MLW Fusion Report: “Follow The White Rabbit”

Photo Courtesy: MLW

MLW Fusion #134

February 24th, 2022

Gilley’s in Dallas, TX

By: John Siino

Commentary: Rich Bocchini & Joe Dombrowski

True Monster

The show opens with a video from Mads Krugger talking about Jacob Fatu who speaks of family and how CONTRA used to be his family and made him a God, and he turned his back on them. For years, Krugger spoke of Fatu as if he was a monster, but those are lies and he is no monster, but tonight he will come to know what a true monster looks like, as he will break him piece by piece.

2 Hours for 2 Questions

Emilio Sparks is backstage and says he’s been waiting for this EJ Nduka exclusive for 2 hours, and Nduka finally comes out of his locker room. Sparks asks two questions; what are his thoughts on how Alex Hammerstone and Richard Holliday have been beefing and why has he been so silent about this on social media. Nduka gets upset at Sparks putting his hands on him and lifts Sparks against the wall and says that he and Hammerstone are good. Nduka says he likes Sparks swag and says he’s doing a good job, but he doesn’t like when people put their hands on him and repeat that he and Hammerstone are copasetic as he leaves.

Everything is Smaller in Texas

Before the next match starts, Mister Saint Laurent is in the ring with a microphone and says since everything is bigger in Texas, he needed a huge surprise for them there tonight. He scoured the world in search of the best pound-for-pound fighter and he found him and will present him in mere moments. Laurent continues to hype up the crowd and presents to them the most special athlete in the history of the sport, the greatest wonder in the world, Microman. Microman is a 3-foot tall luchador from and built as the ‘shortest wrestler in Mexico’.

Arez, Gino Medina & Mini Abismo Negro (w/ Dr. Dax) vs. Aramis, El Dragon & Microman

Microman gets a pretty big reaction from this crowd as Saint Laurent jumps on commentary for the match. Arez and Aramis start the match with a lock-up as they go right to commercial.

When we come back, they go back and forth until they both spill to the elevated entrance ramp where they continue to flip and counter each other, until Aramis walks the railing and uses the shoulders of Dr. Dax to flip off and send Arez back inside with a hurricanrana. They trade pin roll-ups, until Gino Medina tags in and kicks down Aramis. Aramis tags in El Dragon who splashes Medina in the corner and stuns him with a kick and a hurricanrana sending him to the outside. Mini Abismo Negro hops in and flips around sending Dragon to the outside with a hurricanrana. Microman now comes in and goes face to face with Negro, but Negro kicks him down and dances around. Microman is able to take Negro down and starts punching and hitting a bulldog, until Medina comes in, followed by everybody else as they start brawling inside. The heels start choking Microman on the ropes then triple-team Dragon with chops and kicks in the corner. Arez hits a double stomp followed by a splash by Negro, but Microman breaks up the pin attempt. Aramis runs in and tries to dive but gets caught by Arez and Medina and dropped with a powerbomb. Microman breaks up another pin attempt, but he gets triple-teamed until Aramis and Dragon hit poison ranas on Medina and Negro, before double superkicking Arez, before they go to another commercial.

When we come back, they are all brawling in the ring and on the apron, with Arez getting dropped on his head followed by a diving Dragon, while Aramis dives on Medina. Microman and Negro go at it, with Negro getting thrown to the outside where Microman leaps off the back of Arez for a hurricanrana on Negro. Arez and Dragon end up in the ring, where Arez hits a moonsault, but Microman breaks up the pin. Microman kicks Arez down and hits a facebuster and head scissors until Negro takes Microman down and gets a two count. All six men continue back and forth action and pin attempts Aramis hits Around the World, and Arez hits a moonsault to the outside followed by dives from Aramis and Negro. Dragon hits a 450 splash on Medina but ends up diving to the outside as well. Microman takes advantage and hits his version of the Vader Bomb, he calls the Micro Bomb for the pin on Medina.

Winners: Aramis, El Dragon & Microman by pinfall at 15:46

Rich Bocchini tries to get a word with Gino Medina, but Medina ends up shoving Bocchini down and then attacks a referee.

Do Your Thing

5150 is seen celebrating with drinks and women at a club and talking about how they took out Los Parks again and the Von Erichs didn’t even show up in their own hometown. Rivera leaves with a woman and tells Slice Boogie and Julius Smokes to do their thing.

They announce that nZo’s suspension is now over and wonder how KC Navarro feels about this ahead of his match next week with Ho Ho Lun.

