NOAH looking to increase WRESTLE UNIVERSE subs and international growth, offering $300K reward

Pro Wrestling NOAH is looking to increase WRESTLE UNIVERSE subscriptions and their international growth and has put a $300K reward out there

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NOAH offering $300K to ‘bounty hunters’.

Going into CyberFight Festival on June 12th, Pro Wrestling NOAH put out a memo and noted that they are offering $300K to ‘bounty hunters’ that can help them increase their international audience.

NOAH is looking to increase the WRESTLE UNIVERSE subscription numbers along with bringing in more international attention to the product. The following press release was posted to NOAH’s website:

This is Narihiro Takeda, Executive Director of CyberFight. As announced in our press conference, CyberFight is committed to expanding into the global market. This expansion comes with many new and exciting changes, beginning with our acquisition of world class, internationally recognized talent such as Rob Van Dam. As a representative of CyberFight and the Pro-Wrestling NOAH branch of our organization, I would like to take this opportunity to send out a message to the world class talent around the globe.

CyberFight Festival will air live on Wrestle Universe, June 12 (JST) from Saitama Super Arena.

We are offering a free, two week trial to ensure all can view one of our premier, annual events and see the strength of our brand, but there is more.

Pro-Wrestling NOAH is looking for ‘Bounty Hunters’ that can help capture the international audience for WRESTLE UNIVERSE.

If you believe you have the ability to increase WRESTLE UNIVERSE subscriptions and aid our international growth, a $300k bounty could be yours.

We look forward to hearing from all that believe they have the skills to succeed in this challenge and help make WRESTLE UNIVERSE the most popular streaming service for wrestling worldwide.

Good luck and good hunting.

mail:[email protected]

CyberFight Festival is being headlined by NOAH’s Go Shiozaki defending the GHC Heavyweight Championship against Satoshi Kojima.

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