Highlights from Vince McMahon’s sit-down interview with Pat McAfee

Recap from Vince McMahon's appearance on The Pat McAfee Show

Vince McMahon Pat McAfee

Pat McAfee chats with Vince McMahon.

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon appeared live in-studio on The Pat McAfee Show. Below are highlights from McMahon’s appearance:

  • Pat asks Vince McMahon about the formation of the WWE Network. McMahon says WWE had a great deal from Comcast but things got sidetracked when Comcast essentially wanted to own what WWE had. That’s when they opted to create their own platform.
  • Vince discusses the perception that others may have of him, adds that people may think he’s an asshole and he does not bother with trying to change that perception. He cares what the general public thinks as far as business is concerned.
  • When it comes to the term “wrestling”, Vince wanted to separate his brand from everyone else’s. He joked that father wouldn’t have sold the company to him if he knew what he was going to do with the company. Talked about the “WWF” to “WWE” change, felt it was a no-win lawsuit so he just changed it. When he made that decision, he came up with the phrase, “Get the F out”.
  • Vince McMahon will induct The Undertaker in the WWE Hall of Fame. He says it’ll be difficult because he genuinely likes Undertaker.
  • Pat brings up competition, mentions IMPACT Wrestling and AEW purchasing Ring of Honor. McMahon said he enjoys competition and confrontation.
  • Vince talks about his childhood and growing up in a trailer and how he thought it was awesome because he did not know any better. After WrestleMania 4 or 5, Vince admitted that he grew an ego but quickly realized that he’s just like everyone else.
  • He discusses what he does for a living and says he does not consider it work.
  • Pat McAfee asks Vince about talents being cut. He says it’s not personal. As far as talents coming back to the company, it’s all about what the people want and what’s best for business. He mentioned when Hogan and other talents left him, he never went the route of saying he’ll never bring that talent back because it does more damage to himself than anything. Vince adds that when people get an opportunity and they don’t follow through, it’s very rare that-that person actually takes the blame.
  • WrestleMania 1 is one of his favorite highlights. He went all in financially
  • During the territory days, he received death threats. Vince cannot recount how many death threats he received, adds that if you can knock off the President, he knows he’s easy to get to.
  • He is asked about the relationship with Saudi Arabia. He says the Saudi fans are into the WWE product. He adds that they’ve always had a presence in Saudi Arabia.
  • Vince finishes training at 3 AM mostly every day. He stated that working out is his only socially acceptable outlet for aggression. He has to force himself out of the gym sometimes.
  • He likes branding, discusses the usage of the word ‘stupendous’ for WrestleMania 38 and says it’s grab people’s attention.
  • He spoke about life in general and said if he were to go today, he’d want one last second to say thank you for everything in his life.
  • Vince McMahon offers Pat McAfee the opportunity to wrestle at WrestleMania.
  • He states that he tried many times to make The Undertaker break character. They never could get him.
  • The reason he calls his talents superstars is because anyone can wrestle, either greatly or poorly. He feels that his superstars are special.
  • When the COVID-19 pandemic started, he was determined that WWE would not miss a show. He credited the wrestlers and said they have a thirst to become better performers and human beings and that’s why they’re “superstars” and not “wrestlers”.
  • Vince describes Brock Lesnar as an extraordinary human being and very intelligent.
  • When it comes to past stars, McMahon tries to stay in contact with as many people as he can but if he can’t, he makes sure the company does.
  • He later jokes that Michael Cole is a horrible human being.
  • McMahon still gets excited before every show. He adds that he’s still invested and amped up about the show before it starts.
  • He enjoys being behind the camera more, feels that it takes a lot of energy and emphasis to be an on-screen character. It’s difficult for him to balance.
  • Vince lists the surgeries he’s had: Spine, quads, triceps and neck surgeries.


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