Tankman-Kane Hype

We go to a video from Alex Kane who talks about the difference between a champion and a challenger and says that one is chasing and the other already has the gold. Calvin Tankman chimes in and says how Kane tried to put him behind bars during Christmas and his birthday on December 22nd. Kane calls Tankman ‘sweaty and nasty’ and wonders why anybody would want to wrestle him. Tankman says Kane was trying to take his spot in the Opera Cup and he won’t take that lightly and let somebody step all over him. If you mess with Tankman, he’ll mess you up, plain, and simple. Kane talks about attacking Tankman’s knee and making him easy pickings. Tankman says he knows what he needs to do as Kane says he has 100 suplexes in his arsenal. Tankman says he proves that he’s a star inside the ring and Kane says he won’t let Tankman take the title as he doesn’t know what to do with gold and the only thing he’ll be getting is a choking.

We cut to Emilio Sparks who tries to get a word with Alex Kane who’s training, and Kane says that Tankman is a fraud who will choke on his submission at their match next week. They also said that Tajiri will defend his World Middleweight Championship next week against Myron Reed, Matt Cross, and a major mystery free agent.

Upcoming Fight Schedule

·       This Saturday: MLW Superfight in Charlotte, NC

·       March 31st: MLW Intimidation Games in Dallas, TX

·       April 1st: MLW Azteca Underground in Dallas, TX

·       May 13th: MLW Kings of Colosseum in Philadelphia, PA

We see footage that happened during a commercial with Gino Medina attacking Aramis backstage until security pulls him off. We see Medina’s hands are bloodied and blood is spilling out of Aramis’ mask.

MLW Superfight Control Center

·       MLW World Heavyweight Championship Match: Alex Hammerstone (c) vs. Davey Richards

·       Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat arrives in MLW

·       Killer Kross returns

·       Microman is in action

Superfight is this Saturday, February 26th at the Grady Cole Center in Charlotte, NC. We get a video with both Alex Hammerstone and Davey Richards hyping up their upcoming championship match.

Jacob Fatu vs. Mads Krugger

They start brawling on the entrance ramp before the match even starts with Fatu tossing Krugger into the guardrails, but Krugger ends up back body dropping him into the audience where they continue to fight. Fatu gets on part of the bar and hits a moonsault on Krugger, before clotheslining off back over the guardrail to ringside and into the ring to officially start the match. Krugger catches Fatu off the top rope and hits a fall-away slam. Fatu stops him with a superkick and a spear as they go to commercial.

When we come back, Fatu is delivering headbutts but gets choked and slammed down. Fatu hits a superkick and a pop-up Samoan drop for a two count. Fatu hits a handspring moonsault, but Krugger catches him for a choke breaker. Krugger tosses Fatu to the outside where he hits him with a suicide dive. Krugger tosses Fatu back inside and calls for Ikuro Kwon to come to the ring. Kwon goes to kick Fatu, but he moves, and Kwon connects with Krugger. Fatu hits a top rope moonsault and pins Krugger.

Winner: Jacob Fatu by pinfall at 4:54

As Jacob Fatu is celebrating, Mads Krugger and Ikuro Kwon attack him from behind. Fatu starts to fight back and sends Krugger to the outside, where he dives onto him. Krugger and Fatu go back in the ring where security tries to stop them, but get taken out, as they continue to brawl. As Krugger and Kwon are heading to the back, Krugger ends up tossing Kwon into the Fatu who is in the audience, and dives onto him.

Next Week

·       MLW National Openweight Championship: Alex Kane (c) vs. Calvin Tankman

·       MLW World Middleweight Championship: Tajiri (c) vs. Myron Reed vs. Matt Cross vs. ???

Injury Provision

We end with Cesar Duran in his office where he is on the phone with Karlee Perez and tells her they are in dangerous territory there and mentions ‘following the White Rabbit’. Richard Holliday and Alicia Atout interrupt him, and they bring up how Duran made them a promise, but Duran forgot what it was. Holliday says he single-handedly took care of CONTRA and that gave Duran control of the company, he saved him and got Hammerstone through War Chamber all by himself and Duran promised him a World title shot, and he will get what’s his. Duran says he always keeps his promises and Holliday will be the perfect challenger. Holliday says he knows Hammerstone’s every move because he taught them all. Duran said Davey Richards just signed the contract for Superfight, and his hands are tied unless there’s an injury provision if something were ever to happen to Richards that would make him unable to complete, Holliday could be the substitution. Holliday calls that interesting as the show ends.

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