rolling up Steelz, and getting the pin.

Winner: Mickie James by pinfall at 10:28, to retain

Chelsea Green and Mickie James celebrate as Steelz looks on in disgust.

Let’s Do it for IMPACT

Gia Miller is backstage with Chris Sabin, Rhino, and Steve Maclin where Maclin says that they are sick of Honor No More and they are going to whip their ass. Rhino asks Maclin how they know it was Honor No More who took out Edwards, and if it wasn’t Maclin. Rich Swann comes in and says that Eddie Edwards isn’t medically cleared to wrestle tonight and says he found a replacement, as Willie Mack walks in. Sabin rallies them up and says no more arguing and to be united and says to do it for IMPACT.

IMPACT World Championship: Moose (c) vs. W. Morrissey

Brian Myers joins commentary for this match. They start the match trying to take each other down until they trade multiple strikes and clotheslines until they both fall down. Moose hits two Lights Out spears and Morrissey falls to the outside. Moose sends him back inside and tires another spear, but Morrissey leapfrogs it and hits a big boot and the BQE Power Bomb, but Moose rolls to the outside. Morrissey whips Moose into the guardrails two times, as the referee keeps checking on him. Morrissey tries for the third time, but Moose stops him and puts him through the table with a Uranage. Moose whips Morrissey into the ring post before rolling back inside to break the count. Morrissey hits a big boot and hits the BQE Power Bomb to Moose onto the apron before getting into Myers’ face. Morrissey tosses Moose back inside and goes for another powerbomb, but Moose counters and hits a dropkick in the corner. They start trading chops in the corner, but Moose hits a dropkick before getting taken down with a big clothesline from Morrissey. Moose reverses out of a powerbomb, hits a spear, goes for the pin but Morrissey’s arm is under the bottom rope. Morrissey hits the powerbomb, but this time Moose’s foot is under the bottom rope. Moose puts Morrissey on the top rope and hits a superplex, gets up and hits a Lights Out Spear, and gets the pin

Winner: Moose by pinfall at 12:21, to retain

Honor No More (Kenny King, Matt Taven, PCO, Vincent & Mike Bennett) (w/ Maria Kanellis-Bennett) vs. Team IMPACT (Rhino, Rich Swann, Willie Mack, Steve Maclin & Chris Sabin)

All ten men start brawling before the bell rings, spilling to the outside, before Steve Maclin and Mike Bennett head back inside, officially starting the match. They start by trading chops and strikes before Maclin leapfrogs and knocks Bennett down, as Chris Sabin and Matt Taven tag in. Sabin hits a cross body off the corner followed by a hurricanrana off the top rope as Rich Swann tags in and gets kicked down by Taven. Vincent tags in, but Swann dropkicks him down after a couple of leapfrogs. PCO tags in as the crowd get behind him. Swann tries kicks, but PCO takes him down as Swann crawls over and tags in Rhino. Rhino and PCO go at it with chops until they trade to take each other down with clotheslines. Rhino finally takes PCO down before tagging in Willie Mack. Kenny King comes in and takes Mack down with a spinning kick, but Mack comes back with a shoulder tackle and dropkick. Team IMPACT keeps King in their corner and takes turns tagging in and out, while attacking King. Sabin and Maclin double team King, as Sabin gets a two count. Sabin goes to attack King on the outside, but Maria stands in front of him shielding King. This gives Honor No More the advantage to take control as they now keep Sabin in their corner. Taven and Bennett double team Sabin, but Sabin fights back with a DDT and makes the hot tag to Swann. Swann takes out all of Honor No More, including tossing Taven into Bennett with a hurricanrana followed by a dive attempt on Honor No More on the outside, but they catch him as Vincent hits a double stomp on him. King and Swann go at it, with King hitting a spinebuster for a two count, before tagging in Bennett who hits a brainbuster for a two. Taven and Bennett double team Swann, but Mack breaks up the pin attempt. Honor No More takes turns coming in and beating down on Swann, until Swann dodges and PCO ends up landing to the outside. Mack and Bennett tag in, as Mack splashes and takes down Bennett and Taven, before going after PCO in the corner. Mack and Swann hit a spinning neckbreaker on Bennett, but Taven breaks up the pin attempt and hits the Proton Pack on Mack, but Sabin breaks up that pin. Maclin hits the Crosshairs on Vincent but gets stopped by PCO with a clothesline followed by a flying leg drop. Everybody comes in and starts hitting their moves until King tosses Maclin into the referee, knocking him out to the outside. King, Sabin, Taven, and Swann all take turns diving to the outside, before Bennett spears Mack on the apron, followed by PCO hitting the Deanimator on Mack and Swann and Vincent hitting Red Rum. All ten men start brawling on the outside, where PCO hits his moonsault off the top rope to everybody. Rhino goes to hit the gore on Bennett inside, but Maria gets in between them. Eddie Edwards runs in with a kendo stick scaring off Bennett and Taven, and holds Maria for Rhino to gore into, but ends up hitting Rhino in the head with the kendo stick instead. Edwards then takes turns swinging and hitting Swann, Sabin, Maclin, and Mack before tossing the referee back inside as King is covering Rhino for the pin and the win.

Winners: Honor No More (Kenny King, Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, Vincent & PCO) by pinfall at 23:17

Eddie Edwards hugs all the members of Honor No More and stands tall with them, ripping off the IMPACT patch off his jacket. As a result of this match, Honor No More can now stay in IMPACT Wrestling.

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