Matt Jackson: We asked NJPW to work with AEW from day one, funny to see them and WWE guys get onboard now

The Young Bucks discuss the upcoming 'Forbidden Door' show, their thoughts on New Japan, not receiving their flowers and The Hardys

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The Young Bucks discuss the current happenings within AEW ahead of Triplemania.

To celebrate the 30th year in a row that AAA has hosted Triplemania, the company is running three Triplemania shows this year and the first takes place tonight in Monterrey, Mexico. Headlining tonight’s event is Rey Fenix teaming with Mega Champion Hijo del Vikingo to take on former AAA World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson).

The duo were interviewed by Lucha Libre Online’s Hugo Savinovich ahead of the show. Matt and Nick discussed what they’ve been able to accomplish throughout their careers and Matt feels they probably won’t get their proverbial flowers until they’re retired or no longer alive.

Matt: Anybody who wants to push forward and evolve, they’re always hated in current time. In 20 years, 30 years, 40 or whenever that artist dies, that’s when everyone goes, ‘Oh my God, that person was truly great.’

Nick: Maybe when we retire.

Matt: I think maybe when we retire or we’re dead, we’ll finally get our flowers. We ain’t getting no flowers right now.

Nick: Where’s our flowers at?

Matt: I don’t even want the flowers. If you gave me the flowers, I’d wipe my rear end with them at this point. I don’t want your flowers.

On June 26th, New Japan Pro-Wrestling is teaming up with AEW to present ‘Forbidden Door’ which will take place in Chicago, Illinois. Matt said they asked New Japan to work with AEW from day one but the company ‘kayfabed’ and ‘big leagued’ them.

He added that it is funny to see NJPW and WWE talents get on board now. Both Nick and Matt credited AAA for working with them from day one of AEW.

Matt: You know what’s crazy? Is we told New Japan day one, ‘Hey, we’re doing this thing. Come hang out with us, come work with us. We’d still love to do your shows’ and they kind of kayfabed us, kind of big leagued us a little bit in the beginning. They were waiting until that entire dinner table [was] completely set [and now they’re like], oh wait, now let’s go. So it’s just funny when you see — and all the WWF guys that joined AEW now too, they didn’t want to join AEW at first because they were like, I don’t know if this is real, blah, blah, blah, blah and we remember who took the leap with us in the very beginning day one and it was us who set the dinner table and so it’s funny now, like New Japan, all these WWE guys, they all wanna be a part of this thing that we created.

Nick: You know who trusted us? AAA.

Matt: That’s right.

Nick: Since day one.

As far as dream matches go for Matt and Nick, Matt is eyeing the match against The Hardys (Matt & Jeff Hardy). He’s looking have their next go-around be on TV or on pay-per-view.

Matt: That’s my personal dream match right now to do on a big platform for a lot of people to see [Young Bucks vs. The Hardys]. We did it in ROH, we did it in Chile. I’d like to do it, you know, on cable or pay-per-view or whatever, you know what I mean? Yep. That’s the one, that’s the one [dream match].

Fellow AEW talents on tonight’s Triplemania that are going to be in action are Penta Oscuro, Sammy Guevara, Tay Conti and Andrade El Idolo.

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