Joey Janela’s Spring Break – Part 2 – The Greatest Clusterf–k, PCO misses show, Cardona vs. Dickinson

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Joey Janela’s Spring Break 6 Night 2: The Greatest Clusterfuck
Saturday, April 2, 2022, Fair Park, Dallas, Texas

By: Jon Pine

Tonight at ICW No Holds Barred Vol. 24 Atticus Cogar Defeated the newly crowned GCW Ultraviolent Champion John Wayne Murdoch in a number one contender’s match for the American Deathmatch Championship. Cogar stomped on the belt. 

Spring Break Part 2 was a very fun show with some incredible matches and moments. Everyone worked their asses off even though it was 3 am. 

Spoiler Free Match Recommendations: 

Tony Deppen vs. Biff Busick
Mike Bailey vs. Jordan Oliver
EFFY vs. Suzuki
Cardona vs. Dickinson

Joey Janela’s Spring Break 6 Night 2: The Greatest Clusterfuck Results:

Commentary: Dave Prazak and Kevin Gill 

Ring Announcer: Emil J

Singles Match: NWA World Heavyweight Champion Matt Cardona with Chelsea Green vs. Chris Dickinson with Missy Hyatt

Matt Cardona interrupts Chris Dickinson, match set for Spring Break | #GCWHeartbreak

At GCW Welcome to Heartbreak, Chris Dickinson was in the ring cutting a promo and he was rudely interrupted by Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green. The two traded words and the challenge was set for Spring Break. In the following weeks, Chelsea Green and Missy Hyatt got into a spat online and Missy was added as Chris Dickinson’s manager. Dickinson is making his in-ring return after a devastating hip injury this past fall. 

Dickinson shot in and picked the leg of Cardona and locked in a front chancery out wrestling Cardona for the first portion of the match-up. Dickinson connected with a full nelson suplex followed by a cross-arm breaker, Cardona went to the floor to try and recover and he refused to get back in the ring until Dickinson was behind the ref. Chris wasn’t having any of this as he brought Cardona in the hard way; Cardona weaseled his way back into control, choking Chris with his wrist tape and his ripped T-Shirt. Chelsea Green once again got physically involved in the match-up, this time when she choked Chris on the bottom rope. Cardona pulled a door out from underneath the ring and set it up in the corner, Cardona put on the brakes before he collided with the door but he was caught with a huge back body drop that planted him through the door. The two competitors traded a series of forearms in the center of the ring with Cardona getting the best of the situation, but the control only lasted so long as Chris got a burst of adrenaline, hit a series of clotheslines, and a brainbuster for a two count. Chelsea Green continued to get physically involved in the match, distracting Dickinson long enough for her husband to take him out with an offensive maneuver. Missy Hyatt slapped Chelsea Green in the face, Dickinson rushed in and hit a suplex followed by a brainbuster. Chelsea took Missy’s purse which distracted Dickinson again, Cardona hit a low blow for a two count to the delight of the crowd. Chelsea went to hit Dickinson with the purse but Chelsea hit Matt instead and was subsequently taken out with a clothesline, Cardona was hit with a Pazuzu bomb and Chris Dickinson vanquished The Cardonas. This was a fun match with the predicted outside interference from Chelsea Green, all four of them told a great story and left the fans happy after the finish. 

