LA Fights vs. JCW Report: Marcus Mathers vs. Nick Wayne, Alec Price vs. Jack Cartwheel & more

Photo Courtesy: GCW

LA Fights vs. JCW
Friday, April 1, 2022, Fair Park, Dallas, Texas 

Jon Pine reviews the LA Fights vs. JCW card featuring eight matches between the two promotions including Nick Wayne vs. Marcus Mathers.

By Jon Pine

LA Fights and JCW both teams had winning colors today as they competed for points in this Survivor Series-like battle. 

Spoiler Free Match Recommendations:
Alec Price vs. Jack Cartwheel
Marcus Mathers vs. Nick Wayne
Sandra Moone vs. Billie Starkz

Commentary: Nick Knowledge  and Veda Scott

Ring Announcer: Emil J and Jordan Cassel

Super Series of Survivals Elimination Match: Team JCW (Bam Sullivan, Charlie Tiger, Ellis Taylor, Janai Kai, Jordan Oliver, SLADE, Yoya) vs. Team LA Fights (Bad Dude Tito, Matt Vandergraff, Lucas Riley, Daimen Drake, Jordan Crews, Drew, Titus Alexander, Hunter Freeman)

There were so many people in the ring at once, they all paired off in 4’s, took each other out, and hit dives to the floor. Jordan Crews and Jordan Oliver started to fight inside the ring with Crews getting the advantage for the first portion of their exchange but Oliver was able to trip him up and roll him up for a two count followed by a massive dropkick that sent Crews to the floor. I am more familiar with the JCW competitors so it’s nice to see what they’ve been cooking up in LA Fights. Edith Surreal and Bad Dude Tito go after one another inside the ring with Tito hitting a blue thunder bomb which sent her to the floor. YoKai attempted to take out Bad Dude Tito but they were caught with a double suplex, Young Dumb and Broke entered the ring and took out Tito allowing for some time for Ellis Taylor to shine. Jordan Oliver and Matt Vandergraff climbed to the top rope each trying to suplex each other off, Ellis Taylor came to the aid of Oliver and he hit a sunset flip which forced the suplex sending all three men crashing to the floor. A lot happened at once in this match which made it even harder to cover than a scramble match. All of the competitors had a chance to shine in this match and really showcase what makes these two brands unique.

Team JCW defeated Team LA Fights

JCW – 1
LA Fights – 0

Singles Match: Cole Radrick (JCW) vs. Kevin Blackwood (LA Fights)

Coming off his extremely impressive Deathmatch late last night with AKIRA, Cole returned this morning to once again take on another up-and-coming star, Kevin Blackwood. The match started with the two men standing toe to toe trading fists, Cole was still sporting the wounds from last night and was busted open quickly. Blackwood is an incredible technical wrestler who was able to showcase his skills on the bloodied and beaten down Radrick; Blackwood also has a very unique look with one arm completely tattooed with black and pink hair.  Cole’s face is a bloody mess but he was able to power through the pain and get off some offense against the stronger Kevin Blackwood. After a series of punches between the two men, Blackwood had enough and landed a rolling elbow that took Radrick off his feet followed by a Death Valley bomb for a two count. Despite having control for the majority of the match, Kevin Blackwood was caught with two spin kicks to the head followed by a piledriver, and was pinned.

Cole Radrick Defeated Kevin Blackwood

JCW – 2
LA Fights – 0

Singles Match: Alec Price (JCW)  vs. Jack Cartwheel (LA Fights)

This match could’ve gone either way as these two up-and-coming stars put on an amazing aerial display. The match started out with each man looking for the leverage advantage, trading a series of quick reversals and near falls ultimately leading to a stand-off in the center of the ring. Cartwheel’s gymnastic background was put on display numerous times as he displayed beautiful body control while inflicting damage on his opponent. Cartwheel and Price brawled on the outside of the ring for a  brief period of time and when Alec Price was able to fight back, he sent Cartwheel into the ring and started to wear him down with strikes and holds. Other than Ninja Mack, Jack Cartwheel is one of the most fluid wrestlers on the independent scene today, Ricochet could only dream of being this good. Alec Price went to the high rent district only to be cut off by Cartwheel; Price was able to battle back knocking Cartwheel off the top and landing a standing double stomp followed by a reverse DVD into the opposite corner for a two count. Cartwheel was locked in the guillotine but was able to reverse that into a powerbomb for another near fall. Cartwheel hit a picture-perfect Sasuke special, he climbed to the top rope and hit a corkscrew shooting star press for the victory.

