GCW Gateway To The Death: Alex Colon vs. Cole Radrick, Joey Janela vs. Davey Richards

Jon Pine's review of GCW's Gateway to the Death feat. Alex Colon vs. Cole Radrick, Davey Richards vs. Joey Janela & more from Friday night.

Photo Courtesy: GCW

GCW Gateway To The Death
Friday, July 1, 2022, Sauget, Illinois
Pop’s Nightclub

By Jon Pine (@jonpine24)

Spoiler Free Match Recommendation:

Joey Janela vs. Davey Richards
Nick Wayne vs. Tony Deppen
Alex Colon vs. Cole Radrick
Allie Katch vs. Too Cold Scorpio 

Hoodfoot Update:

Hoodfoot appeared on ICW No Holds Barred The Pit 7 with a heavily bandaged and taped-up arm still in his scrubs and announced that he will only be out for three weeks. 

Gateway To The Death Results:

Commentary: Kevin Gill, Dave Prazak, and Nick Gage

Ring Announcer: Emil J

Emil J called last night’s show solo with Brett Lauderdale helping out on two matchups.

Nick Gage Promo:

Nick Gage came out to a massive ovation while sporting a Trans rights shirt. Commentary notes that the St. Louis Cardinals were his original favorite baseball team. Emil J went through the traditional introduction of Nick Gage, Gage cut a promo putting over St. Louis and Game Changer Wrestling. 

Singles Match: Gringo Loco vs. Blake Christian

Kevin Gill noted that after tonight’s match Gringo Loco is getting on a plane and flying to Mexico for a match in Triple A. Blake Christian has been coming to the ring doing Moxley-type mannerisms; the crowd was chanting equally for both of these men as they started the match up at a furious pace with fast sequences of Lucha based offense and evasions. Blake Christian missed a standing frog splash, Loco capitalized by hitting a moonsault followed by a Pendulum swing for the first near fall of the night. Gringo Loco blocked a superkick attempt but Christian is so quick on his feet that he hit Loco with a head kick with his other leg. Blake Christian sent Gringo Loco to the outside and took him out with a tope con Hilo; Christian motioned to his waist as he did more Moxley mannerisms. With Loco grounded Christian unloaded on Gringo’s back with a series of stiff kicks followed by a couple of stomps to the face. Gringo Loco eventually fired back up and hit a beautiful double jump moonsault but still wasn’t able to get more than a two count. The two men traded superkicks, Christian went for a German suplex but Gringo blocked the offense, instead Christian hit a spinning DDT. Gringo hit a beautiful double jump springboard cutter which brought the crowd to their feet, the action spilled to the floor and Blake Christian eventually climbed onto the stage and hit a massive stage dive that wiped out Gringo Loco. Blake Christian climbed to the top rope and was stunned by Gringo who climbed right up and hit a 

One man Spanish fly followed by a sit-out powerbomb for two-count. Gringo Loco was hit with an avalanche poisonrana followed by a curb stomp for the victory. 

Blake Christian Defeated Gringo Loco

Singles Match: 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Allie Katch

Before Scorpio made his entrance a little kid was dancing his ass off to Scorpio’s music, once Scorpio came out the kid was shell shocked, it was adorable. They locked up and danced a little bit to start the match but Scorpio quickened the pace and took Katch down with a snap mare and they started to engage in some chain wrestling. The two traded stiff forearm shots in the center of the ring, Katch caught him with a solid shot and Scorpio had to grab the ropes and said “you hit me like you some fucking dude.” Scorpio fired back up and connected with a series of kicks to Allie’s skull followed by a leg drop but was only able to get a two count. Allie was caught off guard with a stiff mule kick followed by a flipping leg drop for another two-count, Katch was able to avoid a clothesline from Scorpio and connected with one of her own as she started to beat down on the veteran wrestler. Katch connected with a high crossbody but she was caught again with a kick to the head from Scorpio, who then hit two flipping leg drops off the second rope for only a two count. Katch jabbed away at the jaw of Scorpio who she grounded and hit with a spin kick to the side of the head for another two-count. Allie Katch hit her hip attack/cannonball combination but she was still unable to pin Scorpio, she then attempted to go for a piledriver but Scorpio grounded her with an STO, and hit a top rope spinning leg drop pinned Katch for the victory. The heel of Scorpio’s boot hit her right in the mouth and she was busted open. Scorpio cleaned the blood off of Katch and the crowd showed them both respect. 

