GCW Dead on Arrival Report: Hoodfoot injured, match called off

GCW's Dead on Arrival featured a scary incident where Hoodfoot was cut badly and forced the match with SLADE to be stopped.

Photo Courtesy: GCW

GCW: Dead on Arrival
Knights of Columbus Hall, Detriot, Michigan
Thursday, June 30, 2022

By Jon Pine

Spoiler Free Match Recommendation:

Alex Shelley vs. Jordan Oliver vs. Nick Wayne
Ninja Mack vs. Calvin Tankman
Alex Colon vs. Dale Patricks
Cole Radrick vs. Ciclope vs. Meido Extremo

DREAM MATCH: Nick Wayne vs. Will Ospreay (A Tony D Joint)

GCW You Wouldn’t Understand Results:

Blake Christian Won the 7 Way Scramble, Action Mike Jackson Defeated Joey Janela, Ninja Mack Defeated Jack Evans, Masha Slamovich Defeated Marko Stunt, ASF, Drago KId, and Gringo Loco Defeated The SAT, Charles Mason Defeated Nate Webb, Homicide Defeated Grim Reefer, Jimmy Lloyd, and Los Mazisos Defeated The Second Gear Crew, BUSSY Retained the GCW Tag Team Championships, Jon Moxley Retained the GCW World Championship

GCW I Never Liked You Results:

Blake Christian Defeated Jordan Oliver, Allie Katch Defeated LuFisto, Kevin Blackwood Defeated Jack Cartwheel, Cole Radrick Defeated Ninja Mack, Drago Kid, ASF, and Gringo Loco Defeated Komander and Los Mazisos, Joey Janela Defeated JT Dunn, The Second Gear Crew Defeated Waves and Curls, Tony Deppen Won the 5-Way Scramble, Will Ospreay Defeated Nick Wayne

ICW No Holds Barred 26 Results:

Joker Defeated AKIRA, Brandon Kirk Defeated Tommy Vendetta, Bobby Beverly Defeated Casanova Valentine, Kasey Kirk Defeated Joel Bateman, Homicide Defeated Colby Corino, John Wayne Murdoch Defeated  Masha Slamovich, Eric Ryan Retained the American Deathmatch Championship against Matt Tremont

July 4th Weekend GCW and ICW No Holds Barred Shows:

GCW: Gateway To The Death
Friday, July 1, 2022, Sauget, Illinois
Pop’s Nightclub

Singles Match: Delirious vs. EFFY
Singles Match: Tony Deppen vs. Nick Wayne
Singles Match: Dark Sheik vs. Jordan Oliver
Singles Match: Axton Ray vs. Ninja Mack
Six-Man Tag Team Match: Jimmy Lloyd and Los Mazisos vs. The Second Gear Crew
Singles Match: Gringo Loco vs. Blake Christian
Singles Match: 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Allie Katch
Deathmatch: Alex Colon vs. Cole Radrick
Singles Match: Joey Janela vs. Davey Richards

GCW: Rock-N-Roll Forever
Sunday, July 3, 2022, Evansville, Indiana
Evansville Coliseum

Singles Match: Joey Janela vs. Cole Radrick
Singles Match: Allie Katch vs. Nick Wayne
Singles Match: Shane Mercer vs. Blake Christian
Six-Man Tag Team Match: AKIRA, Alex Colon, and Hoodfoot vs. The Second Gear Crew
Singles Match: Calvin Tankman vs. Jordan Oliver
Singles Match: Tony Deppen vs. Kerry Morton
Singles Match: Dark Sheik vs. Billie Starkz
Tag Team Match: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express vs. The Rejects

GCW: Backyard Wrestling 4
Monday, July 4, 2022, USA
The Backyard

ICW No Holds Barred The Pit 7
Friday, July 1, 2022, Maybee, Michigan
Military Veterans Motorcycle Club

Deathmatch: Brandon Kirk with Kasey Kirk vs. Darren McCarty
Deathmatch: Neil Diamond Cutter vs. Malcolm Monroe III
Deathmatch: Bobby Beverly vs.
Deathmatch: Aaron Williams vs. Isaiah Broner
Deathmatch: Joel Bateman vs. Tommy Vendetta
Deathmatch: The Carver vs. Hoodfoot
ICW American Deathmatch Championship Deathmatch: Eric Ryan (Champion) vs. John Wayne Murdoch

ICW No Holds Barred Volume 27: Deathmatch Circus Night 1
Friday, July 1, 2022, Maybee, Michigan
Military Veterans Motorcycle Club

