AAA TripleMania: Fenix & Hijo del Vikingo vs. Young Bucks, Jarrett & Vampiro appear, Ruleta De La Muerte

Photo Courtesy: AAA

Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide TripleMania XXX: Monterrey

April 30th, 2022

Estadio de Beisbol Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico

By: John Siino

Commentary: Joe Dombrowski & Larry Dallas

Ruleta De La Muerte Quarter Final Match: Ultimo Dragon vs. Pentagon Jr.

The rules for this tournament are that it’s an 8-man single-elimination tournament, but when you win the match, you are out of the tournament and the last man standing who doesn’t score a victory will have to remove his mask. This is Ultimo’s first match in AAA since 1996 and Rey Fenix and Taya Valkyrie came out with Pentagon before heading to the back. Dragon takes Pentagon down with a head scissors right away, holding him down. They trade off arm drags before feeding off the crowd a bit more. Dragon sends Pentagon to the outside, but Pentagon stops him from trying his Asai Moonsault and kicks him down to the outside before sending him inside for a two count. Dragon comes back with a dropkick. They start trading chops before Pentagon sets up to snap back Dragon’s arm but is able to roll him up for a two count. Pentagon ends up on the outside where Dragon hits him with a plancha. In the ring, Dragon comes back and hits a Destroyer followed by the Asai DDT for the pin and the win.

Winner: Ultimo Dragon by pinfall at 9:19, Pentagon Jr. advances

AAA World Mixed Tag Team Championship: Los Vipers (Arez & Chik Tormenta) (c) vs. Latigo & Maravilla vs. Sexy Star & Komander vs. Tay Conti & Parka Negra

Sammy Guevara and Conti had a short video before this match where Guevara said everything will be alright and he has a plan as he comes out on a crutch, showing his injuries from the ladder match against Scorpio Sky from this past AEW Dynamite. Before the match begins, Guevara points to the back and Parka Negra comes out to be his replacement. Komander replaced Octagon Jr. and the tag team champions weren’t supposed to be in this match until Guevara made a case of what’s the point of him being in this match if the champions aren’t involved, thus making this a title match. All four women start the match hitting superkicks until Conti and Tormenta go at it trading forearms until Conti sends Tormenta out with a knee. Maravilla and Komander go at it with Maravilla hitting a low dropkick to the back of the neck for a two. Komander shows some amazing rope work before trading offense with Negra who hits a flying headbutt off the ropes that Sexy Star breaks up the count. As Sexy Star gets the upper hand, she gets attacked by Los Vipers with cookie sheets. Although Latigo is their opponent, he is working with his fellow Los Vipers teammates. Everybody comes in and starts delivering offense, including a Gotch Style Piledriver from Conti to Tormenta. Guevara gets involved on the outside, using his crutch. We see tornado DDTs, running knees, and a wild moonsault off the ropes by Komander. Latigo lands a kiss on Maravilla, as Komander takes him to the outside, runs the ropes and hits a wild plancha to Latigo. Sexy Star follows with a tope suicida before Tormenta hits one as well. Conti goes to hit one also, but Negra stops her and starts dancing before moonsaulting to the outside, followed by a somersault plancha by Conti taking them all out. Maravilla goes to the top, but Arez stops her and hits a Spanish Fly off the top rope to the outside. Los Vipers both go and hit double stomps, but Guevara pulls the referee and stops the count blaming it on a fan in the front row. Guevara comes in and takes out Tormenta and Arez with his crutch showing that he’s fine. Negra tags in Guevara who superkicks Tormenta, followed by the Tay-KO to her before super kicking Arez as Guevara makes the pin on Tormenta.

Winners: Sammy Guevara & Tay Conti by pinfall at 12:35, to become NEW AAA World Mixed Tag Team Champions

