MCU L8R: Ms. Marvel Episode 4 Review w/ Karen Peterson

MCU L8R: Ms. Marvel Episode 4 Review w/ Karen Peterson

Wai Ting & WH Park are joined by Karen Peterson to review Marvel Studios’ Ms. Marvel – Episode 4: “Seeing Red”.

We discuss the themes of identity in the episode through Kamala’s experience as an awkward American in Pakistan’s largest city of Karachi. We discuss the difference between dimensions and multiverses within the MCU as we learn more about the Noor Dimension. We then discuss reasons why Ms. Marvel has been the least-watched Disney+ MCU show so far.

Episode 4 Description (Disney+):

In an effort to better understand the source of her powers and the secrets of her bangle, Kamala travels to the only person who might have answers…her grandmother. On this adventure in a new city where she doesn’t quite fit in, Kamala crosses paths with a mysterious stranger who takes her on an unexpected adventure. She will discover that her family history is more complicated than she thought.

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