GCW I Never Liked You Report: Will Ospreay vs. Nick Wayne

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GCW: I Never Liked You
Sunday, June 19, 2022
Fete Music, Providence, Rhode Island

By: Jon Pine

In 1980, my dad watched the famous Roberto Duran vs. Sugar Ray Leonard fight on closed-circuit live from Fete, years later, I witnessed Nick Wayne vs. Will Ospreay in the same venue. 

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I Never Liked You Results:

Singles Match: Jordan Oliver vs. Blake Christian

The two traded furious counters as the match-up got underway and eventually wrestled to a stalemate to the delight of the crowd. The two traded hard strikes but Oliver was able to get the best of the situation. Christian went to the floor but was able to drag Oliver with him, he stopped a suplex attempt and hit a rope to the floor. Back in the ring, Christian drop kicked Olivier into the corner and landed some heavy strikes as well but was only able to get a one-count. Christian chopped Oliver but it didn’t phase him at all, Oliver came back with a drive of his own that leveled Christian. Oliver was brought to his knees as Christian tried to lay in some offense but it didn’t phase Oliver who again leveled him with a forearm. Oliver went for the Gotcha bitch but it was scouted, Oliver was still able to land a big boot for a near fall. Oliver hit a massive liger bomb for a two count as the crowd firmly got behind him. Christian fired back up and connected with a Ripcord sling blade for another near fall; Oliver went to recover on the apron but Christian followed him. Oliver was able to evade Christian’s offense and connected with a super kick followed by a pile driver in the apron. He rolled Christian back into the ring and connected with a clout cutter for a near fall that brought the crowd to their feet. Oliver withstood a flurry of offense but he was eventually put away with a curb stomp. I think the crowd would rather see Oliver as the number one contender rather than Christian. A great matchup with hard-hitting and high-flying action that kept the crowd’s attention throughout its duration. 

Blake Christian Defeated Jordan Oliver 

Singles Match: LuFisto vs. Allie Katch

Both ladies received great ovations from the sold-out crowd here in Providence, Rhode Island. To start the match, the two worked each other over with various ground-based submission holds with LuFisto eventually getting the advantage, as she was able to create enough separation to land a flurry of chops and strikes.  Katch was able to get control of the match with a series of arm ringers, LuFisto kicked Katch low and locked in the camel clutch as the crowd tried to will Allie Katch back up to her feet. Katch was continually grounded by Lufistod strikes and a series of headbutts to the sternum; Katch was sent face-first into the turnbuckle as she again tried to scratch and claw her way back into the matchup. Katch powered up and hit LuFisto with her running hip attack combo that greatly impressed both Will Ospreay and Nick Gage who were standing on the balcony. LuFisto did her own running hip attack combo with the same reaction from Gage and Ospreay. The two stood in the center of the ring and traded a series of strikes, LuFisto missed with a boot so she just punched Katch in the face. Katch was grounded with a belly ring back suplex for a near fall followed by a brain buster but Katch was again able to kick out. Katch reversed LuFisto and connected with a series of piledrivers for the victory. Another excellent match.

Allie Katch Defeated LuFisto 

Singles Match: Kevin Blackwood vs. Jack Cartwheel

This was a fantastic matchup that blended these two men’s styles perfectly, it was fun to watch Jack Cartwheel engaged in a more ground-based match rather than his usual aerial assaults. Evenly split crowd to start off the match as Blackwood took the early advantage with a waist lock and small joint manipulation, but it didn’t last long as Cartwheel Cartwheeled out of the hold to the pleasure of the crowd. Cartwheel took over the next portion of the match as he showed off his quick high-flying offense and evasions which stifled Blackwood’s momentum. Blackwood stopped Carthweel’s offensive attack with a straight right hand to the face and continued to pick away at Cartwheel’s knee. Not to be outdone, Cartwheel swung the momentum back in his direction with a suplex followed by a handspring back elbow, Cartwheel muscled Blackwood up and dumped him on his head for a solid two count. The crowd started to pound the mat in order to inspire Blackwood’s revival. Cartwheel went for a shooting star press but Blackwood got out of the way and pounced upon his opportunity to land some significant strikes and chops on Cartwheel. Cartwheel grounded Blackwood once again with a flurry of offense, spiked him with a DVD but was only able to get a 2 count. The two traded forearm strikes as they were on their knees in the center of the ring, they traded quick near falls but Blackwood kept attacking the already injured knee of Cartwheel. Blackwood locked in an armbar, followed by a Texas clover lead but Cartwheel was again able to fend off the attack. They traded waist locks, Cartwheel hit 2 consecutive northern lights suplexes for another near fall. Blackwood was sent to the floor and Cartwheel hit a Sasuke Special which wiped out Blackwood. 

