Dream Slam Weekly (Vol. 7): Maki Itoh and Yuka Sakazaki chat CyberFight Festival

Photo Courtesy of Yuna Manase (TJPW Grand Princess '22)

Dream Slam Weekly (vol. 7)!

By: Karen Peterson

Moving into June, the summer temperatures are rising and it seems every promotion is moving into tournament and now summer festival mode. In conjunction with Pro-Wrestling Illustrated, I was able to conduct some additional CyberFight Festival interviews in preparation for Sunday’s show. In continuation of my CyberFight Festival coverage, I have three special guests this week!

Yuna Manase Audio Interview

At CyberFight Festival, Yuna Manase will tag with fellow GanPro wrestlers, Ken Ohka and Mizuki Watase against DDT’s Yukio Sakaguchi, Saki Akai, and Hideki Okatani. With the pride of CF’s youngest promotion on the line, Yuna sat down with me for a short interview. Apologies in advance, the video didn’t record properly, so it’s audio-only, but we have a great time together. Manase’s responses are in Japanese, but English subtitles are included in the video.  

E-Interview Open Challenge! Maki Itoh & Yuka Sakazaki Answer! 

With an e-mail open challenge to the TJPW roster, Maki Itoh was not the person I expected to come charging in with the first response! As if I weren’t already a member of the Itoh Respect Army, she completely won me over. Through her matches in AEW over the last few years, she’s really made a name for herself with international audiences. Currently, she is the International Princess Champion, with her most recent defenses being against Mia Yim at Prestige Wrestling’s Roseland 3 and visiting UK wrestler, RHIO at TJPW City Circuit in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka. She and Miyu Yamashita also headlined the second night of Roseland 3 with an absolute stellar match!

As the Magical Girl flies on her international transportation carpet, bouncing back and forth between Japan and the US for All Elite Wrestling, Princess of Princess Championship Challenger, Yuka Sakazaki managed to carve out time to also answer the same questions as Itoh! 

Karen Peterson: “Many POST readers are still learning about TJPW and Japanese women’s wrestling, please start with a short self-introduction.”

Maki Itoh: “Hey, everyone, I’m Maki Itoh, the cutest wrestler in the entire world!! [For those who don’t know] I used to be an idol, but I wasn’t popular at all, so I got fired! (LOL) Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling is a Japanese women’s promotion under the umbrella of DDT (Dramatic Dream Team) Wrestling.” 

Yuka Sakazaki: “I’m the Magical Girl, Yuka Sakazaki! I’m often told my voice sounds weird, but I do sing my own entrance song!”

“What does CyberFight Festival mean to you? What are your feelings about this big annual show with all of your sibling promotions?”

Itoh: “It’s Maki Itoh Big Live Show! This event isn’t just about TJPW, but bringing together the fans of NOAH, DDT & Ganbare Pro as well as welcoming new fans! It’s my hope that once the event is over, I’ll be the one on everyone’s minds. I refuse to lose to anyone in this respect!”

Sakazaki: “It’s a festival where people can discover Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling! I’m happy and excited, but I am not going to lose!! I’m so looking forward to it!”

“What are you most looking forward to with your match at CFF22? Which match (that isn’t your own) are you most excited to watch at CFF22?”

Itoh: “ I’m always looking forward to making my entrance! I’ll be singing and dancing my heart out, so don’t miss it!! [As for a match that isn’t my own] Daisuki Sasaki versus KENOH. ” 

Sakazaki: “What is interesting about my match with Shoko Nakajima is that she went from being my tag partner to becoming my eternal rival. We know each other so well, so we have the chance to showcase our speed, technique, and defense… and have a blast the entire time! I’m also looking forward to the TJPW Women’s Four-Way Battle because it’s a high-profile match that will determine the next [Princess of Princess Challenger at Summer Sun Princess on July 9th.]”

“Does CFF22 get you excited for TJPW’s big summer events like Summer Sun Princess and Tokyo Princess Cup ’22?”