Too Cold Scorpio Defeated Allie Katch

Singles Match: Axton Ray vs. Ninja Mack

Ray is relatively new to the GCW scene and in every outing, he has always turned heads. They started with a lockup, Ray backed Mack into the corner and mocked him by doing the crane pose, Mack took exception to this and kicked him hard in the thigh. Axton Ray showed off his amateur wrestling abilities in the early moments of the match but Ninja Mack sped the match up and ended up standing on Axton Ray’s shoulders, not once but twice, the second time Mack locked in a guillotine choke but Ray was able to use his strength to his advantage and powerbombed the smaller Ninja Mack. Ray punched straight through Ninja Mack which took him off his feet for a moment; they traded a series of chops and strikes, Ray went to the floor, he evaded for a moment but eventually was kicked in the head and then laid out with a Fosbury flop from Ninja Mack. The two took their time chopping each other on the outside of the ring to the delight of the crowd, Ray eventually sent Mack back into the ring, and took time to jaw jack with a fan in the front row which allowed Mack to regain control of the matchup. Mack started to fly around the ring with his incredible high-flying offense, but was eventually muscled up into a brainbuster position and got planted on top of his head. Axton wiped Ninja Mack out on the floor with a series of topes but was only able to get a two count, Axton popped Mack up and hit a backbreaker followed by a gut-wrench Doctor Bomb for another near fall. Mack went for a phoenix 630 but didn’t get any of it, Ray went for the pin and got a two count, then Mack immediately pinned Ray. You’d think after Jack Evans missed the move two weeks ago, Mack missed it last night, and then again tonight he just wouldn’t do the move. Great match but that finish took the air out of both Mack’s lungs and the room. 

Ninja Mack Defeated Axton Ray

Singles Match: Tony Deppen vs. Nick Wayne

Wayne and Deppen engaged in a Greco Roman knuckle lock to start the match, Deppen started to yell at the crowd that he didn’t care if Nick Wayne was a kid, he’s going to kick his ass and then go fuck his mom. There was a ‘Fuck his Mom’ chant and Nick Wayne covered his ears. Wayne was grounded with a body scissors but he was able to slink out and briefly get an ankle lock; Wayne kept responding to Deppen’s hard-hitting offense with high-flying evasion and head scissors. Deppen connected with a brutal knee strike that sent Wayne crashing into the corner and allowed Tony Deppen to hit a running double knee which sent Wayne rolling out to the floor. As Deppen was beating up Wayne the crowd was chanting ‘he’s a minor,’ Wayne had a little momentum on his side and connected with some high-flying offense but Deppen picked him out of the air and locked him into a submission maneuver. Tony went for another running double knee but Wayne was able to move out of the way and connected with a kick to the side of the head followed by a handspring cutter, followed by a bridging fisherman suplex for a two-count. Wayne connected with a jumping knee strike and Ordered a Code Red for a two-count, Wayne went for the clout cutter but Deppen had it scouted and hit Wayne with a codebreaker. Deppen hit a brutal knee strike followed by a back fist but Nick Wayne was able to stay on his feet, Deppen hit him with a headbutt and both collapsed with Deppen on top, but Wayne was still able to kick out at two. The two battled on the apron, exchanging stiff forearm shots, Wayne attempted a cutter but Deppen was able to suplex Wayne on the steel ring frame. Deppen got right into Wayne’s face and said ‘show me some fucking fire’ and slapped Wayne across the face, Wayne returned the favor but Deppen once again hit him with a brutal slap to the face. Wayne attempted a shooting star press but was caught in a triangle choke, Wayne was able to get to the ropes; Wayne hit a dragon suplex followed by a standing Spanish fly and a tope con Hilo to the outside. Wayne scrambled to the top rope and hit the clout cutter for the victory. An incredible match between these two stars. 