Cartwheel again returned to the top turnbuckle and attempted a one-legged shooting star press, Blackwood got out of the way, and Blackwood hit a top rope double stomp to the knee of Cartwheel followed by the Texas cloverleaf for the victory. 

These two are fantastic to watch and no matter what, they are always entertaining and captivating in the ring. 

Kevin Blackwood Defeated Jack Cartwheel

Singles Match: Cole Radrick vs. Ninja Mack

Ninja Mack pie-faced Cole twice as the crowd was firmly behind Cole. The two started off the matchup with a  process that broke down into the two just trading fists. This was a very intense matchup as the two landed some stiff strikes and kicks. Ninja Mack’s athleticism is always stunning but to see it in person only emphasizes how smooth a wrestler he is. There were multiple stalemate spots as the crowd continually chanted GCW or Cole Radrick throughout the matchup. Ninja backed Cole into the corner, and connected with a series of hard strikes but Cole responded with a couple of his own. Cole looked to try and swing the momentum but Ninja kept cutting off his advances. They traded stiff strikes in the center of the ring with Cole getting the better of the situation as he planted Ninja Mack on the back of his head for a two count. Radrick went for another springboard moonsault but Ninja caught him in mid-air with a choke followed by the Ninja Mack special for an incredible two count. Back in the center of the ring, the two traded another series of chops and strikes, Mack went to power up but was caught with a German suplex, Mack evaded and went to the top rope, hit the Phoenix splash but Cole reversed the cover and secured the victory for himself. 

The rise of Cole Radrick has been absolutely incredible to watch. 

Cole Radrick Defeated Ninja Mack 

Six-Man Tag Team Match: Komander, Ciclope, and Miedo Extremo vs. Drago Kid, Gringo Loco, and ASF

Ciclope is one of the coolest people I’ve ever been around, he just has a special aura around him. Big Lucha chants as both teams soaked in the adulation of the crowd. Gringo hit Komander with a big boot as Miedo and Ciclope went to the floor but they were followed by Drago and ASF who hit them with stereo dives. Komander and Gringo had a great exchange which culminated in another dive to the floor, but this time it was Komander taking out Gringo Loco. Miedo and Cic isolated Gringo inside the ring and worked him over with a series of chops and double-team maneuvers. I really hope one day we get to see Miedo Extremo and Ciclope vs. The Briscoe Brothers inside a Game Changer Wrestling ring. 

The odds caught up with Gringo but he was saved by ASF who flew into the ring with a hurricanrana followed by another set of stereo dives to the floor. Loco said he’s going to kill this motherfucker, Komander, Gringo was able to land a couple of strikes but again the tide turned against him as ASF and Drago jumped into the ring to break up the pin attempt. All of the competitors were flying all over the ring, Komander walked the ropes again and hit a massive dive to the floor onto Miedo and ASF which got an amazing reaction. Miedo went to the floor and was taken out with a tornillo from Drago Kid. ASF and Gringo isolated Ciclope and Komander in the ring and hit a flurry of offense followed by a 450 and top rope falcon arrow respectively for the victory. I could watch any combination of that match-up on every card GCW promotes. They never disappoint, an absolutely incredible weekend for Komander as well who has won over the GCW fan base. 