Jack Cartwheel Defeated Alec Price

JCW – 2
LA Fights – 1

Single Match:  Big Vin (JCW) vs. Juicy Finau (LA Fights)

This was the definition of a Hoss Fight, and despite their size and years active in the ring, these two put on a very entertaining and compelling match. The two giant men circled the ring and eyed each other up before they locked up together to see who was the stronger man. Juicy Finau, no relation, is a giant of a human. They attempted to take each other down with a series of shoulder tackles which ended with Big Vin hitting a dropkick that sent Juicy to the floor. After they briefly brawled on the floor they reentered the ring and traded stiff shots in the center of the ring followed by a series of headbutts. Big Vin hit a sick kick which again took Juicy off of his feet but Juicy recovered quickly and hit Big Vin with a stiff elbow that took him off his feet. Big Vin went Old School and hit a hurricanrana to a stunned crowd. Big Vin hit a second rope sit-out powerbomb for the victory.

Big Vin Defeated Juicy Finau

JCW – 3
LA Fights – 1

Singles Match: Marcus Mathers (JCW) vs. Nick Wayne (LA Fights)

Prodigy vs. Prodigy. This match featured two future massive stars, both men are still in their teens and they are better than some multi-year veterans. After winning the Scramble Match at last night’s Spring Break, Nick Wayne got right back on the horse and put on another incredible match with Marcus Mathers. The two engaged in a series of reversals as they attempted to gain the leverage advantage over one another, NIck Wayne got the best of the exchange but Mathers was able to hit a strike and took control over Wayne. Wayne moves like a Gallant Fox. They did their version of the WIll Ospreay v. Ricochet exchange sequence to the delight of the crowd; after they regained their breath, Nick Wayne was able to take the control back from Mathers, they brawled on the floor briefly, Mathers sent Wayne back into the ring and connected with a slingshot senton for a two count. They slowed down the pace as they went back to striking and working each other over, Mathers connected with a series of stiff chops that sent Nick Wayne writhing to each corner. Late into the match Wayne went for a destroyer but slipped off the sweaty back of Marcus Mathers which gave Mathers the opportunity to take control of the match. Wayne hit a snap dragon suplex followed by a Code Red for a two-count, stunning the crowd as they continued to cheer on both of these wrestlers. Wayne attempted the Code Red again but was caught by Marcus who was able to land a dead eye for a near fall. Mathers responded to that kick out with a Last Ride Powerbomb but again Wayne was able to kick out at two. Marcus was searching for what else he could throw at Wayne, so he climbed to the top rope, dove off, and was caught by a cutter from Wayne followed by another cutter which secured the victory for Nick Wayne. This was a very good match between two soon-to-be megastars. There were some slow parts in this match but overall it met my expectations and I really enjoyed it.

Nick Wayne Defeated Marcus Mathers

JCW – 3
LA Fights – 2

Singles Match: Billie Starkz (JCW)  vs. Sandra Moone (LA Fights)

Sandra Moone recently made her GCW debut when she took on Jimmy Lloyd in a losing effort, Billie is one of the cornerstones of JCW, and much like the last match, she is bound to be a megastar in wrestling. Both of these competitors are very evenly matched with Moone having a slight power advantage over Billie’s height advantage. Billie was able to bait Moone to the outside and connected with a DDT, she rolled Moone back into the ring and hit a series of suplexes for a two count. Billie hit a rebound enziguri and started to cockily kick Moone in the head and chest; Moone didn’t take the beating for too long as she was able to catch Billie’s leg and connected with some stiff forearms and strikes.  Both ladies went for big boots on the apron and collapsed, Billie was able to hold onto the rope and stay up on the apron but Moone landed on the concrete. Later on, in the match, Moone was able to connect with a dive to the outside and rolled Billie back into the ring, and hit a destroyer for a two count. After that flurry of offense Moone started to get frustrated which caused her to get distracted as Billie hit a Gory Bomb and climbed to the top rope looking for her Swanton bomb, but there was no water in the pool as Moone hit a lawn dart into the middle turnbuckle. It didn’t affect Billie as much as it should have as she comes back quickly hitting a series of suplexes and a bridging Dragon Suplex for the victory. There were some less than smooth moments in this match but that didn’t affect my enjoyment of the match at all. Billie always puts on a tremendous performance and this was another example of that.

