GCW You Wouldn’t Understand: Jon Moxley vs. Tony Deppen, Blake Christian to challenge next

Jon Pine reviews GCW’s event from the Melrose Ballroom with Jon Moxley defending the GCW title against Tony Deppen and receiving his next challenge.

Photo Courtesy: GCW

GCW: You Wouldn’t Understand
Saturday, June 18, 2022
Melrose Ballroom, Queens, New York

Tournament of Survival:

Cage of Survival:


Spoiler Free Match Recommendation:

Action Mike Jackson vs. Joey Janela
ASF, Drago Kid, Gringo Loco vs. The SAT
Jimmy Lloyd, Ciclope, Miedo Extremo vs. The Second Gear Crew
Jon Moxley vs. Tony Deppen

You Wouldn’t Understand Results:

Six-way Scramble Match: John Wayne Murdoch vs. Cole Radrick vs. Jordan Oliver vs. Blake Christian vs. Alec Price vs. Jack Cartwheel vs. Komander 

Like most scramble matches, this one got off to a crazy start as John Wayne Murdoch started attacking everyone the moment the bell rang. His advantage didn’t last long as Jack Cartwheel was able to cut Murdoch off with some of his high-flying offense. The main focus of this match was the debuting Komander, and the crowd was tepid at first to this newcomer but by the end of the match, they were fully in his corner. Komander and Cartwheel had a brief exchange but were eventually sent to the floor by Jordan Oliver, who didn’t have much time to recover as he was attacked from behind by Cole Radrick. Blake Christian has a new haircut that makes him look like Sgt. Abraham Ford from The Walking Dead; despite that, ran wild on all the competitors sending them all to the floor but he was cut off by an elbow from John Wayne Murdoch. Everyone took turns diving to the floor with the main highlight being Komander walking the ropes and hitting a plancha which took out everyone on the floor and brought the crowd to their feet. 

There was a modified tower of doom spot that took out all of the competitors but it was Blake Christian who jumped Alec Price from behind and hit the golden trident for the victory. 

Blake Christian wins the 6-way Scramble

Singles Match: Mike Jackson vs. Joey Janela 

Big ovations for both of these men as Emil J announced that in his over 50-year career tonight was Action Mike Jackson’s first time wrestling in New York. The match started with Mike attempting to lock up with Joey, who took a powder on the floor; Joey got back into the ring and they reversed the spot with Jackson taking the powder on the floor. The crowd popped and chanted ‘Holy Shit’ as Jackson strutted around ringside; back in the ring the two locked up and Janela proceeded to work him over with a series of arm drags and a couple of power slams much to the dismay of the crowd. Jackson was slow to get to his feet but was still able to hit a couple of arm drags which sent Janela to the floor; Jackson didn’t let the bad boy recover at all as the 72-year-old hit the ropes and took Joey out on the floor with a suicide dive. This elicited another holy shit chant from the crowd. Back in the ring, Jackson got Joey Janela by the hair and dragged him around the ring but it didn’t do much as Joey got back up to his feet and hit Action Mike Jackson with a suplex, a delayed suplex, and a headlock which further drove the air out of Action Mike Jackson’s body. Jackson was able to get to the ropes, Joey gave him too much time to recover as Jackson took him off his feet with a series of shoulder tackles followed by the highlight of the match. Action Mike Jackson ascended to the top rope and proceeded to walk around all four sides of the ring, the crowd got to their feet as the fight spilled to the floor where Jackson then climbed onto the top of the guardrail and walked across them all around ringside. The crowd was going crazy as they watched this legend balance and attack Joey Janela. Jackson sent Joey back into the ring but was unable to capitalize on his momentum as he was met with a running knee, followed by an FU for a two count. Jackson popped back up at one, dropped the straps, and attacked Joey Janela with a series of strikes but was cut off with a stiff superkick. Janela brought a chair into the ring and placed it onto the prone body of Action Mike Jackson and hit a double stomp but again Jackson kicked out. A frustrated Joey Janela set up a door bridge in the corner, Jackson cut Joey off and placed him on the door, ascended the top rope, and hit a splash driving Janela through the door for the victory. 

