Torrie Wilson recalls being told not to mention Sable’s name during WWE Hall of Fame speech

During her 2019 WWE Hall of Fame speech, Torrie Wilson was told not to mention Sable by name. She had planned to include Sable in her speech

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Torrie Wilson discusses the WWE Hall of Fame.

On April 1st, WWE is presenting the 2022 installment of the Hall of Fame ceremony. As of this writing, this year’s class includes The Undertaker, Vader and Queen Sharmell. Fellow Hall of Fame inductee Torrie Wilson looked back on her 2019 induction and what that moment meant to her.

Wilson was the focus of a virtual signing hosted by The Asylum Wrestling Store and she mentioned that in her Hall of Fame speech, she planned to mention Sable’s name but was told that she was not allowed to do so.

Good luck seeing her. You’re gonna have to go up Timbuktu in Minnesota [to get Sable’s autograph].

You’re not even allowed to mention her name on… she was — I mentioned her name in my Hall of Fame speech and right before, they told me, ‘Oh, by the way, you’re not allowed to mention her name.’

Torrie established a friendship with Sharmell which started during their time in WCW. Wilson is excited to hear her speech, but touched on some of the negative reactions to Sharmell’s upcoming Hall of Fame induction.

Sharmell received negative comments about it through social media. Wilson shared that Sharmell has seen those comments and it makes it feel bad about the honor she’s about to receive.

I definitely am close with Sharmell. We started working together in WCW when she was ‘Paisley’, who was a natural dancer and I was just… I always felt a connection to her because she’s just so sweet, she was very guiding and grounding and she kind of — she’s one of those people that reminds you not to listen to the bullsh*t that people try to throw in your ear like I’m just trying to tell you [meet-and-greet participant] and she always would remind me, like, ‘You gotta remember who you are’ and I sent her a congratulations and it is unfortunate because there are some — there are negative people out there who say negative things, right? On her Instagram or whatever and she’s seen it and it makes her feel bad and they did the same thing to me and people are just trying to ruin her moment. She totally deserves it, she’s been in that business for a long time, she was never meant to be a full-time wrestler and I’m just so proud of her. I can’t wait to hear her speech.

The ceremony is taking place after the 4/1 Friday Night SmackDown on FOX. Undertaker is being inducted by Vince McMahon, Sharmell is being inducted by Booker T and Vader’s inductor has yet to be announced.

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