Happy Corbin says Drew McIntyre kicking out of ‘End of Days’ was not his call, wishes he could’ve saved that for a bigger moment

At WrestleMania 38, Drew McIntyre became the first person to kick out of Happy Corbin's End of Days finisher

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Happy Corbin opens up about Drew McIntyre kicking out of the ‘End of Days’.

At WrestleMania 38 night one, Drew McIntyre defeated Happy Corbin in a singles match. During their bout, McIntyre became the first talent to kick out of Corbin’s ‘End of Days’ finisher.

Corbin was asked about that during his sit-down interview with Ryan Satin on the Out of Character podcast. He said it was not his call and admitted that he wishes a moment as such could have been saved for a time when it was more beneficial to him.

Corbin said it was beneficial for McIntyre, but he would have loved if that kick out happened when he was getting a world title match or a moment of similar or grander magnitude.

Wasn’t my call, let’s just say that [Corbin said about Drew McIntyre kicking out of the End of Days]. I mean, honestly, we’re out of character here, the 100 percent honest truth, I would have loved to have saved that for a bigger moment for me and something that selfishly would have benefited me but I think that 100 percent benefited him and where he’s going but, I think for me, I would have loved to save that for a big match with Roman Reigns or a moment where maybe I’m getting an opportunity to win a world title and we can use that prior to winning or something like that. It just — to me, it would have sat a lot better with me and the way it kind of went down for me a little bit was obviously not the way I wanted it to go. I think it made a special moment for him and hopefully he appreciates that and hopefully he knows what it meant to me and it got an unbelievable reaction when he did… that’s the first-ever and so hopefully now, maybe it’s just one person in all of history will kick out of it, who knows? But yeah, that broke my heart. I mean that was hard because that was kind of my thing. I don’t have a list of titles. I have a lot of amazing accomplishments from King of the Ring to ‘Constable’ to Money in the Bank to, you know, I do have one title but, to me, that was something that I held that was special and I think people also thought it was special and it’s unique nowadays to have a finish nobody’s kicked out of. But it made it nearly ten years so, that’s pretty awesome.

And he’s a guy, we got hope, maybe he’s going to take one of those titles off Roman or something, so it’ll all be worth it.

He recently wrapped up a storyline with Madcap Moss. Corbin dove into his working relationship with Moss and being part of his development on WWE TV.

He looked back on the match they had at Hell in a Cell and feels that outside of Cody Rhodes versus Seth Rollins, he and Madcap had the best match on the show.

You look at what Madcap [Moss] did kind of in his first little time up when it was just on Raw Underground and I mean, no offense to him but it just wasn’t memorable, you know what I’m saying?… The 24/7 [Title] with him and Mojo [Rawley] and you just kind of forget it and when he came out as Madcap with the suspenders and this, you know, new life, it was memorable. It annoyed people to no end and it was amazing and then, you know, we got to a position where our friendship came to an end and we came to blows and I think he’s evolved his character again and it’s been really good for him and I think having somebody that so many people hate, by me, work with him, it really gives him an opportunity to find success when he’s switched sides, when he’s gone to this good guy role, the babyface and I think it gives him a leg up on other people that just come in and like, ‘Hey, cheer for me’ versus — it was funny and he was working a match with somebody else but like, the reactions were just kind of eh. It was like his second or third week as a babyface and they just weren’t there but I was part of that segment. When I came out, the whole energy of the whole arena had changed. They’re like, oh no, we hate this dude so we are going with Madcap and it was — that to me was a big attribute to my efforts as a heel because I heard the reactions, I heard the energy and felt the energy change to a different level and I’m going, this is cool. Like nobody can tell me I’m not good at my job when I can take someone who is evolving and on the rise and kind of bring them up. If you saw the Hell in a Cell match, that crowd was unbelievable. I mean they were calling me an a-hole repeatedly, chanting a-hole at me and every time that he hit me with a chair, they’re chanting, ‘One more time.’ They were in it and I think, you know, outside of Cody [Rhodes] and Seth [Rollins], I think we had the best match on that show and I’ll say that all day long. I think Cody coming out and doing what he did, there’s nothing that’s gonna surpass that. That’s just mental, physical toughness, that’s something special. Not a lot of people can do what Cody did and Seth as well because Seth knew he was injured, went after the injury and they told one hell of a story so that’s gonna be near impossible to beat but I think we’re right there with them on that show. We held our own and Madcap is new. Nobody’s gonna deny that so for us to hold our own on a major pay-per-view in Chicago of all places, where those fans are ridiculous. They’re close to Philly, those two places. They’re full of a-holes, I’m telling you. The only good thing about Chicago is the food so, that was another notch in the belt, another feather in the cap for me.

After Corbin’s ‘Last Laugh’ match with Madcap on the 6/17 SmackDown, he had a confrontation with Pat McAfee.

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