Itoh: “Of course!! I have a feeling a lot of people will become fans of Tokyo Joshi Pro as a result of our participation in CyberFight Fest! I hope everyone’s looking forward to it like we are!”

Sakazaki: “Totally!! The joys and frustrations we experience [at CyberFight Festival], will definitely carry over into the next big match. Each of us will have a new story to tell, which makes the next chapter that much more exciting!”

“Do you have any interest in wrestling abroad? Where would you like to go? Who would you like to have as an opponent in the future?”

Itoh: “Yes, I want to go all over the world! I would really like to go to Switzerland and Germany if the opportunity presents itself. Even though I’ve been on AEW (All Elite Wrestling) previously, I would love to go there more as well! [As for dream opponents…] Orange Cassidy and Minoru Suzuki.”

Sakazaki: “I would definitely like to keep traveling abroad so I can expand my horizons as much as possible! I would love to go places like Australia and Canada… and more!!”

If you’ve never experienced a Maki Itoh entrance or match, check out the digest of her Grand Princess ‘22 International Princess Championship defense against SKE 48’s Yuki Arai. The full match and Grand Princess ‘22 are available on WRESTLE UNIVERSE. 

Last week, I highlighted Yuka’s FyterFest 2019 match in the match of the week segment, but you know how much I love costumes, pageantry, and a great entrance song, so I’m going to recommend you check out her AEW Women’s World Championship Eliminator Tournament First Round match against Gatoh Move’s Mei Suruga. She also recently returned for The Owen Hart Foundation Tournament and several AEW Dark/Elevation matches back in May. 

At CyberFight Festival, Maki Itoh will participate in an All-TJPW tag with Miyu Yamashita & Julia Nahano against Hikari Noa, Suzume & Yuki Arai. Yuka Sakazaki will challenge her forever rival, Shoko Nakajima, for the Princess of Princess Championship in CyberFight Festival’s Semi-Main Event!

Check out my CyberFight Festival Preview in last week’s Dream Slam Weekly. CFF22  will air live on June 12th on WRESTLE UNIVERSE.

Update: NOAH’s X Revealed!

At NOAH’s June 7th Korakuen Hall show, none other than Timothy Thatcher was revealed as the Mysterious X, who would round out the foreign wrestlers’ contingent in the NOAH 10-Man Tag (the fifth match on the main card). 

TJPW?! GanbarePro!? DDT!? NOAH?! OH MY!!

Sunday’s CyberFight Festival Event Report will be a special one as it was a joint effort between POST and Pro-Wrestling Illustrated. Here are some special messages from some folks over at CyberFight, including GHC Heavyweight Champion, Go Shiozaki! While the interviews were conducted in the week leading up to CFF2022, there will be some discussion of potential next moves for everyone looking toward the summer and the rest of the year, too! Until then, see you Sunday for CyberFight Festival! 

  • Maki Itoh (TJPW): “Even though I failed at being an idol, I know there are countless Maki Itoh fans around the world! I know whoever watches my matches will immediately become a Maki Itoh fan! Everyone is welcome to become a Maki Itoh fan! I hope I’ll see you at TJPW!”
  • Yuka Sakazaki (TJPW): “To everyone I have and have yet to meet, I hope Yuka Sakazaki makes you smile! I look forward to that chance!”

Manase vs. Okatani Full Interview

  • Yuna Manase (GanPro): “I live in Japan and it’s an island country, so I cannot see you very easily! I want to meet everyone and speak together in person. In the meantime, I’ll keep doing my best. I’ll be waiting for you!”
  • Hideki Okatani (DDT): “For those who are unfamiliar with DDT, please consider watching (CyberFight Festival) and check us out! I guarantee you’ll become obsessed with DDT!!”

Ueno vs. Yoshimura Full Interview

  • Yuki Ueno (DDT): “DDT’s greatest power is our strength and ability to truly have fun! I hope more people will take notice of DDT and me! I hope you’ll support us, too!”
  • Naomi Yoshimura (DDT): “I want to want to showcase all the fun we have in DDT not just within Japan, but I want it to reach everyone all over the world. We have so many wonderful wrestlers in DDT. Just give us one try and find out for yourself!”

