Tsukasa Fujimoto to take leave of absence from wrestling, wants Hikaru Shida to be present for May 4th match

On May 4th, Tsukasa Fujimoto is scheduled to have her last match before her leave of absence from in-ring competition

Photo Courtesy: Ice Ribbon

Tsukasa Fujimoto confirms that she’ll be stepping away from wrestling for an unknown period of time.

Ice Ribbon held a show at Korakuen Hall today and at the event, Tsukasa Fujimoto teamed up with AEW’s Hikaru Shida and they defeated Hamuko Hoshi and Makoto.

Fujimoto announced that after May 4th, she’ll be taking a leave of absence from pro wrestling. May 4th is the date of Ice Ribbon’s Yokohama Budokan show. Fujimoto stated that she wants to be a professional wrestler for the rest of her life and is taking a break to prepare for that.

She got married on March 15th and has the full support of her husband, who told her that if she wants to quit, he’ll support it and if she wants to continue wrestling, he’ll support that as well.

After May 4th, Fujimoto plans to continue being involved with Ice Ribbon as a staff member. She expressed that she wants Hikaru Shida to be present for the May 4th show.

That Yokohama Budokan event is also going to feature the last match of 24-year-old Tsukushi Haruka, who is choosing to retire from pro wrestling.

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