REPORT: Cesaro’s contract with WWE expires

Per report, Cesaro's contract with WWE has expired and he is no longer with the company. The two sides attempted to negotiate a new deal

Photo Courtesy: WWE

Cesaro gone from WWE, per report.

PWInsider pushed out their report that WWE and Cesaro had been in negotiations for a new deal as Cesaro’s contract was nearing its expiration date. According to the site, they were not able to reach a new agreement and Cesaro is no longer under contract with the company.

Cesaro was offered a contract extension but he turned it down. Due to his deal expiring, there is no 90-day non-compete attached to his exit.

In 2011, Cesaro signed with WWE and has been with the company since. He was most recently a member of the SmackDown roster. As of this writing, his last match with the company was on the 2/11 SmackDown during which he fell in defeat to Happy Corbin.

Cesaro’s last TV win was in November 2021. Throughout his time in WWE, Cesaro became a multi-time Tag Team Champion along with holding the U.S. Title.