Action Mike Jackson Defeated Joey Janela 

Singles Match: Jack Evans vs. Ninja Mack

Tony Deppen was watching this match from the stage as the crowd was buzzing in anticipation for this high-flying clinic. The two locked up and worked over each other with various submission holds and evasions since working for NOAH Ninja Mack has become more of a vocal in-ring wrestler. The pace of the match was slow to start but they quickly kicked it into gear with a series of Lucha-based aerial assaults and evasions. The fight spilled to the floor where each man took a chance to dive from the stage with Evans getting the better of the situation as he hit a Sasuke Special off the stage which took out Ninja Mack. Mack was sent back into the ring but powered back up quickly taking Evans off of his feet. Mack went for a middle rope phoenix splash but Evans got his knees up, Evans climbed to the top rope and attempted a 630 but no one was home. Evans landed with a thud and got the wind completely knocked out of him as Ninja Mack quickly pinned him. 

Ninja Mack Defeated Jack Evans

Singles Match: Marko Stunt vs. Masha Slamovich

There was a ‘Happy Birthday’ chant for Masha as the two traded waist locks until Masha slammed the much smaller Marko stunt to the match to the delight of the crowd. She followed that up with a dropkick which sent Stunt to the floor, she hung him in the tree of woe on the guardrail and drop kicked him in the chest. Back in the ring, Masha laid into Marko with a series of chops but was eventually taken off her feet with a hurricanrana followed by a dropkick. Marko isolated Masha in the corner and connected with a couple of chops but Masha no-sold them and unloaded on Stunt with a series of fists and chops. Masha continued her attack which culminated in a dragon suplex for only a two count. Marko choke slammed Masha but Masha did the Undertaker sit up and hit Marko with a back fist and a series of piledrivers for the victory.

Masha Slamovich Defeated Marko Stunt 

Six-Man Tag Team Match: ASF, Drago Kid, & Gringo Loco vs. The SAT 

The match started with your usual Gringo Loco excellence as Loco and Will wrestled to a stalemate. Drago Kid entered the matchup showing off his incredible athleticism, Asf followed that string of offense off with a series of takeovers he dove off the top rope but was caught and powerbombed on the floor. Drago went for one as well and was caught but Gringo came to the save with a Fosbury flop. Back in the ring, ASF and Drago Kid worked over two members of SAT but their advantage didn’t last long as Will ran wild on Drago Kid with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a two count. The pace of the match slowed down as SAT took their time isolating and working over Drago Kid, they attempted a series of pin attempts but were only able to get a two count. Drago Kid was hit with the washing machine but again was able to kick out at 2, eventually, Drago was able to make it to his corner where he tagged Gringo Loco. Loco grounded Will, backed into his corner where ASF climbed onto his shoulders and splashed him, Gringo followed that up with a moonsault and pin attempt of his own. Much like earlier, ASF was isolated and worked over with a dropkick from each member of SAT, ASF was able to withstand the onslaught and was able to make the tag to Drago Kid who ran wild on the SAT but his momentum was cut off as they hit a Spanish fly but ASF and Gringo Loco were there to break up any pin attempt and took two of the three members of SAT out with dropkicks. Will and Gringo Loco battled on the top rope with Gringo Loco eventually hitting the falcon arrow for the pin. This was an extremely fast-paced and action-packed match-up between the new guard and the old guard of American Lucha libre. 

