Former WWE official Tim White passes away

Tim White, a former WWE official and close confidante of the late Andre the Giant, has died.

The news circulated on Sunday morning that White, 68, had passed away.

According to SLAM Wrestling’s Greg Oliver, White began working with the World Wrestling Federation in 1982 and was assigned to its merchandise division, working at the stands.

He would famously befriend Andre Roussimoff, become a close traveling partner and handler for Andre, and occupy a role in Andre’s close unit of friends.

White later became a full-time referee with the company and was a familiar face to anyone growing up in that era watching WWF programming.

White was the official for one of the biggest spectacles in the history of the industry when Mick Foley took on The Undertaker inside of a Hell in a Cell on June 28, 1998. The match is unlike anything previously seen inside of a WWF ring and hopefully will never be replicated.

His career took a major turn when suffering a severe shoulder injury in another Hell in a Cell match. At Judgment Day 2002, Triple H and Chris Jericho had their own version of the match that included a spot where White was sent off the apron into the cage and then, thrown into the cage by Jericho. White was gone for two years and re-injured his shoulder upon return and ended his days as a referee.

White was also the subject of a running gag, where he attempted to kill himself. This started at the Armageddon pay-per-view in December 2005 and continued with online vignettes involving Josh Mathews. They were over-the-top and preposterous but viewed as tasteless given how close they aired after the real-life death of Eddy Guerrero the prior month.

White was featured in the HBO documentary on Andre the Giant and his former Rhode Island establishment, The Friendly Tap, was frequently used for angles on WWE programming including The APA brawling in the bar.

We pass along our condolences to the friends and family of Tim White.




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