Chris Dickinson Defeated Matt Cardona 

Singles Match: Biff Busick vs. Tony Deppen 

Biff Busick made his Game Changer Wrestling debut on Thursday at Bloodsport against Jon Moxley and now he makes his Spring Break debut against ‘the gatekeeper’ of Game Changer Wrestling, Tony Deppen. These two had a fantastic hard hitting and physically demanding match that lived up to expectations. The two men met face to face as they stared each other down in the center of the ring, they immediately started scrambling for position on the mat. Neither man was able to get the better of the other as they wrestled to a stalemate as the crowd showed their respect. Biff kicked his offense up a notch when he connected with an extremely hard chop that grounded Deppen, Deppen bailed to the floor but Biff continued to pursue him and landed a couple of more chops. Deppen started to go to work on Biff’s hand, stomping on it and stretching his fingers, Deppen jumped off the top rope but was cut with a European uppercut for a near fall. Biff continued to manhandle Deppen, slapping him across the face, Biff screaming at Tony to get up. Tony did and connected with a hard slap of his own and an offensive flurry for a near fall. Deppen went back to work on the injured hand of Busick, but his control didn’t last long as Busick fired back up with explosive offense which slowly wore Deppen down. Deppen was able to recover and hit a tope con hilo followed by a double stomp for a two count which elicited a “this is awesome” chant from the capacity crowd. Both men offered up their chin as they started to exchange uppercuts and chops, Deppen jumped up and hooked in a standing guillotine, Busick collapsed and ended up causing a rope break. Both of their chests are beet red but they continued to tee off on each other. Deppen fired up and hit a knee strike for the victory. This was an incredibly hard-fought matchup that left both men wincing in pain as they left the ring. 

Tony Deppen Defeated Biff Busick 

Singles Match: Jordan Oliver vs. Mike Bailey 

PCO was originally supposed to be in this match but he was injured during the Impact Wrestling show tonight so taking his place was the East Coast Ace, Jordan Oliver.  These two athletes had an incredible matchup that really showcased why Jordan Oliver is one of the best up-and-coming wrestlers in Independent Wrestling. The match started fast as Bailey connected with a kick to Oliver’s face followed by forearm shots to the downed Oliver, Oliver was able to get back to his feet and the two men exchanged chops with neither one of them able to topple the other. Bailey was sent to the floor and was sent into the third row by an incoming Jordan Oliver; this pissed off Bailey who got back up right away and connected with his trademark kicks. Bailey was firmly in control for most of this match up. The calloused feet of Mike Bailey connected repeatedly with the chest of Jordan Oliver, eventually taking him off his feet. It didn’t matter what Bailey threw at Jordan, Oliver would not back down at all and he was able to hit a head kick of his own followed by a release German Suplex and powerbomb for only a two count. The two men battled on the apron, Jordan connecting with slaps and Bailey connecting with kicks across the chest. Bailey went for a shooting star press off the top rope but was caught with the ace crusher for a very close nearfall; this was an awesome spot. Speedball Mike Bailey hit a falcon arrow for the victory. 

Mike Bailey Defeated Jordan Oliver

Singles Match: Ring of Honor Television Champion Minoru Suzuki vs. EFFY with Allie Katch

Some may see this as an unconventional match for Minoru but EFFY is more than what people paint him as; he’s a fantastic and fearless wrestler who had no fear in chesting up to the living Legend. For the second night in a row the crowd in Dallas doesn’t know how to clap along to a beat. EFFY asked Minoru to give him a kiss on the cheek, but Suzuki slapped EFFY across the face, EFFY returned the favor and slapped Suzuki across the face which elicited a you fucked up chant. Minoru didn’t know what to make of EFFY as the match spilled to the floor, EFFY continued to ask Minoru to chop him as hard as he could, each time EFFY was taken off his feet. EFFY tried to return the favor but Suzuki just glared at him and threw EFFY into the front row. Both men reentered the ring as Suzuki started to work over EFFY’s arm and fingers,  EFFY hit Suzuki with forearm and Suzuki just laughed at his attempt. Suzuki hit EFFY with one forearm and he was taken off his feet. EFFY twisted Suzuki’s nipples and hit a northern lights suplex for a two count. EFFY kissed Minoru Suzuki on the mouth to the delight of the crowd, EFFY  got caught with a slap and hit with the gotch style piledriver for the victory. Suzuki started to wipe his lips off on the ref and pretended to dry heave as he left the arena victorious.  

Minoru Suzuki Defeated EFFY

The Clusterfuck Battle Royal:

Emil J explained the ways to eliminate your opponent, pinfall, submission, over-the-top rope, if you leave the building, and death, which started a ‘Death’ chant.