GHC Heavyweight Champion, Go Shiozaki  Full Interview

Go Shiozaki (NOAH): “I hope more people know about NOAH, its competition, and the competition over the GHC Heavyweight Championship. I understand it is still difficult for our international fans to come to Japan and watch our live event, however, I hope all of you join our event through Wrestle Universe and watch what is going on right now. Pro-Wrestling NOAH and I will keep moving forward.”

Shinjiro Ohtani Aid Show [ZERO1]

This fundraising event was held on June 4th with a massive ten-match card, featuring wrestlers from promotions all over Japan and numerous freelancers. The show was designed to help raise money for the recently injured Shinjiro Ohtani. A brief rundown including remarks from Ohtani’s sister, reading a message of gratitude from Ohtani himself who could not be present at the event. ASUKA, Chihiro Hashimoto & Jaguar Yokota defeated Aja Kong, NATSUMI & Yuna Manase (14:55)

International Excursions & Adventures


Coming Soon!

Introductions & Round-up (alphabetical)

Gatoh Move & ChocoPro

  • ChocoPro Season 13 Awards
  • ChocoPro Live! #233 – Emi Sakura Returns!! Season 14 Begins!!

Upcoming Appearances

Ganbare☆Pro Wrestling

DDT/GP Pumping Iron 22 Results (6/7) ShinKiba 1st Ring

  • Maria (Marvelous) & Riko Kawahata (T-HEARTS) defeated HARUKAZE & YuuRi (10:53)
  • Keisuke Ishii, Yumehito Imanari & Yuna Manase defeated Ken Ohka, Mizuki Watase & Moeka Haruhi (18:49)

Upcoming Appearances: 

  • YuuRi replaces Raku in the TJPW 10-Woman Tag match at CFFes2022.
  • YuuRi vs. Unagi Sayaka (Stardom) 7/8 New Blood 3 – Pending official announcement from Stardom
  • Yuna Manase (GanPro) vs. Unagi Sayaka (Stardom) 7/10 Wrestling Sekigahara 

Girls’ Pro-Wrestling Unit COLOR’S
UPDATE: Although SAKI, Yuko Sakurai, and Hikari Shimizu lost to Stardom’s Cosmic Angels on June 5th, the decision was made by Tam Nakano not to force COLOR’S into being rookies of CA, but part of the CA extended family as equals. Whenever COLOR’s participates with Stardom in the future, it will be alongside Cosmic Angels. I do hope this means that CA could possibly participate in their upcoming solo show in July, Yes, My Way 3 (7/15) ShinKiba 1st Ring, which is now sold out!


At ACCESS 2 TDCH “FACE-OFF”, (6/5; ShinKiba 1st Ring), GLEAT had a special mixed tag match featuring Minoru Tanaka, Soma Watanabe & Michiko Miyagi against Tetsuya Izuchi, Jun Tonsho & Yukari Hosokawa. Izuchi pinned Watanabe. This was an online broadcast, and it was also where they announced some rather amazing match-ups for their anniversary show on July 1st (630PM local time start). 

  • G Pro-Wrestling #27 (6/11; Umeda Stella Hall, Osaka) Michiko Miyagi/Yukari Hosokawa (GLEAT) versus Ryo Mizunami & Nanae Takahashi
  • Anniversary Show (7/1; Tokyo Dome City Hall) Nanae Takahashi, Michiko Miyagi & Yukari Hosokawa versus Sendai Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Can you tell I am excited for this?) Dash Chisako, Yurika Oka & Mika Iwata

Ice Ribbon

New Ice Ribbon #1205 (6/4) Results

  • Exhibition Match: Asahi defeated Arisa Shinose [1:0] (3:00)
  • Tag Team Match: Sumika Yanagawa & Yuko Sakurai defeated Madeline & Saran (11:06)
  • Singles Match: Totoro Satsuki defeated Kiku (8:18)
  • Three-Way Match: Ibuki Hoshi defeated Yappy and Yuuki Mashiro (5:39)
  • Singles Match: Misa Kagura defeated Kaho Matsushita (12:13)