Nick Wayne Defeated Tony Deppen

Singles Match: Joey Janela vs. Davey Richards

Nick Gage on commentary

Davey Richards has been one of my favorite wrestlers for years, I still remember when he won the Ring of Honor World Title for the first time and the tag team classics as a part of the American Wolves. He also reminds me of the go fight live days of IPPV; thank god technology has advanced past that shit show of a website. The crowd was chanting for both of the men as they locked up and started exchanging wrist locks and chain wrestling evasions. Joey got the best of a Greco Roman knuckle lock but eventually scampered to the ropes as the technician quickly swung the momentum to his advantage. Janela was sent to the floor and got his chest kicked in with a series of trademark Davey Richards kicks, Janela caught the last attempt and retaliated with a kick of his own and a big forearm strike to the side of the head. The match went back inside the ring where Davey locked in the Fujiwara armbar, he hammer locked one arm and engaged in some small joint manipulation. I love Davey Richards matches, he is such an underrated talent and technician. Janela tried to chop Davey but he couldn’t get all of it due to his injured arm, Davey retook control of the matchup and continued to go to town on Joey with his picture-perfect offense. Janela was seated on the top rope and was caught with a kick to the jaw, Davey laid in a handful of headbutts and hit a superplex; both men landed hard and stood in the center of the ring and exchanged vicious strikes, Davey connected with a brutal kick to the chest but Joey fired back up, sent Davey to the floor and sent him into the second row with a tope suicida. Davey hit a dragon screw leg whip in the ropes, climbed to the top rope, and attempted a double stomp but Joey got out of the way. Davey was eventually able to lock on the trailer hitch, but Janela escaped to the ropes. They returned to the center of the ring and hit each other with a series of palm strikes; Joey got the better of the exchange and hit a deadlift German suplex, then Davey hit one of his own and turned Joey inside out with a clothesline. This matchup was an incredible back and forth match that was still neck-in-neck even in the later innings of the matchup. The two battled on the ring apron, where Davey hit an exploder suplex and followed up with a top rope double stomp for a two count. Davey locked in the ankle lock and connected with a massive penalty kick followed by three straight kicks to the head and one to the chest, Joey got a small package but Davey kicked out. Davey connected with a brainbuster, and Janela again got his shoulder up. The crowd was going crazy as Joey flipped off Davey only to be met with a kick to the side of the head followed by a piledriver for the victory. An incredible match that everyone must check out, these two put on an absolute clinic. 

Davey Richards Defeated Joey Janela 

Singles Match: Dark Sheik vs. Jordan Oliver

Nick Gage on commentary. Gage and Jordan Oliver have become gym buddies as of late. 

Greco Roman knuckle lock started off the match-up as Dark Sheik was able to take Jordan Oliver off his feet but he was flipped back up, faked a superkick, and got her on the mat for a quick pinfall predicament. Olver got sent to the floor, where Sheik took Oliver out with a double ax handle off the top turnbuckle. Back inside the ring, they both lit each other up with hard chops to the chest; each time Jordan connected, he sent Sheik back into the corner. The two traded standing switches, Oliver dumped Sheik over the top rope and he connected with a drop kick, he attempted a springboard moonsault but his foot slipped and crashed onto the brick floor. Back inside the ring, Oliver went for a powerbomb but Sheik was able to reverse it into a DDT for a near fall. Sheik ducked a big boot but couldn’t avoid the superkick and sit-out powerbomb from Oliver which registered a count of 2. Oliver went for the clout cutter but Sheik was able to hold onto Oliver’s leg, Sheik hit a second rope side effect for a two count. The crowd was firmly behind the living legend Dark Sheik, she used that to her advantage as the two battled on the apron, and Sheik was able to hit the sliced bread on the apron followed by the pedigree for another near fall. The pure joy you can hear in Nick Gage’s voice when he’s calling his buddy Jordan Oliver’s match is fantastic. Oliver pinned Dark Sheik with gonorrhea in tribute to Jimmy Rave and Trent Acid.

Jordan Oliver Defeated Dark Sheik 

Singles Match: Delirious vs. EFFY

Delirious started to bite EFFY’s finger, EFFY was able to break free and dropped to his knees in front of Delirious, Delirious did the same, and EFFY asked for a kiss but Delirious headbutted him instead. EFFY hit a big boot, followed by the under the rainbow, followed by the tarantula. Delirious sent EFFY to the floor, where Delirious hit consecutive atomic drops. The crowd was chanting ‘Who’s your Daddy’ and “Let’s go Daddy’ as EFFY was beaten down by Delirious. EFFY was briefly able to get some separation between himself and Delirious, twisted his nips, and hit a hidden blade for a two count.  Delirious hit ten consecutive leg drops, EFFY rolled out to the apron to recover from the offensive onslaught; EFFY hit a blockbuster and attempted to sack Ryder but was caught with a running knee to the side of the head followed by a top rope splash for a two count. EFFY busted out a judo throw but Delirious popped back up and they exchanged a couple of chops in the center of the ring, EFFY hit the TKO and then locked in the last chancery for the victory. 