Ruleta De La Muerte Quarter Final Match: Villano IV vs. LA Park

They start brawling on the stage before Park even can make it to the ring, as Villano hits him with a DDT before sending him inside. Villano starts driving Park head first into all the turnbuckles. Villano starts ripping on Park’s mask while landing punches as the crowd boos. Villano has most of Park’s mask off as he lands kicks before they both head to the outside. Villano starts landing a bunch of chair shots to the back and head of Park as they head into the crowd. We get a close-up of Park showing that he started to bleed as they start heading back into the ring. Villano starts biting into Park’s forehead and spits out his blood. Villano puts Park into a Full Nelson and starts banging his bloody head into the corner before getting a two-count. The referee starts getting upset at Villano for using his fists but doesn’t do anything about it. Villano continues to kick and punch Park but keeps lifting up on the three count attempts. The referee gets in the middle and gets knocked down with a punch as Park mounts a comeback, as they head to the outside again. Park grabs a chair and lands a hard chair shot to the head before clotheslining Villano into the crowd. Park then starts ripping off Villano’s mask before smashing him in the face with a chair. Park sets up a board on the barricade and sends Villano into it with a power slam. They head back inside, where Park gets a two-count. Villano comes back with two DDTs, but only gets two falls. Villano goes and grabs a chair and attacks Park’s ankle with it. As the referee is distracted, Villano hits a low blow but only gets a two as this crowd gets really wild. Park comes back with a low blow himself but also gets a two. Park goes to the top, but Villano pushes the referee into the ropes knocking him down, before hitting a senton for a two. Villano keeps teasing going for the pin, before teasing a figure four, but Park rolls him up for the pin.

Winner: LA Park by pinfall at 18:01, Villano IV advances

Jeff Jarrett, Vampiro & Latin Lover

Dorian Roldan is out to present a plaque to Latin Lover. They show a video of Latin Lover’s career before he comes out to accept the award. As Lover is giving his speech, he gets interrupted by Jeff Jarrett who is accompanied by a USA flag waving Karen Jarrett and Rey Escorpion. Lover gets the crowd to chant against Jarrett, but Jarrett grabs the mic and says they have dominated AAA for the past 20 years and that he’s the King of the Mountain, before calling Karen the Queen of the Mountain. Jarrett gets the translator to go over his championship accolades including showing his WWE Hall of Fame ring. Karen gets on the mic and calls Latin Lover nothing but dirty garbage like the crowd here in Monterrey. Lover takes off his jacket, but Jarrett calls him a dirty, filthy, grimy Mexican which prompts Lover to attack him. Escorpion attacks Lover, before taking off his own mask. This prompts Vampiro to come out and save Lover taking out Jarrett and Escorpion. Vampiro and Lover team up, as Lover lands a kiss on Karen.

Jack Cartwheel & Laredo Kid vs. Dragon Lee & Dralistico vs. Taurus & Johnny Caballero

John Morrison, choosing the Caballero name tonight opposed to Johnny Superstar. Cartwheel was a mystery partner for Laredo Kid, replacing Alberto Del Rio. As they start the match, Caballero sprays Laredo with his drip stick. Cartwheel and Dralistico go at it, sending him to the outside. Caballero and Cartwheel go at it, where Caballero misses off the top rope blaming a slippery turnbuckle. Laredo and Morrison go at it, as commentary mentions Laredo’s 3-year reign as Cruiserweight Champion as the Lee brothers are getting ready for their upcoming match with The Hardys. All six men start brawling on the outside before Taurus and Caballero hit a nice sidekick/suplex combo to Laredo for a two count that gets broken up. Dralistico and Taurus go at it with Dralistico hitting a springboard hurricanrana sending Taurus to the outside before Laredo stops him. Caballero and Laredo go at it, with Caballero hitting a splash mountain bomb. Cartwheel starts doing some impressive moves including a handstand kick, but Lee comes in and stops him. Cartwheel comes back with a moonsault, but Lee grabs him and hits a Death Valley Driver into a backbreaker but Taurus breaks them up. Taurus hits a crucifix bomb and a Samoan Drop on Lee, but Dralistico comes in as the brothers double team Taurus. Lee and Dralistico both hit dives to the outside. Laredo and Caballero follow them with corkscrew splashes to the outside. Laredo and Caballero go at it inside, before Laredo stops Taurus on the top rope as they fall down, and Taurus hits a sit-down driver. Cartwheel comes in hits a Spanish fly and running Shoot Star as Cartwheel, Lee, Laredo and Dralistico are all laid out in the ring. Lee takes Taurus outside with a hurricanrana off the apron followed by Cartwheel diving to the outside. Beautiful. Dralistico follows with a Shooting Star Press. Caballero and Laredo Kid go at it as Caballero tries the drip stick, but it hits the referee instead. Caballero hits a low blow and rolls up Laredo Kid for the pin.

Winners: Johnny Caballero & Taurus by pinfall at 13:29

Ruleta De La Muerte Quarter Final Match: Blue Demon Jr. vs. Rayo de Jalisco Jr.