New Ice Ribbon #1206 (6/5) Results – 176BOX, Osaka

  • Singles Match: Makoto defeated Yappy (9:48)
  • Tag Team Match: Haruka Umesaki & Saori Anou defeated Asahi & Hamuko Hoshi (11:15)
  • Singles Match: Cherry vs. Maya Yukihi – ended in a NO CONTEST
  • Tag Match: Rico Kaiju & Yuuki Mashiro defeated Ibuki Hoshi & Kaho Matsushita (10:39)
  • International Ribbon Tag Team Championship: BIG☆DEKAI (Totori Satsuki & Yuna Manase) defeated SPiCEAP (Maika Ozaki & Tae Honma) (19:52)

Next Show: Tournament Quarter-Finals (June 18th) – Yokohama Radiant Hall

ICE x Infinity Tournament Announced! With Tsukushi Haruka retired, she retired as the 33rd ICE (cross) Infinity Champion, which she would vacate afterward.

Tournament Rules

  • Matches in the opening round through the semi-finals will have one fall with a 15-minute time limit
  • In the event of a draw, the wrestler with the shorter career advances to the next round.
  • The finals will be a championship match with one fall, no time limit and the winner will become the 34th ICE x Infinity Champion
  • Tournament Match: Tae Honma vs. Asahi (6/18)
  • Tournament Match: Saori Anou vs. A~min (Rina Amikura)
  • Tournament Match: Makoto vs. Yuki Mashiro
  • Tournament Match: Maika Ozaki vs. Ibuki Hoshi
  • Tournament Match: Winner of Honma/Asashi vs. Totoro Satsuki

Remaining Tournament Schedule *UPDATE*

IR decided to merge the Semi-Finals & Finals (June 26th) – Korakuen Hall into a singular show!


Queen of JTO Tournament Semi-Finals (6/5)

  • Non-Tournament Singles Match: Sumika Yanagawa defeated rhythm (9:41)
  • Semi-Final Match: Aoi (#3) defeated Misa Kagura (#6) (9:31)
  • Semi-Final Match: Tomoka Inaba (#2) defeated Yuu Yamagata © (#1) (18:25)

Tomoko Inaba and Aoi will face one another on Saturday, July 9th in the finals of the JTO Girls’ 2022 Tournament. Inaba now holds a win over the current Queen of JTO Champion (Yamagata). This will be part of JTO’s Third Anniversary Show at Korakuen Hall. There is also the possibility of new debuting wrestlers at this show as well. 


Mio Momono Announces her Return from Injury At she’ll return to action on June 24th at ShinKiba 1st Ring! This show will be streamed live and the temporary viewing ticket is available for 3,500 yen (roughly $30 US; with a one-week archive). No opponent has been announced yet. 

Six Anniversary Show Results (5/31)

  • Opening Match (1/15): Tomoko Watanabe defeated Ai Houzan (9:52)
  • Singles Match (1/15): Yuki Miyazaki defeated Mochi Natsumi (8:20)
  • Intergender Tag Match (1/15): Bryan Ishizaka & Takahiro Katori defeated Leo Isaka & Hibiscus Mii (13:28)
  • Semi-Final (1/20): Takumi Iroha & YuuRi defeated Chikayo Nagashima & Yurika Oka (16:27)
  • Main Event (1/30): Maria, Riko Kawahata, & Ayame Sasamura defeated Rin Kadokura, itsuki Aoki, & Yuu (13:20)

In preparation for Marvelous’ first visit to Hokkaido in three years, Mio Momono and Takumi Iroha had a live stream where they talked about the match cards and their thoughts on the upcoming matches!