Deathmatch: John Wayne Murdoch vs. Dale Patricks
Deathmatch: Josh Bishop vs. Tommy Vendetta
Deathmatch: Danny Demanto vs. Randi West
Deathmatch: SHLAK vs. AKIRA
Deathmatch: Bobby Beverly vs. Kaplan
ICW American Deathmatch Championship Deathmatch: Eric Ryan (Champion) vs. Joel Bateman
Deathmatch: Krule vs. Brandon and Kasey Kirk

ICW No Holds Barred Volume 27: Deathmatch Circus Night 2
Saturday, July 2, 2022, Maybee, Michigan
Military Veterans Motorcycle Club

Deathmatch: John Wayne Murdoch vs. Joel Bateman
Deathmatch: Dale Patricks vs. Kasey Kirk
Deathmatch: Neil Diamond Cutter vs. Satu Jinn
Deathmatch: Brandon Kirk vs. AKIRA”
Deathmatch: The Carver vs. Krule
ICW American Deathmatch Championship Deathmatch: Eric Ryan (Champion) vs. SHLAK

Dead on Arrival Results:

Scramble Match: Alec Price vs. Yoya vs. Tony Deppen vs. Dark Sheik vs. Jimmy Lloyd

Dark Sheik got things started by kicking all her opponents and landing two-foot stops onto Yoya and Alec Price; her advantage didn’t last long as Alec Price cut off her momentum and started a sequence with Yoya that ended in a series of near falls. Yoya then faced off with Tony Deppen, who slapped Yoya across the mouth as they started their exchange; Tony Deppen locked in submission moves on both Jimmy Lloyd and Alec Price but it was eventually broken up with a leg drop from Dark Sheik. Deppen returned his focus to Yoya as he connected with a vicious knee strike, Jimmy Lloyd cut off Deppen with a DDT, followed by a tombstoning Yoya on the apron. The action continued with each competitor getting their chance to shine. Still, none of them could capitalize on their efforts as Tony Deppen stole the pinfall for his second consecutive Scramble Match victory.

Tony Deppen won the Scramble Match

Singles Match: Chase Burnett vs. Blake Christian

The match started with a feeling-out process between these two first-time opponents, Blake Christian had the height advantage in this matchup as he slowly started to run circles around Burnett. Burnett tried to attack Christian with his cane but Blake was ready every single time and was able to block the attacks; Burnett was able to fire back up and lay in a sequence of offense against the number 1 contender for the Game Changer Wrestling World Championship but anytime Burnett was able to get something going, Christian cut him off. Christian hit a release tiger suplex followed by a vicious kick to the skull which sent Burnett tumbling to the floor; Christian laid in a couple of chops before he eventually sent Burnett back into the ring. Despite all of the punishment inflicted upon his body, Burnett was able to hit a double jump Orihara moonsault which took out Blake on the floor, Burnett followed that up with a piledriver but was only able to register a two count. Blake Christian hit the paradigm shift followed by a curb stomp for the victory.

Blake Christian Defeated Chase Burnett

Singles Match: Calvin Tankman vs. Ninja Mack

Ninja Mack was talking trash to Calvin Tankman at the start of the matchup and Tankman didn’t take too kindly to it, as he backed Ninja up in the corner and landed some body shots on his much smaller opponent. Calvin Tankman has noticeably lost some weight since the last time we saw him in a Game Changer Wrestling ring, Ninja Mack tried to land a couple of strikes but Calvin Tankman threw him over the top rope; however Ninja Mack landed on his feet. Mack sent Tankman to the floor and attempted to hit a superkick but Tankman caught his leg, and Tankman lawn darted Ninja Mack into the ring post in retaliation for his attempted actions. Tankman had Ninja Mack isolated in the ring as he started to pick away at the much smaller Ninja Mack with power moves and strikes, Ninja Mack was finally able to roll through one of the attempted maneuvers and connected with a dropkick followed by a Sasuke Special to the floor. Ninja Mack continued his offense back inside the ring but was eventually cut off with a massive lariat from Calvin Tankman who once again took control of the matchup. Calvin Tankman went for the hidden blade but he missed and Ninja Mack connected with a phoenix 630 for the victory. 