Billie Starkz Defeated Sandra Moone

JCW – 4
LA Fights – 2

Singles Match: Grim Reefer (JCW) vs. B-Boy (LA Fights)

The two cornerstones of their respective promotions, these legends have been competing all over the independent scene for the past 20 years. Leader vs. Leader, Captain vs. Captain, and before the match started, Reefer lit up a reefer and passed it to B-Boy who stomped it out in the center of the ring. The crowd started booing as Reefer fired up and brought the fight to the West Coast legend. B-Boy ran around the ring with the crowd thinking he was going to land a running boot but he only hit Reefer with an eye poke. B-Boy planted Reefer in the center of the ring with a back body drop and went for the submission with a head and arm choke, B-Boy bit the top of Reefer’s head, broke the hold, and went for a second rope moonsault only to be caught with a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Reefer grabbed another joint, threw the lighter in the crowd, and started to lay in his offense while smoking the joint, he managed to land a senton but was only able to keep B-Boy down for two. B-Boy knocked the joint out of Reefer’s mouth with a Saito suplex followed by a Death Valley Driver on the ring apron. B-Boy indulged in the lit joint to the delight of the crowd and connected with a running dropkick to the face of Grim Reefer for only a two count. Grim Reefer grabbed a door and set it up in the corner only to get hit with a Death Valley Driver, followed by a brainbuster as B-Boy captured the victory.

B-Boy Defeated Grim Reefer

JCW – 4
LA Fights – 3

Singles Match: Charles Mason (JCW) vs. Dark Sheik (LA Fights)

Charles Mason has an MJF vibe to him if MJF was a serial killer. The match started with the two competitors trading strikes, Sheik was able to get the advantage by hitting a high cross body into a two count. Charles Mason enjoys the pain that Sheik is inflicting upon him; she was in control of the match until he cut her off and started to bite Sheik’s nose. Sheik hit a plancha to the floor taking out Charles Mason, she rolled him back into the ring, and she hit a top rope leg drop for a two count. Mason bailed to the floor and started looking underneath the ring, he misted Sheik with water and DDTed her on the apron, and choked her with a wire. He continued to escalate the violence back inside the ring with a steel chair. Both teams’ entire roster made their way to ringside to cheer on their respective team members. Mason continued to beat down Sheik, locking in the tarantula mockingly in front of the LA Fights roster, he got cut off with a knee to the gut, Sheik delivered a series of slingshot sentons, she went for a DDT but was caught with a sleeper suplex for a two count. Sheik grounded Mason with her powerful legs and climbed to the top rope, Mason swept her legs out and connected with a double knee to the back of her head. Mason dug into his back pocket and retrieved a plastic bag which he put over Sheik’s head. The crowd went nuts as she was able to fight Mason off with the bag still on her head and get a near fall, Mason reversed Dark Sheik and hit a Tombstone onto a steel chair but again Sheik was able to kick out. Mason retrieved a wire from under the ring, tied it around her neck, threw the wire over the steel beams, and ‘hung’ her. Reefer threw in the white towel and JCW bailed on their teammate, LA Fights pummeled and beat down Mason long enough for Sheik to recover and hit a piledriver for the victory.

Dark Sheik Defeated Charles Mason

JCW – 4
LA Fights – 4

Post Match: Team JCW beat down Mason and told him to get the fuck out, Both teams were in the center of the ring Grim Reefer calls on B-Boy to call it a truce they shook hands but Reefer hit a cutter, both teams brawled as the show went off the air. 

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