Matt Menard reveals extent of injuries suffered at ‘Blood and Guts’

In a video message, the AEW star says he has tears in his shoulder, labrum, and rotator cuff.

Photo Courtesy: AEW

Matt Menard last night released a video message in which he gave details of injuries he suffered at AEW ‘Blood and Guts’.

In an in-character clip, the 38-year-old stated that his labrum, rotator cuff, and a part of his shoulder were torn during the headlining match that took place on Wednesday, June 29th.

He added that the injuries did not require surgery. Referring to the ‘Blood and Guts’ match, Menard said:

Very early on in that match, I kind of get dumped on my head by Santana. It wasn’t pretty — wasn’t pretty. I ended up actually tearing parts of my shoulder, my labrum, my rotator cuff.

The good news here, guys, is that it doesn’t look like it’s going to require surgery. We’re rehabbing it; injected some stem cells into the shoulder.

The video first appeared on the International Wrestling Syndicate’s Facebook page.

Menard also apologized for not being able to make a billed appearance in Montreal at tonight’s IWS ‘Scarred 4 Life’ event, but mentioned that his tag team partner Angelo Parker would make the show, along with another unannounced AEW talent.

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