Gringo Loco, ASF, and Drago Kid Defeated Miedo Extremo, Ciclope and Komander 

Singles Match: Joey Janela vs. JT Dunn

Providence, Rhode Island native JT Dunn, had a large task ahead of him as he was going up against one of the best in the entire world, the bad boy Joey Janela. The two shook hands as the matchup got underway with a waist lock from Dunn, Dunn dropped Joey to which Joey executed a headstand. The two went into various sequences of offensive maneuvers and counters which were capitalized by a stiff forearm from Dunn to the jaw of Joey. The fight spilled to the floor where Joey was hit with a couple of chops but ducked the final one which resulted in Dunn smashing his hand on the steel support beam. Joey then drove his back into the beam and power bombed Dunn on the apron to the approval of the Providence, Rhode Island crowd. Dunn took control of the match with a series of back elbows which got a mixed reaction from his hometown crowd. Joey sent Dunn into the ropes face first and connected with a German suplex. Joey stomped away on Dunn in the corner and gloated to the crowd, he followed that offense up with a barrage of hard chops that took Dunn off his feet each time. 

The two traded stiff strikes in the center of the ring with Dunn getting the advantage of the situation but that didn’t last long as Joey planted him with a belly-to-back suplex. Dunn got back up to his feet and went toe to toe with Joey in a slap exchange, they then started to trade forearms until they both dropped from exhaustion. Dunn took Joey off his feet with a swinging neck breaker, he attempted more offense but Joey spiked him on the apron with an air raid crash; which was followed by a top rope double stomp but Joey was only able to get a two-count. Joey went back up to the top rope and was caught by Dunn who hit him with a middle rope DVD for another two-count. JT Dunn did his best Peter Manfredo Jr. impression as he unloaded with strikes to Joey’s jaw. Joey countered that with a massive package piledriver but was only able to get a two count. Joey went to the floor and retrieved two chairs, Joey muscled Dunn up on the top rope, but Dunn was able to fight off Joey and hit a second rope pile driver onto the chairs for a two count as the crowd exploded. Joey connected with a super kick which finally put JT Dunn away. Absolutely incredible match. Joey, much like last night, out on a monumental performance. 

Joey Janela defeated JT Dunn

Tag Team Match: The Second Gear Crew vs. Waves and Curls

Massive ovations for both of these teams as we get another hometown team in Waves and Curls. SGC have chairs in their hands, Waves and Curls duck and explode their confetti gun in SGC’s faces followed by a leg lariat, Jordan went for a dive but got caught up on the top rope, he nearly avoided disaster. The teams recollected and started fighting on the floor with Manders getting suplexed on a set of chairs and Manders Sabuing a chair into Brandyn’s back. Manders and Brandyn brawled on the stage, as Manders threw him onto his partner on the floor. Back in the ring SGC brought in a bunch of doors and chairs and proceeded to set them up in the corner and into bridges. Jordan Sabu-ed a chair into Mander’s head as they hit a 3D onto Manders which sent him through the door. Mance went for the choke slam but it was blocked as Jordan hit a chokeslam which sent Mance through the door.  SGC set up a door in the corner, Manders had Brandyn on his shoulders in a power slam position but was met with a spear from a Jordan that sent them all crashing into the corner door. 

SGC got sick of the shenanigans and unloaded on both members of Waves and Curls’ heads with consecutive vicious door shots to the head. Mance started to carve away at Brandyn’s head with a shard from the door, SGC smashed them through doors but Waves and Curls kicked out at 1 and ran wild on SGC with chair shots. They put Manders on the top rope and attempted a double team maneuver but they were cut off after Mance Sabu-ed a chair into Jordan’s head, Manders hit a top rope power slam onto Brandyn for the victory. This was an absolute car crash of a match that was fantastic. 

Mance puts over Waves and Curls and asks the bartender for 4 shots of Henny. There was a chant of ‘Henny’.