Competitors: Joey Janela,  Buff Bagwell, George Gatton, Judas John Cassidy, Yoya, Billie Starkz, Juicy Finau, Sam Stackhouse, Rhett Titus, Invisible Man, Dante Leon, Ninja Mack,  Jimmy Lloyd, Early Morning Guy Steele, Blake Christian, Kevin Blackwood, Hoodfoot, SLADE, Charlie Tiger, Ellis Taylor, Deranged, Grim Reefer, Sandra Moone, PARROW, Big Vin, Nate Webb, Shazza McKenzie,  Janai Kai, Jazzy Yang, Edith Surreal, Dark Sheik, LuFisto, Maven, Sean Ross Sapp, Josh Barnett, Nasty Leroy, Jimmy Wang Yang, Alec Price, Cole Radrick, Brandon Kirk, Lord Adrian, Kein Mathews, Nick Wayne, Team LA Fights, and Second Gear Crew.

Buff Bagwell came to the ring on crutches and needed help to get into the ring, at 2:30 am this was the weirdness that I needed. Janela levels Buff Bagwell with a superkick eliminating him from the match. Joey charged at George, hit a piledriver, and eliminated Gatton quickly. Joey once again quickly eliminated his opponent as Buff finally made his way to the backstage area. Yoya hit a Spanish fly and penalty kick followed by a combination of strikes as he got the better of Janela only to be cut off with a massive clothesline and package piledriver for another elimination. Billie was able to hit some offense on Janela, hoisted him up in the gory special, and hit the gory bomb, Starkz climbed to the top rope and hit a Swanton bomb but Janela got her knees up and he eliminated Billie Starkz. Joey begs off as Juicy made his way into the ring, he called for a brainbuster but Juicy lifted Joey with ease and hit him with a delayed suplex; these two very big men faced off in the center of the ring as Janela climbed in between them and got tossed halfway across the ring. Stackhouse and Juicy hit a pair of running splashes into the corner, Stackhouse planted Janela on the canvas and went for a moonsault. It was at this time that Juicy Finau tossed Sam Stackhouse over the top rope and Janela was able to sneak up behind Juicy and eliminated him as well.  

Rhett Titus and Joey Janela locked up in the center of the ring with Rhett getting the best of Joey, grounding him with a waist lock. Titus hit two running boots followed by a monkey flip which sent Joey across the ring. Invisible Man came to the ring next and faced off with Rhett Titus; they started to exchange a flurry of shots with the Invisible Man getting the best of that exchange. Joey ran in to see if he could vanquish the Invisible Man but he was almost eliminated. Titus and Janela put the boots on the Invisible Man and hit him with a double team suplex, the Invisible Man hit double low blows and eliminated Rhett Titus. 

Janela was caught with an inside-out cutter from Dante Leon which sent him to the floor. Ninja Mack was next in  as he and his frequent tag team partner started to tee off on each other in the center of the ring. Every time these two are in the ring together they make absolute magic. Dante hit a shooting star press into a piledriver for a two count. Jimmy Lloyd came to the ring acting sick, Joey asked the ref for a mask and the two had their second social distance match. Lloyd hit a stiff superkick and tried to send Joey over the top rope but Joey skinned the cat and returned to the ring only to be caught with a Canadian destroyer. 

Ninja Mack returned to the ring and hit a beautiful Sasuke special but Jimmy Lloyd was able to stack up Ninja Mack with a piledriver for the elimination. I didn’t know what to make of Early Morning Guy Steele, but he was having trouble making it into the ring, he climbed to the top rope and once again fell on his ass. Steele was able to hit a flipping neck breaker on both Lloyd and Janela, Steele once again went to the top rope and hit a 450 splash onto Jimmy Lloyd. 

Blake Christian made his way to the ring and started to beat up the Invisible Man, Kevin Blackwood came back to the ring and paired off with Dante Leon, hitting him with various suplexes. Blackwood turned his attention to Janela and hit him with consecutive strikes to the chest. Hoodfoot made quick work of Kevin Blackwood. Blackwood threw Jimmy Lloyd into a grounded Hoodfoot as two members of Young Dumb and Broke entered the ring, they started to beat down Hoodfoot and Kevin Blackwood. Deranged took out Young Dumb and Broke and then turned his attention to Kevin Blackwood. 