They spend the first couple minutes playing to the crowd and circling the ring as there’s a lot of history between these two and their fathers fighting in this same town where Blue Demon Sr. took Rayo Sr.’s mask. Demon goes down first as Rayo lands a couple of shots and chops in the corner. Demon comes back and keeps Rayo on the rope and starts tearing the mask. Demon goes and grabs a cookie sheet, a chain, and a hammer and starts hitting Rayo with the sheet. Demon wraps the chain around his fist and punches Rayo with it busting his forehead open. Demon wraps the chain around the neck of Rayo and starts biting his bloody forehead. Demon goes and grab the hammer, but the referee takes it away. Instead, they start using the cookie sheet on each other and fight outside by the ring post. They go back inside where Rayo hits a back body drop and headbutts for a two. Demon comes back with a low blow for a two, but Rayo comes back with one of his own. Rayo rolls up Demon, but he breaks it up in the ropes. Rayo goes off the ropes, but Demon puts his feet up and gets a two-count. Demon takes Rayo down and tries a sharpshooter but gets kicked off. Rayo tries to put a leg lock on but gets interrupted Cien Caras who comes out with his brother Mascara Anos 2000. Caras’ sons and nephew comprised of Forastero, El Cuatrero, and Sanson of Nueva Generacion Dinamita try to get involved, but Rayo fights them off and uses their guitar on Demon for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rayo de Jalisco Jr. by pinfall at 14:18, Blue Demon Jr. advances

NGD go in and attack Rayo after the match, as there’s history with Rayo taking their father’s mask years ago.

Deonna Purrazzo, Cibernetico & Andrade El Idolo (w/ Jose the Assistant) vs. Taya Valkyrie, Bandido & Pagano

Deonna and Taya start the match resuming their fight from Poughkeepsie to Monterrey. Deonna tries to take Taya down, but she comes back with a chop and a kick from the corner, followed by a spear off the ropes. Cibernetico and Pagano come in next as commentary mentions rain coming down at the stadium. Pagano takes Cibernetico down with a clothesline before Cibernetico comes back with a power slam for a two. Bandido comes in and takes Cibernetico down with a dropkick before Andrade takes out Taya off the apron as he and Bandido go face to face. They go at it as the rain is coming down hard now. Bandido hits a Tornillo moonsault but gets knocked to the outside after as everybody gets in the ring now and starts fighting. Deonna and Andrade bring a table into the ring and place it against the corner. They go to send Pagano into the table, but he catches Cibernetico and spears him into it instead. Bandido dives to the outside on Andrade as Taya takes Deonna in the corner with double knees. Bandido and Andrade fight on the ramp as Pagano and Cibernetico are fighting in the crowd. Deonna and Pagano start going at it as Deonna lands some smacks. Andrade comes in and clotheslines Pagano and himself to the outside. Taya and Deonna go at it with Taya hitting a curb stomp for a two. Bandido and Andrade trade off forearms before Andrade hits a back elbow for a two. Bandido comes back with a press slam and a frog splash but gets a two count. Bandido flies off the top rope to Andrade who’s on the apron and hits a hurricanrana sending them to the outside. Pagano and Cibernetico go at it, before Pagano hits an elbow suicida to him on the outside. Pagano goes and grabs a broken table and sets it up, but Latigo runs out with a fire extinguisher. Andrade goes for a kick to Bandido, but he moves and Andrade lands it on Deonna. Taya goes and dives to the outside followed by a moonsault from Bandido. Pagano and Cibernetico go to the top rope, but Latigo uses the extinguisher as Pagano falls into the table on the outside. Andrade starts using the extinguisher on the referee, who gets up and raises Pagano’s hand up on the outside declaring his team the winners by disqualification.

Winners: Bandido, Pagano & Taya Valkyrie by disqualification at 18:53

Ruleta De La Muerte Quarter Final Match: Canek vs. Psycho Clown

Commentary runs down Calek’s 50-year career including challenging Hulk Hogan for the WWF Championship, slamming Andre the Giant in 1984, wrestling Lou Thesz & Antonio Inoki, wrestling in NJPW, and all the unmasking’s he’s down including Owen Hart when he was the Blue Blazer. They tussle to start the match before heading to the mat with a couple of pin attempts. They fight in the corner before Canek hits a back body drop and a clothesline. Clown sends Canek to the outside with a dropkick and tries a tope suicida, but Canek moves, and Clown goes face-first into the guard rail. Clown is laid out as they go and check on him, but Canek doesn’t care and grabs him and sends him into the ring post and sends him inside where Canek rips a bunch of Clown’s mask off. Canek grabs a chair and hits a chair shot on Clown. They start brawling on the outside, where Canek clotheslines Clown into the crowd. Clown is busted open before he gets back body dropped into chairs. The 69-year-old Canek goes into the ring and starts flexing his muscles before Clown comes back in and gets suplexed. Canek starts cranking on Clown’s hand, but he doesn’t give up. Clown comes back with a bit of offense including a low dropkick for a two. Canek goes to the outside, where Clown hits him with a tope suicida before grabbing some weapons. Clown starts ripping off Canek’s mask and hits him with the chair. Clown sets up a board in the corner and tries to spear Canek through it, but it doesn’t break and goes for the cover, to get a two. Canek is now bleeding. Clown goes to the top rope, but Canek presses him off for a two. Canek stops Clown with a back kick as we hear somebody’s music playing. Dr. Wagner Jr. comes out in a baseball uniform and a bat and gets in the ring and takes out Psycho Clown. Canek hits an elbow and gets the pin.