Ninja Mack Defeated Calvin Tankman

Three-Way Match: Jordan Oliver vs. Alex Shelley vs. Nick Wayne

The match started with Alex Shelley and Nick Wayne squaring off as Jordan Oliver watched on, the two engaged in a brief lockup with Shelley getting the best, which brought Jordan Oliver into the matchup. Much like Wayne, Oliver was unsuccessful in his engagement with Shelley, so the regular tag team of Oliver and Wayne decided to gang up on the 20-year veteran. The two had their way with Shelley for a little bit and the crafty veteran was able to briefly counter their momentum, but Oliver and Wayne again took out Shelley with a series of double team maneuvers. With Shelley recovering on the floor, Wayne and Oliver locked up. They ran a couple of impressive sequences of reversals and counters together which eventually saw Nick Wayne grounding the older Oliver with a step-up Rana. After a while, the match broke down into a normal 3-way matchup with one man resting on the floor while the other two fought inside the ring. Jordan Oliver registered the first near fall in the match as he superkicked Alex Shelley; Shelley dropped Nick Wayne face first and locked him in the border city stretch, Wayne was able to get to the ropes but Shelley hit both men with an arm ringer, followed by the border city stretch onto Jordan Oliver. Oliver was able to make it to the ropes, he went to the floor as Nick Wayne reentered the matchup. Wayne hit a beautiful bridging suplex but Jordan Oliver broke up the pin, Nick Wayne didn’t take too kindly to the pin being broken up by his partner Oliver. The two got into each other’s face as they both exchanged hard chops and forearm strikes in the center of the ring, Shelley tried to get in between the two but they sent him to the floor, and Nick Wayne hit a code red onto Jordan Oliver. Wayne went for a senton but Shelley’s knees were up which allowed Shelley to briefly regain the momentum but it didn’t last long as Jordan Oliver was able to take out both men and land a near fall on Nick Wayne with a Liger Bomb. All three men traded close near falls to end the match which elicited a ‘This is awesome’ chant from the Detroit crowd. Shelley lit up both men with a series of vicious chops but Wayne and Oliver responded with tons of superkicks followed by an Ace Crusher from Wayne onto Shelley and then Oliver onto Wayne. Jordan Oliver pinned Alex Shelley for the victory. 

Jordan Oliver Defeated Nick Wayne and Alex Shelley 

Six-Man Tag Team Match: The Second Gear Crew (1 Called Manders, Mance Warner, Matthew Justice) vs. Team Horror Slam (Breyer Wellington, Malcolm Monroe III, and Tommy Vendetta)

Team Horror Slam made the unwise decision to slap all of SGC in the face, this only got the beatdown started even faster as SGC started unloading on the Horror Slammers to start the opening moments of the match. All Three members of SGC went to the floor and grabbed some beers, and started to further beat down Team Horror Slam. Tommy Vendetta has a packed weekend as he is scheduled for all of the ICW No Holds Barred this weekend. The match is absolute chaos as all of the competitors are brawling throughout the venue hitting each other with brooms and any other type of plunder they could find. They eventually made their way back into the ring, Manders Sabu’d a chair into Breyer Wellington’s face, as Tommy Vendetta emptied a box of Legos into the ring; Vendetta and MM3 each hit leg sweeps onto Justice and Mance onto the pile of Lego’s. Manders was then isolated by all three men of Team Horror Slam and slammed onto a pair of chairs on the floor. SGC retrieved a pair of doors and proceeded to beat down Team Horror Slam, they set up a door in the corner and a door bridge in the center of the ring. MM3 tried to fight back, but he was placed onto the top rope and managed to hit a double stomp onto Justice which sent him through the door. Mance Warner and Tommy Vendetta stood in the center of the ring and started to unload on each other with stiff forearms and slaps across the face, Tommy Vendetta got the better of the exchange and speared Mance Warner through the door that was propped up in the corner. Manders returned to the ring and started to just unload Team Horror Slam with chairs and the broken pieces of the doors. SGC tried to bring a table into the ring but Team Horror Slam drop kicked the table into all three members of SGC, MM3 hit a tope con Hilo which took out Manders and Matthew Justice, the crowd chanted ‘one more time’ and MM3 once again took out all three members of SGC. Team Horror Slam isolated Manders in the ring and brought in the table, but before they could do anything Mance and Matthew Justice returned to the ring and took them all out with chair shots. Manders power slammed Mance Warner onto MM3 who was set up on the table, followed by a big splash from Matthew Justice for the victory. 

Second Gear Crew Defeated Team Horror Slam

Deathmatch: Hoodfoot vs. SLADE

The match opened with both men trading forearms in the center of the ring, Hoodfoot grabbed an 8ft tube, SLADE took it from him, broke it over his knee, and gave the other broken end to Hoodfoot. They proceeded to joust each other with the broken ends of the tubes and Hoodfoot was SLICED open badly, there were two gashes. Brett Lauderdale came to the ring and called the match off and Hoodfoot was escorted to the back.  The match was called off as Hoodfoot needed serious medical attention. 