ASF, Drago Kid, and Gringo Loco Defeated The SAT

Singles Match: Nate Webb vs. Charles Mason 

Emil J announced that Brandon from Wheatus would be playing Nate Webb out to the ring tonight but Brandon didn’t come out, instead, Charles Mason’s music hit as he was met with a chorus of boos. Mason was in the ring as Teenage Dirtbag started playing, Mason had his back to the crowd so he was unable to see that Nate Webb had jumped the guardrail and was right behind him. Webb, no relation, attacked Mason, sending him to the floor, the crowd started to sing Teenage Dirtbag as Webb paraded Mason around the ringside area. The crowd was chanting ‘it’s a rental’ and ‘soup or salad’ at Charles Mason’s cheap-looking suit. Webb went for a dive but was cut off by Mason who spiked him in the apron and dumped him on the floor. Mason takes over the matchup as he beat Webb on the floor. Back in the ring, Webb regained control and went for a chair shot but missed. Soup or salad chant towards mason. Brandon from Wheatus ran in to try and fend off Mason but ate an accidental elbow from Webb. Mason took advantage of the miscue and pinned Webb. Nate is always a crowd favorite and a perfect opponent to help out over the evilness of Charles Mason. Mason left the ring leaving Brandon and Webb but returned and choked out Brandon with a piano wire.

Charles Mason Defeated Nate Webb 

Singles Match: Grim Reefer vs. Homicide 

The split crowd as the matchup got underway as the two New York legends felt each other out, Homicide took control with an explorer suplex followed by a tope to the floor. Reefer was then sent into the guardrails as Homicide riled up the crowd. Back in the ring, Reefer lit up a blunt as the crowd went crazy, Reefer hit a neck breaker for a two-count. Homicide took the blunt from Reefer hut a cutter followed by a splash for a two count. Homicide hit the two of the three amigos but Reefer cut him off and locked him in the cross face. Homicide struggled to get the ropes as Reefer locked the hold in tighter. The crowd came alive trying to will Homicide back up to his feet, Homicide got to the ropes. Reefer set to a chair in between the turnbuckles and was sent face-first into them, Homicide stacked Reefer up on the top rope and hit a cutter for the victory.  

Homicide Defeated Grim Reefer

Post Match: Homicide dedicated  the match to the late Trent Acid 

Six-Man Tag Team Match: Jimmy Lloyd, Ciclope, and Miedo Extremo vs. The Second Gear Crew

Matthew Justice was still bruised from his matchup last night with Josh Bishop. Manders came to the ring wearing these amazing furry pants, it looked like a bison, it was incredible. The matchup began with all 6 men trading fists in the center of the ring, Ciclope was still wearing his headphones and sunglasses as his team went on the attack. Lloyd, Ciclope, and Extremo all hit dives to the floor, taking out all of the members of SGC. Manders responded with a step-up plancha. Justice was hit with a series of unprotected chair shots to the head and was almost pinned but it was broken up by Mance Warner and Manders who proceeded to beat down Ciclope. Manders and Miedo faced off in the center of the ring trading hard strikes and chops, it was evenly matched but Manders was able to get the better of the situation as Mance started to bring in a couple of doors into the ring. Mance Warner hit for the triple crown as he Sabu’d a chair into the skulls of all three of his opponents. Lloyd strung together a series of offensive maneuvers but was leveled by a clothesline from Manders but the pinfall attempt was broken up by Ciclope. Justice was sent flying from the ring crashing through a door on the outside, there were multiple dog pile pin attempts from both teams but it still wasn’t enough. Mance Warner was speared through a door, and Manders was hit with a piledriver from Miedo Extremo for the victory. This was an awesome match, the crowd was into it the entire time as the action never dipped at any point. 

