Lacey Evans says she has “quite a while left” on her WWE contract

Lacey Evans has "quite a while left" on her WWE deal. She also addresses being shifted back and forth between Raw and SmackDown

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Evans talks her future goals along with being shifted back and forth between Raw and SmackDown.

Several months ago, vignettes began to air on WWE programming to promote Lacey Evans’ return. She stepped away from television in early 2021 after discovering that she and her husband were going to be welcoming their second child into the world.

Evans is officially part of the SmackDown brand and on 7/2, she competed in the women’s Money in the Bank Ladder match. Prior to that bout, she guest appeared on ‘The Walkway to Fight Club’ podcast and was asked if she and her husband want more children. While answering that question, Evans shared that she has “quite a while left” on her WWE deal.

I mean it depends on how long this job thinks that I have what it takes to be a sports-entertainer, you know? [Lacey said when asked how many more children does she and her husband want to have] I mean, I could get canned tomorrow and guess what? I’ll probably have another baby. But right now, I’m — I’ve got Money in the Bank, I’ve got quite a while left on my contract. I’m gonna work hard and do what I have to do as a sports-entertainer. We have two beautiful children, but you know, my career is at the front of the line as far as babies or career, you know, having more babies and career and I’m a mom and I need to be a mom for my two girls and I need to get in this game and actually win it so, it’ll be a while but it’s not — I don’t think to say that we’re done, I don’t know if that would be the truth.

Upon her return to TV, Evans had been shifted back and forth between the Raw and SmackDown brands. She said she is not complaining about it and has not complained about it. Evans feels it was a good problem to have.

She added that she does not have a preference between Raw or SmackDown and feels that she should have already been champion but will continue trying to reach that goal.

Hey, hey, honey, at least when you try to find Lacey Evans, she’s in WWE, and it drives me nuts, like the fans are like, ‘Oh, they don’t know where to put her,’ blah, blah. Guess what? Hey, that’s a damn good problem to have ain’t it? And yeah, I can complain, I can start stomping my little feet and being like, you know, I should get this and I should be there and I should have an opportunity here or I could just shut up, work hard. When I do get put where they need me, I freaking go out, do my job the best that I can, show the WWE that they have a force to be reckoned with as a competitor, as an entertainer and then go home and love my family and that’s what I’m gonna do so yeah, SmackDown is today, at Money in the Bank, guess what? I’m going to Money in the Bank. One minute, they don’t know where to put me, the next minute I’m going to Money in the Bank… Pick what you complain about and be careful because God is good and opportunities come every day. Make the best out of ‘em.

You know, I think everybody kind of has preferences depending on who the champion is or who’s there, but not really. I think coming back as a mom, as a wife, I’ve got so many priorities. I’m juggling so much. I just wanna be in the game man. I wanna be in the ring, I want to be climbing a ladder and not just Money in the Bank, I wanna be working. I want to be working for everything that I — to be successful. I don’t want anything given to me. If they gotta juggle me back and forth to find me a spot, God have mercy on whoever the person is at the top on whatever spot they put me at because I’m coming. I’m not gonna stop, I’m not going anywhere. I don’t care if takes me five years to get that title. Lacey Evans will be a champion. I should have already been one and I’m gonna continue to work until I am.

Speaking on the topic of her being a babyface, Evans said it is just WWE allowing her to tell her story. She shared that WWE was unsure if her promos would make her out to be a heel or a babyface but Lacey did not care. She wanted to share her story in hopes of inspiring others.

I think that it [her babyface run] was just them finally allowing me to tell my story. They weren’t sure if it was gonna come off as heel, babyface. I didn’t give a crap either way. I wanted the world to know because I get tired of them seeing these big hats and this beautiful woman but you have no idea what we go through. You don’t know. You see superstars and you see social media which is sickening to me that the impact that social media has on the mental health of not only children, but adults and like, so when I came back and having two babies, I was like man, I’ve gotta show the world this other side while I still have a chance and if the WWE will let me, that’d be awesome because things that they don’t talk about often is mental health, addiction, depression and that was my life and it’s something that I deal with every single day so the fact that they let me use my story to help the world — hell, I’ll be a bad guy tomorrow if they need me to but what I said in those promos, that was from the heart and so hard to do, will never be erased. So for the rest of my time, they can go back and the kids that are stuck in situations I was stuck in, miserable and depressed, not knowing what their future holds, they can listen to that story and realize that Lacey Evans made it from nothing and the parents that are using drugs and addiction and not getting help from mental health that are destroying their children can listen to that and say, ‘You know what? I need to fix myself because even as a superstar, this woman is broken. Her parents have really done a number on her soul and her heart and her mind’ and they should be worried for their children and hopefully, I pray that my story helps them change for their babies, for this future, for America.

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