SGC Defeated Waves and Curls 

5 Way Scramble Match: EFFY vs. Jimmy Lloyd vs. Marcus Mathers vs. Dustin Waller vs. Tony Deppen 

Deppen was sporting a nasty black eye from his phenomenal matchup with Jon Moxley. Tony bailed on the match after cutting a heel promo in the Rhode Island crowd. EFFY started the match off hot with a sack Ryder onto Dustin but Lloyd cut him off and planted EFFY with a package piledriver. Mathers and Dustin took control of the matchup as they traded various offensive maneuvers culminating with a spike DDT onto Jimmy Lloyd. Lloyd and EFFY were on the floor and Mathers attempted a dive but he too was caught up on the top rope and landed badly. Deppen returned to the match as he launched himself off of the stage and hit a plancha onto the competitors on the floor.  EFFY hit a beautiful northern lights suplex for a two count, EFFY then attempted a powerbomb but was cut off with a double stomp from Deppen. All competitors got their chance to shine in this matchup. EFFY was nailed with a jumping knee strike from Deppen. Mathers and Dustin hit stereo 450s on Deppen and Lloyd l. EFFY slapped Mathers in the face and Mathers responded by kissing EFFY on the mouth followed by a neck breaker. Mathers took the fight to Jimmy Lloyd but they were both taken out by Dustin. Tony connected with a running knee on Dustin for the victory. 

Tony Deppen wins the Scramble Match

Singles Match: Will Ospreay vs. Nick Wayne 

The building was absolutely buzzing as both men came to the ring. Some people were shedding tears as Nick Wayne paced around the ring while he was waiting for Ospreay to make his entrance. The crowd absolutely hated Ospreay. Holy shit rang throughout the building as the opening bell sounded. Ospreay shot in quickly but Wayne avoided it, they went into a collar and elbow tie-up, and they traded headlocks as swill jaw jacked with the crowd. Ospreay kept mockingly patting Wayne on the head after he was unable to reverse the offensive onslaught. Once Wayne did get the advantage he did the same thing to Will which again sent the crowd into a frenzy. The pace slowed for a little bit as Ospreay used his power to toss the smaller Wayne across the ring. Wayne briefly fought back but Will tied him in an abdominal stretch; Wayne fought out and connected with a handspring rebound stunner as the crowd again came unglued for the young prodigy. 

Ospreay has a way of making everything look effortless, Will connected with a springboard cutter and a series of Kawada kicks. Ospreay sent Wayne to the floor and dragged him back up onto the apron as he attempted to suplex him back in. Wayne fought him off and nailed Ospreay with a Code Red. Ospreay went to the apron, but Wayne strung him up in the ropes and connected with a senton which sent both men crashing to the floor. Wayne sent Ospreay back into the ring stacked him up on the turnbuckle and attempted a side suplex but was elbowed off, Wayne jumped back up and attempted a poisonrana but Ospreay flipped out of it. A flurry of offense from both men as the crowd and wrestlers exploded in excitement. Ospreay hit a twisting powerbomb they laid both men out; the two men get to their knees with their skulls pressed against each other as they started a stiff forearm exchange. Ospreay lit up Wayne but Wayne kept fighting back, Wayne landed a super kick that blindsided Will. The closing moments of this matchup were absolutely wild and had the crowd going nuts, Will hit a hook kick followed by a liger bomb for two. Wayne went for broke on Ospreay with multiple moonsaults and strikes that resulted in a tremendous two count. Wayne went for a cutter but it was blocked. Will hit one of his own followed by the hidden blade and liger bomb for the victory. 

This was one of the best matches I’ve ever seen in person or in general. An absolute clinic between the best in the world and the next generation. An absolutely incredible show and matchup. 

Post Match: Will Ospreay cut a promo about how much this matchup meant to him and how much it moved him to see how supportive and loving Nick Wayne’s mom is. Ospreay noted that he got emotional during the introductions because “you even look like me, (addressing Nick Wayne’s mom) are you sure 16 years ago you didn’t have a fling with my dad?” Ospreay went on to say: “You see all these hundreds of people who came out to see you, all of them could go away and your mom will still be in your corner.” 

Will Ospreay Defeated Nick Wayne

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