GCW Homecoming Part 1 – Jon Moxley retains, challenges Nick Gage to Title vs. Career match

Jon Pine's report on Homecoming Part 1 from GCW where Jon Moxley defended the GCW title against Effy and several titles changed hands.

Photo Courtesy: GCW

GCW Homecoming Weekend 2022
Saturday, August 13, 2022, The Carousel Room, Atlantic City, New Jersey

Homecoming Results:

Singles Match: Starboy Charlie vs. Nick Wayne

The match started with each man laying in some offense, they shook hands and eventually wrestled to a stalemate. Starboy took over the match with a front-face look but his advantage didn’t last long as Nick Wayne slapped him across the face which led to Starboy taking a decent amount of offense from Wayne. Wayne attempted a powerbomb but Starboy was able to reverse it into a roll-up; Starboy then continued his onslaught with a series of tombstone pile drivers but Wayne Kicked out. Starboy went for a cutter but he wasn’t able to land it because Nick Wayne superkicked him in the face and planted Charlie with a package piledriver. Wayne went for the cover but Charlie kicked out at one. Starboy ran wild on Wayne, connecting with a series of dropkicks to Wayne’s face. Wayne hit two Cloutcutters for the victory. 

Nick Wayne Defeated Starboy Charlie

Singles Match: Jordan Oliver vs. Ninja Mack

This match began with a Greco-Roman knuckle lock; Ninja won that battle and the two traded standing switches as they wrestled to a stalemate. These two were pretty evenly matched and the crowd was engaged the entire time. Oliver took a powder on the floor as the crowd started chanting for both men. The pace increased by this point with each man evading the other’s offense with very creative counters and spots. Ninja Mack was able to surprise Oliver with a back handspring elbow followed by some aerial acrobatics. Ninja grounded Oliver with a leg sweep and rolled him to the outside of the ring, he then attempted the Ninja Mack special but Oliver got back into the ring quickly and he cut Ninja off which swung the momentum in Oliver’s favor. His advantage didn’t last long as Ninja Mack cut Oliver off with a kick to the head followed by a Ninja Mack Special. Ninja Mack hit a Phoenix splash for a two count as the crowd got to their feet for the finishing sequences of the match. Oliver connected with a massive powerbomb for a very close near fall, Oliver locked in a Boston Crab but Ninja Mack escaped and hit a spin kick followed by a bridging German Suplex. Mack went for the pinfall but Oliver kicked out at 2. Oliver connected with an Acid Kick followed by a tombstone for the victory. 

Jordan Oliver Defeated Ninja Mack

Scramble Match: Grim Reefer vs. Ninja Mack vs. Jimmy Lloyd vs. Axton Ray vs. Joe Lando vs. Marcus Mathers

Joe Lando was the first one to strike as he sent the rest of the competitors to the floor, Gringo Loco returned to the ring and showboated in Lando’s face and hit a sit-out cutter. Axton Ray entered the match and strung together a couple of offensive sequences with Gringo Loco; both men displayed their ability to evade major power moves as they teamed up to send Lando to the floor. Ray turned on Gringo Loco which resulted in Gringo being sent to the floor. Marcus Mathers went for a flip dive but was caught by the guys on the outside which left the opening for Lando to hit a Shooting Star Press to the floor. Reefer lit his blunt and hit a flip dive which took out all the competitors, he brought Lando back into the ring and hit a torture rack followed by a piledriver for a close near-fall. Reefer took on Gringo Loco, they fought for a little while until Gringo Loco removed the blunt from Reefer’s mouth which caused Reefer to break the hold. Axton Ray took advantage of this situation and connected with a sit-out Doctor Bomb, Ray went for the pin but Mathers was able to break up the pin attempt and ran wild on all of the competitors. Everyone got their chance to shine until Gringo Loco hit a second rope sit-out powerbomb for the victory.

Gringo Loco won the Scramble

Singles Match: Tony Deppen vs. Blake Christian 

Tony Deppen went on the offensive early as they both engaged in some mat-based catch wrestling, Tony got the better of the situation and continue to dominate the early portions of the match. Christian quickened the pace of the match evading some of Tony’s offensive with some of his highflying offense, this brought us to the segment of the match where Tony Deppen tried to kip-up a couple of times but was unable to complete the task; eventually, Blake Christian went in to help Tony but was met with a head kick followed by a back elbow. Tony tied Blake Christian up in a single bicep clutch and wrenched away on Christian’s body; by this point of the match, people started to turn on Blake Christian which is understandable given that Tony Deppen is one of the fan favorites and ‘Gatekeeper’ of GCW. Blake Christian hit a Fosbury flop to the floor but it didn’t have any effect on Tony who subsequently hit Christian with a Tombstone Piledriver. The two traded offensive maneuvers, Christian turned Tony inside out with a massive clothesline as the crowd got to their feet in appreciation. They traded strikes in the center of the ring, Christian was able to get the best of the situation as he hit a powerbomb followed which led to a sequence of false finishes. Tony locked in a submission maneuver that trapped both of Christian’s arm’s behind his body, Christian was still able to fight out of the hold and hit a combination of high-flying offense. The match ended with Christian using Tony’s momentum against himself and getting the pinfall victory over Tony Deppen.

Blake Christian Defeated Tony Deppen

Post Match: Christian attempted to cut one of his meandering, mediocre, longwinded promos but the crowd started chanting ