IMPACT Wrestling Multiverse of Matches – Good Brothers vs. Briscoes, Ishii vs. Edwards, Shelley vs. Speedball

John Siino reviews IMPACT's Multiverse of Matches with The Good Brothers taking on The Briscoes, Tomohiro Ishii vs. Eddie Edwards & more.

Photo Courtesy: IMPACT Wrestling

IMPACT Wrestling Multiverse of Matches

April 1st, 2022

By: John Siino

Fairmont Hotel in Dallas, TX

Commentary: Tom Hannifan & Matthew Rehwoldt

Quick Results

·       Ultimate X: Trey Miguel def. Jordynne Grace, Chris Bey, Blake Christian, Vincent, Rich Swann

·       Nick Aldis & Mickie James def. Matt Cardona & Chelsea Green

·       Mike Bailey def. Alex Shelley *RECOMMENDED Match of the Show*

·       The Influence def. Decay, Gisele Shaw/Lady Frost, Tasha Steelz, Savannah Evans

·       Tomohiro Ishii def. Eddie Edwards *RECOMMENDED*

·       Josh Alexander/JONAH def. Moose/PCO

·       Deonna Purrazzo def. Faby Apache

·       Chris Sabin def. Jay White *RECOMMENDED*

·       The Good Brothers def. The Briscoes

IMPACT X-Division Championship Ultimate X Match: Trey Miguel (c) vs. Jordynne Grace vs. Chris Bey vs. Blake Christian vs. Vincent vs. Rich Swann

It was noted at the top, that Trey Miguel has never won an Ultimate X match. Right away they all start shimmying through the ropes, with Grace power bombing Christian and hitting him with a suicide dive on the outside. Miguel starts climbing the cables but gets knocked down by Swann and Bey. All three start kicking each other with Bey standing tall before Grace stops him and hits a muscle buster. Christian and Vincent go at it until Christian starts scaling the ropes before Miguel stops him and connects with another suicide dive on the outside. Miguel starts scaling the ropes, but Vincent stops him and hits a Saito suplex and a flatliner. Vincent starts scaling next, but Swann stops him and hits a cutter before climbing himself. Bey stops him and hits a spinebuster and the Art of Finesse. Bey goes to the ropes and Christian joins him, kicking him off and then hitting a Canadian Destroyer. Miguel takes a couple of guys with a dive before getting knocked off the apron by Christian. Christian scales the top ropes and then dives onto everybody. Grace and Miguel start scaling the ropes, but Vincent pulls Grace down. Miguel is able to grab the championship and win the match.

Winner: Trey Miguel at 7:24, to retain

Matt Cardona & Chelsea Green vs. Nick Aldis & Mickie James

This is Nick Aldis’ first match in IMPACT Wrestling since April 2017, as he teams up with his wife to take on the other husband and wife team. This feud generated from NWA and the end of the Crockett Cup that now has entered through the portal of IMPACT Wrestling. Chelsea and Mickie start brawling before the bell rings as the husbands stop them before they start fighting themselves and starting the match officially. Aldis dodges as Chelsea hits Cardona down low. Mickie tags in and tries to hit a DDT on Cardona, but Chelsea distracts her as Cardona takes Mickie down. Chelsea tags in as the Cardona’s double team Mickie in the corner as the referee is a bit distracted with Aldis. Cardona comes in and hits a neckbreaker and chokes out Mickie, provoking Aldis as he and Chelsea take turns holding Mickie down and going for pins. Mickie tries to fight Cardona off, but Chelsea holds her back and whips her hard to the corner before tagging in Cardona who hit’s the reboot. Mickie escapes out and makes the hot tag to her husband. Aldis clotheslines Cardona down and hits him with a Tombstone, before going to the top and hitting a flying elbow drop for a two. Mickie and Chelsea go at it while Cardona hits double knees and gets dumped to the outside. Aldis tries to put Chelsea in his Cloverleaf, but Cardona breaks it up, holds Chelsea but she misses and slaps Cardona instead before getting tossed outside by Aldis. Aldis blocks the Radio Silence and puts on the Cloverleaf. Chelsea tries to break it up with a title, but Mickie stops her and puts on the Cloverleaf herself as both Cardona and Chelsea tap out to end the match.

Winners: Nick Aldis & Mickie James by submission at 8:03

The Champ-Champ is Here

Gia Miller is backstage with Deonna Purrazzo and mentioned how anybody can show up to accept her Champ-Champ Challenge for tonight. Gia mentions how Mercedes Martinez won the interim ROH Women’s Championship earlier tonight at ROH Supercard of Honor. Deonna says she doesn’t care about the interim title as that is ridiculous, as she is the reigning and defending champion. What’s more ridiculous is that the last time we saw Mercedes in IMPACT she was tapping out to her, so it doesn’t matter who walks through the door before the Champ-Champ is here.

Mike Bailey vs. Alex Shelley

First one-on-one match between these two as the crowd seems divided. They go right to it trading takedowns with Bailey getting the best of it. Bailey delivers a flurry of kicks sending Shelley to the outside where Bailey meets him with a dive. They start brawling outside with Bailey hitting him with kicks against the barricade, sending him back inside where they go to the top rope where Shelley hits a dropping jawbreaker. Shelley keeps working on Bailey, sending him to the apron where he basement dropkicks him back to the outside where he dives onto him. Shelley chops him on the outside and does a strut. Inside, Shelley hits a knee off the top rope to Bailey’s chest. Shelley keeps Bailey grounded with a chokehold, as Bailey tries to punch his way up. They start trading forearms, before Bailey knocks him down with a kick. Bailey comes back with more kicks and hits a twisting shooting star press for a two-count. Shelley blocks Bailey, dropping him down with a face buster into the turnbuckle and into the crossface, but Bailey goes and grabs the bottom rope. Shelley hits a back suplex, and knocks Bailey to the apron, but Bailey tries to do a moonsault with his knees, but Shelley dodges and hits a springboard DDT onto the apron sending them both spilling to the outside. Shelley hits a brainbuster, but Bailey gets on the apron to break up the countout, leaps over a diving Shelley, and meets him with an Asai Moonsault to the outside. Back inside, Bailey hits a couple of kicks, but this only gets Shelley angry who challenges Bailey to do more. Bailey does and hits a moonsault with his knees to the ribs followed by another kick for a two. They go back and forth with Shelley hitting sliced bread, into the Border City Stretch. Bailey hits a spinning kick but misses the Ultima Weapon. Shelley tries to go for the Shell Shock, but Bailey pushes him against the ropes and rolls him up for the pin.

Winner: Mike Bailey by pinfall at 15:04

Where is Kaleb?

Gia Miller is backstage with The Influence and asks where Kaleb with a K is, and they say that’s irrelevant. Madison Rayne quotes her favorite quote ‘Everyone else sucks and we are Knockouts Tag Team Champions’ and says she got that from Tenille before dissecting the other tag teams tonight and how they aren’t real teams. Tenille says they are a family, and nobody is taking their babies. Gia mentions that along with Kaleb, The IInspiration are nowhere to be found and wonders if that could be related. The Influence gets upset and leaves.

IMPACT Knockouts World Tag Team Championship: The Influence (Tenille Dashwood & Madison Rayne) (c) vs. Decay (Rosemary & Havok) vs. Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans vs. Lady Frost & Gisele Shaw

Rosemary and Tasha Steelz are the two to start the match, as Rosemary is the #1 contender to her Knockouts Championship, but Tasha quickly tags out to Evans. Rosemary starts biting Evans, but Evans drops her face first onto the ropes and crushes her in the corner with a splash before double-teaming her with a tag in Steelz. Shaw tags in and hits a DDT on Steelz for a two count before tagging in Frost as they hit a double-team move for a two. Havok tags in as Frost tries to knock her down but gets flattened and hit with a leg drop instead for a two. Rosemary comes in and spears Frost, before Tenille tags her in and gets a two count. The Influence starts double teaming Frost in the corner, as Rayne hits a Northern Lights Suplex for a two. Tenille comes in and hits a neckbreaker on the ropes for a two, as Frost fights her way off and tags out to Havok as Rayne comes in. Rayne goes to tag someone else in, but they all drop off the apron. Havok hits a Death Valley Driver before everybody else comes in and hits their moves as all eight women are now on the mat. Decay and Steelz & Evans go at it and take it to the outside and to the back as Shaw and Frost take down The Influence and head to the top rope, but Frost gets knocked off. Shaw tries to fight off Tenille & Rayne, but they hit the Influence double team spike DDT as Rayne gets the pin on Shaw for the win.

Winners: The Influence (Tenille Dashwood & Madison Rayne) by pinfall at 9:02, to retain

Representing Noah

Gia Miller is backstage with Eddie Edwards and asks why Edwards chose to represent Pro Wrestling Noah instead of IMPACT Wrestling. Edwards says it’s simple, as IMPACT didn’t represent him and turned their back on him. That’s fine as he surrounded himself with Honor No More, and he wears his green as it takes him back to 2005 the first time he traveled to Japan, and he was welcomed and treated with respect and honor there. Tonight, he won’t show Ishii the same option and tonight the Stone Pitbull will fall to the Diehard, Eddie Edwards.

Eddie Edwards vs. Tomohiro Ishii

Ishii is making his IMPACT debut here in this first ever match-up with Edwards. They start on the ropes before Edwards escapes and the crowd is fully behind Ishii. Ishii eats Edwards shoulder tackles before knocking him down himself. Ishii gets sent to the outside where Edwards meets him with a suicide dive. Edwards starts tossing Ishii against the barricades, but Ishii comes back with a slam on the outside. They get on the apron, where Ishii teases a piledriver, but Edwards fights out and hits a DDT on the apron. Edwards starts chopping Ishii against the ropes until Ishii collapses. They go back and forth with suplex attempts, with Ishii being able to hit it. They trade chops and forearms in the corner, followed by a back suplex by Ishii for a two count. Edwards catches a running Ishii off the ropes and hits a Blue Thunder Bomb for a two. Edwards sets up for the Tiger Driver, but Ishii reverses with a back body drop before getting taken down with an Enziguri. Edwards puts Ishii on the top rope, tries the Backpack Driver, but Ishii gets out, no-sells a German Suplex from Edwards and hits one himself. They both go for clotheslines and go crashing down. Edwards tries forearms on Ishii, but he just eats them and takes Edwards down with a headbutt. Edwards stops Ishii and delivers a bunch of knees to the head, hits a big forearm and the Tiger Driver but Ishii kicks out. Ishii blocks the Boston Knee Party and hits a knee of his own, followed by the basement Lariat for a two. Edwards blocks the brainbuster attempt and is able to hit the Boston Knee Party followed by the Diehard Driver attempt, but Ishii gets out, hits a headbutt, a kick, and a clothesline for a two. Ishii hits the vertical brainbuster and gets the pin.

Winner: Tomohiro Ishii by pinfall at 15:00

Under Siege & May Day

Before the next match, Tom Hannifan announces that their next shows will be Under Siege on Saturday, May 7th (FITE/IMPACT+) and May Day on Sunday, May 8th in Newport, Kentucky.

PCO & Moose vs. JONAH & Josh Alexander

PCO attacks Alexander before the bell to start the match. Alexander comes back with a boot, but JONAH tags himself in as Alexander doesn’t seem to be happy about that, but they work together and stomp PCO in the corner. PCO and JONAH go and try to take each other down before Moose tags in and gets pushed into the corner and knocked down. Moose runs the ropes and tries to take JONAH off his feet over and over until JONAH knocks Moose down instead. JONAH is in control, but this time Alexander makes the blind tag, but Moose escapes to the outside where Alexander chases after until PCO stops him and PCO and Moose whip Alexander into the barricade and back inside. PCO hits a leg drop off the middle rope before tagging Moose back in. Moose starts working on the arm of Alexander, ripping off his wrist tape and stomping on it. PCO comes in as they start brawling a bit before Alexander gets distracted by Moose but comes back with a German suplex for a two, puts PCO on the top rope, but PCO pushes him off and misses the PCO Sault. Moose and JONAH come in with JONAH splashing in the corner but missing a senton. Alexander comes back in as PCO sends JONAH and Alexander to the outside and hits them with a cannonball on the outside. PCO puts JONAH on the apron and hits the De-Animator. All four start brawling inside with Alexander and Moose going crashing down on the mat as the crowd chants ‘IMPACT Wrestling’. All four slowly get up and then start brawling before Alexander rolls Moose up into an ankle lock, but Moose gets out of the C4 Spike attempt. PCO goes to attack Alexander, but JONAH spears him away. Alexander grabs PCO and hits the C4 Spike as Moose watches on and Alexander gets the pin on PCO.

Winners: JONAH & Josh Alexander by pinfall at 12:47

As PCO gets up he shows some pain in his shoulder. It was later revealed that PCO sustained an injury and had to be removed from his match with Mike Bailey on GCW Spring Break 6 Part 2 later that night.

AAA Reina de Reinas Championship: Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Faby Apache

Faby Apache comes out as the surprise challenger and challenges for the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship, as she’s the woman Deonna defeated to win it in the first place back at AAA TripleMania XXIX in August 2021. Apache takes it right to the mat and tries to grapple with Deonna, but Deonna is able to escape. They start exchanging forearms before Deonna gets whipped into the corner and hits with stomps to the throat. Deonna starts working on Apache’s arm and takes her back down to the mat and tries to put on a cross-arm breaker. Apache comes back with a suplex and a leg drop, before tripping Deonna into the corner and hitting a low dropkick for a two. They go back and forth for a bit until Apache puts on an Indian Death Lock, but Deonna crawls over to the bottom rope. Deonna kicks Apache down and hits a standing moonsault for a two. Apache hits a facebuster and gets a two-count as the crowd starts to get to her. Deonna takes the advantage and tries an arm breaker, but Apache gets up and they kick each other down. They run the ropes with Deonna hitting a German Suplex and reverses Apache into an armbar as Apache taps out.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo by submission at 8:52, to retain

Taya Valkyrie Returns

Deonna gets on the mic and says it doesn’t matter that Mercedes Martinez was crowned as the Interim ROH Women’s Champion tonight as standing in front of all of you is the reigning and defending ROH Women’s World Champion and calls Mercedes a paper champion before we hear the music of Taya Valkyrie. This is Taya’s return to IMPACT since leaving for WWE in January 2021. Taya gets on the mic and says Deonna shouldn’t be worrying about that ROH Women’s World Championship but should be worrying about the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship and says that she will see her at Rebellion.

Jay White vs. Chris Sabin

This is their second one-on-one encounter after just coming off of a match at the NJPW Strong – Strong Style Evolved taping last month. Right away, White corners Sabin with chops and teases him to come give him some, but White reverses out and gives more chops. Sabin takes it to the mat and works on White’s arm before landing a chop that sends White to the outside. White takes his time walking around the ring before Sabin goes and gets him himself, sending White back outside and hitting a dive. Sabin drops White face first onto the apron and then lands a kick before sending him back inside where he hits a high cross body for a two count. Sabin goes back to the top, but White knocks him down and chops him off of it causing Sabin to crash to the outside. White joins him and drops him against the apron twice before chopping him against the apron and sending him back in for a two count. White puts on a single leg Crab but Sabin grabs the rope. White holds Sabin down with a waist lock, but Sabin punches his way out before getting whipped and hit with a hard chop as the referee goes and checks on Sabin. They have a bit of a sequence with Sabin knocking White down with a kick. Sabin lands elbows and kicks White back down, goes to the top rope and hits a missile dropkick for a two. We get a close of Sabin’s chest that’s all red, as he hits a DDT but White comes back with his own DDT. Sabin goes back with a Tornado DDT and gets a two count. White comes back with a Twisting Suplex for a two, followed by a flatliner, a German Suplex and a Uranage as Sabin kicks out. They reverse each other a bit before Sabin kicks White down but goes down to the mat himself. They start trading forearms, knee strikes and chops before Sabin clotheslines White down a couple times. Sabin goes for the Cradle Shock, but White gets out and hits a Half and Half Suplex. White goes for the Blade Runner, but Sabin reverses and rolls up White for the pin and the win, giving White his first pinfall loss in IMPACT.

Winner: Chris Sabin by pinfall at 16:00

As Chris Sabin is celebrating, Steve Maclin runs in and takes out Sabin. White pushes him off and attacks Sabin, so Maclin gets in White’s face. As Maclin goes back to Sabin, White hits Maclin with a low blow and runs away.

They announce that the match was made official; Deonna Purrazzo will defend the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship against Taya Valkyrie at IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion on April 23rd.

The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) vs. The Briscoes (Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe)

The Briscoes make their IMPACT debut and are literally just coming out of having probably the best match you’ll see this week against FTR at ROH Supercard of Honor just a couple of hours earlier and looked pissed after losing the ROH World Tag Team Championship. Mark Briscoe and Karl Anderson start the match with a lock-up before running the ropes and Mark knocking Anderson down. Jay tags in as the Briscoes double team on Anderson. Gallows gets involved as all four men start brawling on the outside. Jay and Anderson head back inside as Anderson rakes Jay’s eyes and starts stomping on him trying to reopen him from his match earlier where he got busted open. Gallows comes in and keeps Jay in the corner before whipping him to the other side. Anderson comes back inside and knocks Mark off the apron as Jay tries to fight his way back up. Gallows comes in and hits a running boot for a two on Jay. The Good Brothers keep Jay in their corner and trade tags in as they continue to stomp him out and go after his bandaged wound. Jay escapes and makes the hot tag to Mark who takes out both Gallows and Anderson. Mark hits a suplex on Anderson, places him on the top rope, swinging him back down for a two count. The Briscoes hit the Redneck Boogie on Anderson, but Mark only gets a two. Jay gets frustrated and puts his hand on the referee before going for the Jay Driller on Anderson just to get reversed into a spinebuster. Gallows comes in and they hit a double-team neckbreaker on Jay as Anderson gets a two. They go for the Magic Killer, but Mark breaks it up, as Jay takes Gallows down with a superkick and all four men are down. Mark knocks Anderson down and goes for the Froggy Bow but Jay White runs down and knocks him off the top rope as the referee deals with Chris Bey on the other side getting on the apron. Gallows knocks Jay off the apron as the Good Brothers hit the Magic Killer on Mark and Anderson gets the pin for the win.

Winners: The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) by pinfall at 9:45

The Good Brothers embrace with Jay White and Chris Bey and celebrate at the top of the stage as the show goes off the air.

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