Grim Reefer lit up his joint and all the competitors passed the blunt around including the Invisible Man. Joey announced that he’s no longer signed to AEW so he can smoke live on IPPV. Reefer offered Moone the blunt but she didn’t want to partake so she was clotheslined out of the ring by Reefer. Jimmy Lloyd and Hoodfoot went back and forth with strikes, in what could be a very interesting matchup further down the road. 

Parrow stomped on the joint and started to throw all of the competitors around the ring. Parrow dumped Reefer over the top rope for the elimination; the camera caught Joey enjoying a bag of Cheetos. 

Big Vin and Parrow faced off in the center of the ring and started trading forearms, Big Vin eliminated Parrow when he ran in and dumped him over the top rope. Teenage Dirtbag hit and Sypder Nate Webb made his way to the ring with the entire arena singing along. Inside the ring the Invisible Man and Jimmy Lloyd start running wild on each other, Spyder Nate Webb was next to try and take out the Invisible Man but he was not very successful in his attempts. Joey Janela offered the Invisible Man some Cheetos but the Invisible Man was suckered in by Joey and hit with a superkick and eliminated. The crowd was pissed that the Invisible Man was eliminated from this match. Nate Webb hit soylent green onto Joey, Webb ran in and was sent over the top rope by Joey. Joey also eliminated Hoodfoot. 

Shazza marched right into the ring and started laying in chops and strikes but not for long as Joey was able to hit an uppercut. Joey took too much time and he was caught with a Saito suplex and was speared through the door that was set up in the corner of the ring. SLADE still has not entered the ring. Janai and Shazza faced off in the center of the ring as with Jazzy Yang, the daughter of Jimmy Wang Yang. All 7 of the women faced off in the center of the ring. Before they were able to start fighting, LuFisto made her way to the ring and all the women started to beat up all the men in the match eliminating all the men except for Big Vin. All the women then ganged up on Big Vin and dumped him on the floor. Shazza McKenzie eliminated Jani Kai and Joey eliminated Shazza and was run off by Dark Sheik and Jazzy. The fans in Dallas gave Maven a warm welcome, Maven entered the ring and started to drop kick all the competitors in the match and then just left the building. Phenomenal cameo. 

Sean Ross Sapp comes to the ring as the crowd starts chanting we want Meltzer. I don’t get why he is in this match, Denise eliminated Sean Ross Sapp before he could land his finishing move, the Access Journalism. This was just stupid and served no purpose plus the crowd didn’t care. 

Nasty Leroy faced off with Josh Barnett in the center of the ring and was grounded with a stiff elbow. Jimmy Wang Yang, Nasty Leroy, and Josh Barrett are in the same ring in 2022 at 3:30 am. Josh Barnett tapped out to Jazzy Yang who also eliminated Jimmy Lloyd. 

Radrick and Alec Price go after each other with a flurry of offense with Cole, both competitors were on the apron and both eliminated each other. 

SLADE left the building. 

Blackwood put the boots on Christian as Joey started running the ropes. The Walmart guy didn’t last long in the match but was able to eliminate Bradon Kirk with a twisting tombstone, Nasty Leroy hit a rock bottom followed by the people’s elbow on Kevin Matthews. Joey Janela eliminated Nasty LeRoy. 

Nick Wayne entered the match and started running wild on Joey Janela connecting with a Canadian Destroyer and eliminating the Bad Boy. SGC entered the match and eliminated Team LA fights right away and stood tall in the ring as they waited for another opponent to enter the ring. Dark Sheik, Blake, and Wayne reentered the match and they took out most of the members of SGC and finished it off with a senton from Dark Sheik. Christian was able to ground Nick Wayne with a flurry of offense, Sheik returned to the ring and took out Christian with a missile dropkick. AJ hit his lariat and pinned Sheik. The final 4 are Matthew Justice, AJ Gray, Mance Warner, and Blake Christian. Christian took out each member of SGC with a tope, Justice, and Gray got back into the ring shoulder tackled Christian. Warner Suplexed Christian and Matthew Justice and AJ Gray hit Christian with a splash and pinned him to win the Clusterfuck at 3:47 am!

Second Gear Crew wins the 2022 Clusterfuck 

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