Sapporo Two-Days Tour Announced (6/11-12)

Marvelous, Be Ambitious! (6/11) Card

  • Opening Match (1/15): Maria vs. Ai Houzan
  • Singles Match (1/15): Noriyuki Yoshida vs. Leo Isaka
  • Three-Way Match (1/15): Itsuki Aoki vs. Riko Kawahata vs. Yurika Oka
  • Semi-Final (1/15): Rin Kadokura vs. Chie Ozora
  • Main Event: Tag Team Match (1/30): Tomoko Watanabe & Takumi Iroha vs. SAKI (COLOR’S) & Chikayo Nagashima

Marvelous, Be Ambitious! (6/12) Card

  • Opening Three-Way Match (1/15): Chikayo Nagashima vs. SAKI (COLOR’S) vs. Chie Ozora
  • Singles Match (1/15): Noriyuki Yoshida vs. Leo Isaka
  • Singles Match (1/15): Tomoko Watanabe vs. Yurika Oka
  • Semi-Final (1/15): Takumi Iroha vs. Ai Houzan
  • Main Event: AAAW Tag Team Championship (1/30): Itsuki Aoki & Rin Kadokura vs. Maria & Riko Kawahata

Rin Kadokura will appear on the popular variety TV show Shabekuri 007 (hosted by a panel of famous comedians) with her husband for the first time. As previously announced, she married the son of Kensuke Sasaki and Akira Hokuto, so this will be a must-watch for fans of Rin and learning about her newlywed life!


Kuen Ranbu (5/29) Results

  • Miyako Matumoto Produced 3-Way Match : Tsubasa Kuragaki (OZ) defeated Miyako Matsumoto vs Itsuki Aoki (11:11)
  • Singles Match: Yuki Miyazaki (WAVE) defeated Mochi Natsumi (Prominence) (10:50)
  • Singles Match: Dash Chisako (SenJo) defeated Akane Fujita(Prominence) (16:15)
  • Prominence Singles Match: Risa Sera vs. Suzu Suzuki (30:00) Time Limit Draw 

Next Shows Announced!

At their show on 5/29, Prominence announced the next two installments of their self-produced shows. With Sera Risa and Suzu Suzuki as entrants in Stardom’s 5*GP, the July 17th show will likely be their last one until after the series concludes on October 1st. 

Prominence 3: Haten Kouen (Catching Fire) (6/25) – ShinKiba 1st Ring

  • Suzu Suzuki 10 Match Challenge Match #1: Violent Jack vs. Suzu Suzuki
  • DUAL SHOCK WAVE Tag Match (1/30): Yuki Miyazaki & Hibiscus Mii © vs. Mongol & Mochi Natsumi
  • Tag Match: Risa Sera & Chris Brookes vs. Miyako Matsumoto & Toshiyuki Sakuda
  • Singles Match: Kohei Sato vs. Akane Fujita
  • Have a Nice DIE Special Match: Yoshihisa Uto vs. Super Hardcore Machine

Prominence 4 (7/17) Kurumi Hiiragi Returns!


Results (6/5) Kame Dojo, Tokyo

  • Two-Count Rules Singles Match: AKARI defeated Chie Ozora (6:50)
  • Singles Match: KAZUKI defeated Crea (7:39)
  • Tag Team Match: Leon & Rydeen Hagane defeated Hanako Nakamori & Momo Tani (18:05)

SEAdLINNNG {Tour Date Calendar}

Next Big Show (6/10) – ShinKiba 1st Ring

  • Singles Match (1/20): Hanako Nakamori (PURE-J) vs. Misa Kagura (JTO)
    • Three-Way Match (1/20): Yoshiko vs. Ryo Mizunami vs. Yuu (EVE)
    • 6-Woman Match (1/30): Makoto, ASUKA, & Ayame Sasamura (2AW) vs. Amazon, Hiroyo Matsumoto & Itsuki Aoki
  • Tag Match (1/30): Arisa Nakajima & Rico Kaiju vs. SAKI (COLOR’S) & Riko Kawahata (T-HEARTS)

~Early Summer Games~ (6/30) – Korakuen Hall

    • BEYOND THE SEA Tag Championship (1/30): ASUKA/MAKOTO vs. Amazon/Rina Yamashita
  • Rest of the card TBD 