This was a very unfortunate incident

Deathmatch: Shane Mercer vs. AKIRA

The two started with a little bit of chain wrestling which allowed AKIRA to show off his submission abilities and elusiveness. AKIRA was the first one to break glass when he landed a strike across Mercer’s arm followed by a double stomp to the chest. Mercer went to the floor but AKIRA hit him with a 619, followed by a double ax handle, Mercer’s arm started to bleed from the prior tube strike as AKIRA broke a tube over Mercer’s forehead. AKIRA picked up the ref and drove him into Mercer but it didn’t do much to phase Mercer who responded with a handful of chops. AKIRA retreated to the ring and took a seat on a chair which he used to lure Mercer in and land a drop toe hold followed by a light tube across Mercer’s head. Mercer responded with a powerslam through the bundle of tubes; Mercer took control of the match-up, he grounded AKIRA and proceeded to break a tube over AKIRA’s shoulder, and Mercer got another light tube and broke it over AKIRA’s mouth but AKIRA was unphased and started to eat the light tube. AKIRA locked in the last chancery but Mercer was able to grab his medieval mace and hit AKIRA across the stomach with it and then broke a bundle of tubes across AKIRA’s chest with the mace. AKIRA went for a tube-assisted Capo Kick but the tubes didn’t break so he broke them with an ax kick followed by a delayed German suplex for a two count. With Mercer unresponsive, AKIRA set up a barbed-wire door bridge in the corner, AKIRA climbed to the top rope, Mercer broke a bundle over AKIRA’s head and hit the Moonsault and Battery through the barbed wire door for the victory. AKIRA has still yet to win a match in GCW. 

Shane Mercer Defeated AKIRA

GCW Ultraviolent Championship Match: Alex Colon (champion) vs. Dale Patricks

The match started with the two exchanging headlocks and a couple of kicks, Dale Patricks had enough and broke a tube over the champion’s head. Colon sent Patricks to the floor and attempted another tope suicida but was met with another bundle of tubes across his skull. Alex Colon tried to come off the top rope with a cross body but Patricks caught him and power slammed him onto a bundle of tubes. Colon fired back up and hit a series of tube-assisted running knees to Dale’s back but it didn’t do much to stifle Patrick’s pursuit as Colon was chokeslammed over the top rope and crashed through a pane of glass that was set up on the floor. Patricks set up a barbed-wire door in the corner but before he could use it to his advantage, Colon grounded Patricks with a series of tube shots across the back and head and sent him to the floor where he hit a tube-assisted tope suicida. Colon sent Patricks through the barbed wire door, rolled him over with the door on top, and hit a double stop followed by a camel clutch. Colon broke the hold and hit a Tiger Driver ‘92 onto a bundle of tubes for the victory. 

Alex Colon Retained the GCW Ultraviolent Championship 

Three-Way Deathmatch: Cole Radrick vs. Ciclope vs. Meido Extremo

Due to travel issues, Joey Janela was unable to make it to tonight’s show so instead of a tag team match, they just made it a three-way matchup. Miedo and Ciclope attacked Radrick to start the match-up but Cole quickly fired back up and hit a tope con Hilo onto both members of Los Macizos. Miedo hit a tube-assisted Dragon suplex onto Radrick which sent him to the floor, Ciclope grounded his tag team partner with a drop toe hold followed by a stomp through a bundle of tubes. Ciclope hit a running crossbody for the first near fall of the matchup. Miedo Extremo set up a pane of glass between two chairs and attempted to suplex Cole through it but Cole fought out the attempts and sent Miedo through the pane with an air raid crash. Before Cole could capitalize, Ciclope attacked Cole with a set up light tube shots, Ciclope set up another pane of glass between two chairs and sent Cole through the pane with a top rope spinning DDT. Miedo hit Ciclope with a Dragon Suplex which sent him crashing through a pane of glass, Cole Radrick broke up the pin attempt and was then sent to the floor. In the other corner, Miedo set up another glass bridge and placed Ciclope on the top rope, Miedo hit an avalanche arm drag on Cole which sent him through the pane of glass, Miedo broke a bundle of tubes over Radrick’s head, Ciclope sent Miedo to the floor, hit a tube assisted curb stomp, got Cole in the cross face and submitted him for the victory.

Ciclope Defeated Miedo Extremo, and Cole Radrick

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