EFFY Defeated Delirious 

Six-Man Tag Team Match: Jimmy Lloyd and Los Mazisos vs. The Second Gear Crew

As expected this match was an insane brawl. Ciclope and Miedo isolated Manders in the center of the ring for the opening portion of the match but they were quickly cut off by Matthew Justice who stomped away at both members of Los Macizos. Manders introduced the first set of doors into the match; Mancer and Justice stopped Ciclope’s momentum by slamming the door into his face, and Jimmy Lloyd Sabu’d a chair at Mander’s head which allowed everyone time to recover for a little bit. Jimmy Lloyd Sabu’d with a chair which caused a laceration on his skull. Matthew Justice set up a door below a balcony for later use Mance Warner is bleeding like a stuck pig as Miedo Extremo continually rammed his head into the steel ring post. Matthew Justice climbed to the balcony and was blindsided by Ciclope who was waiting in the shadows causing Justice to fall off the balcony and crash through the doors below. Ciclope climbed onto the edge of the balcony and hit a massive crossbody which took out all the competitors on the floor. The crowd came unglued as a pane of glass was set up in the corner of the ring, Mance Warner and Ciclope teased bumps through the pane of glass but Lloyd blindsided Mance and hit him with a piledriver. Ciclope came off the top with a bundle of tubes onto Manders, multiple pins were broken up by the men flying into the action. Miedo Extremo was caught and powerbombed through the pane of glass by George Kittle’s former teammate, Manders. Justice and Warner threw Ciclope over the top rope through a door on the floor, they isolated Jimmy Lloyd in the center of the ring and placed several chairs on top of Jimmy Lloyd who was then hit with a splash from Matthew Justice who pinned him for the victory.

Second Gear Crew Defeated Jimmy Lloyd and Los Macizos 

GCW Ultraviolent Championship Deathmatch: Alex Colon vs. Cole Radrick 

Nick Gage on Commentary 

Alex Colon took the fight to Cole in the opening moments of the match but Cole was able to evade and Colon spilled to the floor. Back in the ring, both men grabbed tubes of their own, Cole broke one over the knee of Colon while he executed a monkey flip. Colon didn’t have time for any of Cole’s fancy evasions and started to unload on Cole with a series of tubes to the head which he followed up by carving away Cole’s head. The crowd chanted ‘over here’ and Colon obliged their request and brought Cole to each corner to further carve away at the forehead of Cole Radrick. Colon fired away with punches in the corner with each punch further busting open Cole; Colon grabbed a drywall saw and started to carve away on Cole’s forehead. Nick Gage’s audible enjoyment of this spot was hilarious. Colon put the knife in Cole’s mouth and ripped it away, Cole was able to reverse it but was sent head over heels into two sets up bundles of tubes that were placed in the corner. Colon was holding a bundle of tubes which Cole broke with his skull and followed up with a tope. Cole sent Colon crashing through a door on the floor with a flipping senton, Cole tried to flip himself back into the ring but Colon cut him off and sent him crashing through another door that was set up on the floor. I’m watching the main event on Saturday morning and it’s quite the juxtaposition as my best friend’s one-year-old daughter is running around all innocent and happy while on my laptop I watch two grown men maim each other with glass. Cole hit a fallaway slam off the top rope which sent Colon crashing through a bundle of tubes on the canvas but Cole was only able to get a two count. The two stood in the center of the ring as they broke handfuls of tubes over each other’s heads, Cole punched through a tube into Colon’s face. Colon hit a tube-assisted stunner followed by a tube-assisted running double knee which stunned Cole, Colon placed a bundle in the center of the ring and hit a one-man standing Spanish fly through the tubes for one count. 

The crowd came unglued as the two men unloaded on each other in the center of the ring, Cole hit a cutter followed by the lionsault for a two count. Colon hit a tombstone followed by a double under hook suplex for the victory. After the pin was counted, the ref ran right away to get a towel to close Radrick’s wound on his shoulder. 


Alex Colon Retained the GCW Ultraviolent Championship

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