Shinjiro Otani taken to a hospital after not being able to continue during 4/10 ZERO1 main event

In the main event of ZERO1's 4/10 show, Shinjiro Otani and Takashi Sugiura's match had to be stopped after Otani could not continue

Photo Courtesy: Tokyo Sports

Otani was not able to move his body after taking a German Suplex into a turnbuckle.

Pro Wrestling ZERO1 held an event on 4/10 and the final match on the card saw Shinjiro Otani challenging Takashi Sugiura for the ZERO1 World Heavyweight Title. There was a point during the match when Sugiura gave Otani a German Suplex into the turnbuckle.

After taking the maneuver, Otani was not able to move and soon after, the match was ended and Otani was taken to a nearby hospital. Per Tokyo Sports, the latest is that his younger sister is with him in the hospital. When he called for help in the ring, he could not move his hands and legs. The ringside doctor feels that it may have to do with Otani’s spinal cord.

The official for the match, Katsumi Sasazaki, told the publication the following:

He was conscious. He could hear his voice and knew exactly where he was. However, he complained that he could not move his hands and body, and said that he could not move his body as he wished, saying, ‘I can’t feel my hands.’

As more information concerning the status of Shinjiro Otani becomes available, we’ll continue to update you here on POST Wrestling.

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