Sendai Girls {@SendaiGlobal|@senjo2006 |#仙女 #sendaigirlspro }

Next Big Show (6/16) ~The Sky is The Limit~ ShinKiba 1st Ring 

  • Hardcore Rules Tag Match (1/30): Reiwa ULTEMA Powers (Dash Chisako/Hiroyo Matsumoto) vs. Prominence (Risa Sera/Mochi Natsumi)
  • SG World Tag Championship (1/30): Team 200KG (Chihiro Hashimoto & Yuu) © vs. Red Energy (Mika Iwata & Miyuki Takase)

Stardom {@We_Are_Stardom | @WWR_Stardom | #STARDOM #スターダム}

The Purple Stars Block Begins!! With three coveted remaining spots and ten available participants, the month of June belongs to the women who have not yet secured their spot in the 2022 Five STAR Grand Prix. Throughout June, Stardom will hold the 5★GP Qualifying Tournament with nine separate tour dates. During this time, the qualifying matches are spread out over the shows with some having more tournament matches than others. 

Purple Stars Tournament Matches (6/4): Ibaraki

  • Hina (QQ) [1] vs Ruaka (OET) [1] – 10-Minute Time Limit Draw
  • Rina (OET) [2] defeated Waka Tsukiyama (CA) [0] (5:31)
  • Ami Sorei (God’s Eye) [2] defeated Miyu Amasaki (QQ) [0] (7:31)

Purple Stars Tournament Matches (6/5): Korakuen Hall

  • Saya Iida (STARS) [1] vs. Ruaka (OET) [2] – 10-Minute Time Limit Draw 
  • Mai Sakurai (DDM) [2] defeated Hina (QQ) [1] (6:28)
  • Ami Sorei (GE) [4] defeated Rina (OET) [2] (6:59)
  • Miyu Amasaki (QQ) [2] defeated Momo Kohgo (STARS) [0] (5:39)

Week 1 Standings: 

    • 4 Points: Sorei
  • 2 Points: Amasaki, Sakurai, Ruaka, Rina
  • 1 Point: Iida, Hina
  • 0 Points: Kohgo, Lady C, Tsukiyama

This Week! Himeka vs. Lady C at Fortune Dream 7 (Korakuen Hall; 6/15)

Medical Updates

  • Thekla – pulled from all shows between June 4th and June 25th; no match announced for 6/26
  • AZM – pulled from Osaka shows on June 11th & 12th
  • Natsuko Tora – No announced in-ring return yet.

Fight in the Top Press Conference (June 26th)

  • Three-Way Battle: Unagi Sayaka vs. Waka Tsukiyama vs. Ruaka
  • Tag Match: STARS (Saya Iida & Momo Kohgo) vs Queen’s Quest (Lady C & Miyu Amasaki)
    • Singles Match: Himeka (DDM) vs. Mina Shirakawa (CA)
  • Artists of Stardom Three-Way Championship Match: OedoTai (Saki Kashima, Starlight Kid & Momo Watanabe) © vs. God’s Eye (Syuri, MIRAI & Ami Sorei) vs. Donna del Mondo (Giulia, Maika & Mai Sakurai)
  • Best of Two Challenge in a Cage Match: Tam Nakano (CA) vs. Natsupoi (DDM)
  • Trios Cage Match: STARS (Mayu Iwatani, Hazuki & Koguma) vs. Queen’s Quest (AZM, Utami Hayashishita, & Saya Kamitani)


At the Bushiroad 15th Anniversary Press Conference, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Mayu Iwatani, Starlight Kid, and The Great O’Khan (who appeared earlier in the program), were on-site to announce the first-ever complete cross-over event between the sibling companies. Previously, Stardom has been featured on marquee events like Wrestle Kingdom and Wrestle Grand Slam in MetLife Dome, but only in a featured guest capacity. This could be the first time we see mixed tag matches between the two rosters, but we’ll have to keep our ears to the ground for any updates. 

The special event will be held on November 20th at Ariake Arena! Here’s to hoping that international tourist travel is permitted in Japan by then, so I can go!!  Additionally, Stardom wrestlers will join the New Japan Strong Spirits mobile game world later this summer. 

