Johnny Gargano responds to Blake Christian calling him out at GCW ‘Paranoid’

Following his match at GCW's 'Paranoid' event, Blake Christian called out Johnny Gargano among several other names. Gargano has responded

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Gargano responds to Blake Christian.

On April 9th, GCW presented their ‘Paranoid’ event from Los Angeles, California and at that show, Blake Christian went one-on-one with and fell in defeat to Minoru Suzuki. Post-match, Christian got on the microphone and called out Johnny Gargano, Will Ospreay and GCW World Champion Jon Moxley respectively.

Gargano responded to Christian’s challenge while being interviewed by Mike Wexler for his ‘My Story’ podcast. Gargano joked that Blake has his old nickname and has theme music similar to ‘Rebel Heart’ but if fans want to see him versus Blake and they chant ‘Johnny Wrestling’ at shows, anything could happen.

I don’t know man [if I’ll face Blake Christian]. So, Blake is a guy obviously I’ve known. He was in NXT for a bit as well but Blake is a guy that I’ve had my eye on for a very, very long time. I think he’s an incredibly talented young man and the fact that he uses the nickname ‘All Heart’ which you know, I kind of had that nickname back in like 2005 but I’m not gonna say that or anything [Gargano joked]. Anyway, and his song is the bomb dot com which some people say sounds a lot like ‘Rebel Heart’ as well. But you know, I mean not anything here or there. But he is a guy that I think is immensely talented and if I come back and I do a few matches here and there on the indie scene, taking on Blake Christian in GCW, if the fans would like to see that, if you the fans would like to see me versus Blake Christian in a GCW ring, let me know. I say all the time and I do mean this: If you chant ‘Johnny Wrestling’, I will hear it so, you never know what could happen.

The NXT Triple Crown Champion has stated on several occasions that he is not sure what his next move is in the pro wrestling space. He said there are options on the table like AEW, New Japan Pro-Wrestling and added that he still has goals he wants to accomplish in WWE as well.

I mean, all of my options are open right now. I’m very open about that. I don’t know what I wanna do next and it’s one of those things where I’m kind of in a time period of my life where I’m figuring that out. I’m figuring out what my goal is, what lasting legacy I wanna leave and I do have a lot of unfulfilled things in WWE that I do want to accomplish. So there’s WWE, there’s AEW, there’s New Japan, there’s doing a run on the indie scene, there’s a lot of things that I’m kind of debating, working on right now. I don’t know when and I don’t know where I’m going to return but I promise you when I do, you all will know.

Gargano’s last sanctioned match was at NXT WarGames in December 2021. He is currently doing autograph signings and meet-and-greets.

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