Winner: Canek by pinfall at 13:08, Psycho Clown advances

Andrade & Dr. Wagner Jr.

Wagner continues hitting Clown with the bat after the match. Clown gets up to hit Wagner with a chair, but Andrade runs out and aligns himself with Wagner as Andrade pulls off Clown’s mask. Wagner gets on the mic and gives Andrade one of his baseball jerseys and asks him ‘si or no’, in which Andrade asks the crowd. Andrade puts Wagner’s ‘Lagunero’s jersey on as he and Wagner suplex Psycho Clown into that wooden board.

Hijo del Vikingo & Fenix vs. The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) (w/ Konnan)

Fenix and Vikingo come to the ring in a very futuristic-looking vehicle that looks like something out of Tron. This is Fenix’s first match back from his injury back in January 2022. Fenix and Nick start the match, but Vikingo quickly gets in the ring instead, hitting a springboard hurricanrana before Matt comes in and gets a clothesline in the corner. Vikingo goes to the post and springboards off the ropes with a clothesline, that looked crazy. Vikingo and Fenix tease diving, only to tease and do the Young Bucks pose. Matt tries to surprise dive off the top rope, but they catch him and take him to the outside with a double drop kick. The Young Bucks say they have had enough and start heading to the back. The Bucks end up baiting them in and delivering double superkicks on the top of the stage. Bucks start double-teaming Vikingo, hitting him with a neckbreaker and a bulldog/dropkick combo. Fenix comes in and attacks the Bucks, landing kicks and a springboard into a takeover. Konnan throws some drink in Fenix’s face, so the referee ejects Konnan. As the Bucks are trying to console Konnan on his exit, they run into superkicks from Fenix and Vikingo. Vikingo follows that by walking the ropes and hitting a tornillo on the outside to the Bucks, Fenix shortly follows. Back inside, Fenix hits a frog splash and Vikingo hits a 450 splash, but Matt breaks up the pin attempt. It’s complete mayhem now with Fenix hitting a DDT on the outside before Vikingo joins the other three with a shooting star press. Vikingo follows that with another dive inside, but Matt moves and hits a buckle bomb as Nick hits an Enziguri on him. The Bucks stop a spring boarding Fenix with a superkick, before placing Vikingo on Fenix’s shoulder where they kick him and make Vikingo hit a poisonrana on Fenix. All of this only gets them a two count. Matt puts on a sharpshooter on Vikingo, followed by one from Nick on Fenix. Fenix tries to fight off the Bucks, and ends up getting help with Vikingo, but Fenix takes out Vikingo by accident with a kick. Bucks set up for the Meltzer Driver on Vikingo on the outside, but he breaks it up. Fenix hits a kick off the ropes, before Vikingo hits a running 630 to Matt. Fenix hits a Muscle Buster on Nick Jackson, but he somehow kicked out. Nick hits low blows to both Fenix and Vikingo before they hit the Fear Factor on Fenix as they mock Penta’s cero miedo. The Bucks hit the BTE Trigger on Fenix, but Vikingo runs in and stops the pin. Vikingo fights them off, but they catch him and hit the Meltzer Driver as Matt gets the pin.

Winners: The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) by pinfall at 15:58

The Young Bucks continue to attack Fenix and Vikingo after the match before being joined by Sammy Guevara, Tay Conti & Johnny Caballero in this 5 on 2 beatdown. Pentagon Jr. runs out for the save and takes out Tay Conti with a superkick.

Fireworks and pyro go off to end the show.

AAA TripleMania XXX: Tijuana – June 18th, 2022

·       Ruleta De La Muerte Semi Final Match: Pentagon Jr. vs. Blue Demon Jr.

·       Ruleta De La Muerte Semi Final Match: Villano IV vs. Psycho Clown

·       The Hardys vs. Dragon Lee & Dralistico

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