New Blood 3 Press Conference & Highlights (July 8th)

    • Miyu Amasaki vs. Giulia – New Superstar Miyu Amasaki Challenge Series 1 of 5
    • Waka Tsukiyama vs. Ram Kaichou (Triple 6)
    • Rest of the card TBA

PENDING: Hanan vs. Tomoka Inaba (Just Tap Out) – from Flashing Champions

MidSummer Champions (July 9th) – Tachikawa Stage Garden

  • High Speed Championship (1/30): AZM (QQ) © vs. Momo Kohgo (STARS)
  • Wonder of Stardom Championship (1/30): Saya Kamitani (QQ) © vs. Starlight Kid (OET)
  • World of Stardom Championship (1/30): Syuri (GE) © vs. Momo Watanabe (OET)
  • Rest of the card TBA

Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling (TJPW) {@tjpw2013}

The final stop before CyberFight Festival!

Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Results (6/4): Entetsu Hall

  • Singles Match: Miu Watanabe defeated Kaya Toribami (8:46)
  • Tag Match: Raku & Yuki Aino defeated Yuki Kamifuku & & Neko Haruna (9:47)
  • Singles Match: Nao Kakuta defeated Mahiro Kiryu (8:40)
  • Tag Match: Suzume & Rika Tatsumi defeated Hikari Noa & Pom Harajuku (12:13)
  • 6-Woman Tag Match: Yuka Sakazaki, Mizuki, & Arisu Endo defeated Shoko Nakajima, Hyper Misao, & Moka Miyamoto (12:33)
  • International Princess Championship: Maki Itoh © defeated RHIO (13:22)

Big Summer Events for TJPW

  • Next Big Solo Show: Summer Sun Princess (7/9) at Ota Ward Gymnasium – TJPW seems to have only three large-scale events throughout the year: Grand Princess (spring), Summer Sun Princess (summer) and Wrestle Princess (autumn). Announced guest talent includes Mei Suruga, Aja Kongo & Riho!
  • Next Tournament: The Tokyo Princess Cup 2022 Tournament returns July, 15th (after Summer Sun Princess) through August 13th (seven dates total).

CyberFight Festival 2022: This Sunday, June 12th!! Saitama Super Area!

TJPW kicks off a very packed summer tour with this massive super card show with the entire CF family!! Full report coming later on Sunday. Show starts at 1AM ET on WRESTLE UNIVERSE

CFF22 TJPW Matches

  • TJPW 10-Woman Tag (1/15): Hyper Misao, Yuki Aino, YuuRi (GanPro), Pom Harajuku, & Haruna Neko vs. Nao Kakuta, Mahiro Kiryu, Moka Miyamoto, Arisu Endo, & Kaya Toribami
  • TJPW 6-Woman Tag (1/20): Miyu Yamashita, Maki Itoh, & Julia Nagano vs. Hikari Noa, Suzume, & Yuki Arai
  • Princess of Princess Championship Qualifier 4-Way Match (1/30): Rika Tatsumi vs. Mizuki vs. Yuki Kamifuku vs. Miu Watanabe *The winner of this match will challenge for the Princess of Princess Championship at the Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling Ota-ku Sogo Gymnasium at Summer Sun Princess (July 9).
  • TJPW Princess of Princess Championship (1/30): Shoko Nakajima © vs. Yuka Sakazaki

WAVE {@P_W_WAVE |#wavepro}

I truly hope by next year, I’ll understand all the intricacies of the CATCH THE WAVE Tournament, but I can best describe it as a multi-genre wrestling tournament, covering the various styles of wrestling available to discover the most well-balanced wrestler!