Jimmy Lloyd, Ciclope, and Miedo Extremo Defeated The Second Gear Crew

GCW Tag Team Championship Match: BUSSY (Champions) vs. The Mane Event

The crowd was split to start the match up as EFFY and Lions locked up,  Effy slapped Lions in the face and twisted Lions’ nipples, Lions yelled ‘I like that shit’ and Effy proceeded to bite Lions’ nipples. Effy hit a Fisherman suplex for a near fall as Effy made a quick tag into Allie Katch. Katch grounded Lions and both members of BUSSY hit the BUSSY bump first onto Lions then onto both Lions and Midas Black. The Mane Event was able to do the Ring of Fire, a hula-hoop assisted tope to the floor, Mane Event brought Katch back into the ring and started to work her over. Eventually, Allie hit a jack breaker which gave EFFY enough time to make the hot tag, his advantage didn’t last long as he was taken out with a series of double-team maneuvers which put the Mane Event firmly in control. The Mane Event is a House of Glory based tag team and so the crowd was extremely familiar with them. Effy was able to counter them eventually and tag in Katch who ran wild in both of them with her running hip attack combos. Midas made the tag to Lion who took out both members of Bussy with a series of kicks. There was a miscommunication between the Mane Event which allowed BUSSY to hit the 2 Gay Power Trip (pedigree and a stunner) for a near fall. Effy was sent to the floor and Katch was taken off of her feet and hit with a 619 from Midas followed by a Lionsault, and Frog Splash for some reason they didn’t go for the pin, but when they finally did Effy had drug Katch out of the ring, EFFY hit the sack Ryder for the victory. 

BUSSY Retain the GCW Tag Team Championships

GCW World Championship Match: Jon Moxley (Champion) vs. Tony Deppen 

During Tony’s introduction, Moxley was going through his prematch rituals in the corner, and when Deppen was announced Deppen got right into Mox’s face and was piefaced. The intensity coming from both of these men was incredible, I had never seen Tony Deppen in this kind of zone before. The two struggled to gain control of the match but Tony was able to find a window as he isolated Mox on the ground with a couple of submission holds. Mox reversed Deppen’s hold into the stretch muffler, but Deppen was able to get to the ropes which broke the hold. The two reset with a Greco-Roman knuckle lock, the crowd was again chanting for both of these men as they fought over leverage. Moxley was able to muscle Tony around but Tony was able to ground Mox and connected with a stiff kick to his back, this only pissed Mox off even more. Mox backed Deppen up into the corner and lit him up with strikes and chops. Tony wasn’t taking any of Mox’s shit and got right into Mox’s face asking for more. Tony was sent across the ring with a toss suplex but he was still able to evade Mox’s incoming onslaught of offense, he hit Mox with a triangle drop kick followed by a massive tope con Hilo which sent both men crashing into the barricade. Back in the ring, Mox locked in a choke, and started to hit Danielson elbows. Tony was able to muscle up and they traded fists in the center of the ring. Tony hit an arm ringer which slowed down Mox’s pursuit and weakened his opponent with some ground and pound offense. 

Tony backed Mox up into the corner and lit him up with a series of chops, Tony went for a hesitation drop kick but was taken out with a lariat from Mox.

Both men got to their feet and traded a couple of strikes but Tony locked in the kimura, Mox powered up and hit a butterfly suplex for a two count. Both men were on their knees as the crowd was behind both of the competitors. They traded a series of headbutts but it was a Rolling elbow from Mox that grounded Deppen and allowed Mox to hit a Gotch Style piledriver. Mox attacked with more Danielson elbows, followed by the bulldog choke but Deppen reversed it and hit his Danielson elbows as the crowd got to their feet. Deppen hit a massive running knee for a near fall that brought the crowd to their feet. Amazing how the crowd reacted to Deppen’s near fall. Tony locked in a choke hold as the crowd was chanting ‘New Champ’ but Mox broke the hold by getting to the ropes. Massive cutter from Mox for another two count, the Death Ryder was blocked by a jumping knee lift for another extremely close near fall on the champion. Tony locked in the  Triangle choke as the crowd reached a fever pitch but Mox got out of the hold and stomped Tony’s head in.

Tony hit a top rope double stomp but Mox powered out and got the bulldog choke; a defiant Deppen flipped off Mox who then stomped away at Deppen’s head and hit him with a series of Deathriders for the victory. 

This was by far Jon Moxley’s best championship defense, these men brought out the best in each other and had an unrivaled amount of sustained intensity. 

Jon Moxley Retained the GCW World Heavyweight Championship

Post Match: Blake Christian came out and faced off with Moxley in the center of the ring as it was announced Blake Christian will be taking on Jon Moxley at The People vs. GCW in Nashville, Tennessee.

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