MCU L8R: Ms. Marvel Episode 3 Review w/ Ahmad Butt

Ms. Marvel Episode 3 Review w/ Ahmad Butt

Wai Ting & WH Park are joined by Ahmad Butt to review Marvel Studios’ Ms. Marvel – Episode 3: “Destined”.

Ahmad shares his thoughts on the show’s portrayal of Pakistani-American Muslim culture, particularly as someone of a similar background from Jersey City. We discuss the show’s use of folklore such as “Djinn” and the comic origins of The ClanDestine in its hints towards the origin of Kamala’s powers. Plus, we discuss the several major Easter Eggs that tie the show to past and future MCU films.

Episode 3 Description (Disney+):

With the Department of Damage Control on her tail, Kamala tries to lay low ahead of her brother’s upcoming wedding. When she meets a group of people who have information on mysteries that have plagued her family for generations, Kamala begins to learn more about the source of her powers. These friendly strangers need Kamala’s help, but whatever decision she makes could have grave consequences.

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