Phase 2 Reboot: NAMI☆1 (6/1) ShinKiba 1st Ring

  • 6-Woman Tag: Hibiscus Mii, Sakura Hirota & Yuki Miyazaki defeated Kohaku, Risa Sera & SAKI (15:17)
  • Kicking Block: Hanako Nakamori [3] defeated Nagisa Nozaki [4] (9:09)
  • Strong Arm Block: Yuu [2] defeated Ayame Sasamura (2AW) [0] (6:31)
  • Comical Block: Kaori Yoneyama [3] & Miyako Matsumoto [3] – Double Count-out (7:49)
  • Future Block: Suzu Suzuki (Prominence) [3] defeated Chie Ozora [2] (9:14)
  • Future Block: Riko Kawahata (T-HEARTS) [4] vs. Haruka Umesaki (DIANA) [3] (15:00) Time Limit Draw


Detras de Lazona vol. 5 (6/11) Kawasaki (POST di AMISTAD)

  • Kicking Block: Miyuki Takase vs. Yuu
  • Future Block: Suzu Suzuki (Prominence) vs. Haruka Umesaki (DIANA)

CHIBA WAVE vol. 1 (6/18)

  • Hardcore Block: SAKI (COLOR’S) vs. Risa Sera (Prominence)
  • Strong Arm Block: Itsuki Aoki vs. Ayame Sasamura (2AW)
  • Future Block: Suzu Suzuki (Prominence) vs. Riko Kawahata (T-HEARTS)
  • Kicking Block: Hanako Nakamori vs. Sae*

Weekday WAVE vol. 125 (6/22) – Shinjuku FACE

  • Strong Arm Block: Miyuki Takase vs. Ayame Sasamura (2AW)
  • Comical Block: Kyusei Sakura Hirota vs. Hibiscus Mii

Meanwhile in North America…

AEW Results/Updates

  • Nyla Rose & Serena Deeb defeated Skye Blue and Miyu Yamashita (AEW Dark Elevation Ep 66; June 6th) (7:40)

June 2022 Events

  • TJPW: CyberFight Festival 2022 (6/12) – Saitama Super Arena (a DDT, NOAH, & Ganbare Pro supershow) 
  • SenJo: The Sky is the Limit (6/16: ShinKiba 1st Ring;6/19: Miyagino Ward Cultural Center)
  • Stardom: Fight in the Top 2022 (June 26, 2022) Nagoya International Conference Center

July-October 2022 Events

    • WAVE: NAMI1 July ‘22 (July 1, 2022) – Shinjuku FACE 
    • WAVE: Osaka Rhapsody vol. 55 (July 2, 2022) – Azarea Taisho, Osaka 
    • WAVE: Nagoya WAVE vol. 23 (July 3, 2022) – Nagoya Naka Sports Center 
    • Stardom: New Blood 3 Announced (7/8) Shinagawa Intercity Hall
    • Stardom: MidSummmer Champions (7/9) Tachikawa Stage Garden
    • TJPW: Summer Sun Princess (July 9, 2022; 2:00 PM) – Ota Ward Gymnasium
    • TJPW: 9th Annual TJPW Princess Cup 2022 (July 16-August 14, 2022) – The series has seven scheduled event dates throughout this period.
  • WAVE: CATCH THE WAVE 2022 FINALS (July 17, 2022) – Korakuen Hall

Weekly Match Selection

With the build-up to CyberFight Festival, I started to think about where I’ve been able to experience TJPW talent here in the US, as when I went to Japan in December 2019-January 2020, I didn’t go to any CyberFight promotions. With Shoko Nakajima defending the Princess of Princess Championship against Yuka Sakazaki (who I featured in last week’s match selection), I figured it a was great time to bring back Shoko’s AEW Debut at Fight for the Fallen. 

Interestingly enough, she was in the middle of her first  Princess of Princess Championship run. It was also an exceptionally rare instance where she as the delegate from TJPW would tag with then World of Stardom Champion, Bea Priestley. 

All Elite Wrestling Official YouTube

  • Promotion: AEW
  • Show: Fight for the Fallen (July 2019)
  • Competitors: Bea Priestley (Stardom) & Shoko Nakajima (TJPW) defeat Dr. Britt Baker DMD (AEW) & Riho (AEW) (15:38)
  • Venue: Daily’s Place, Jacksonville, FL 

Thanks for reading! Have a great week!

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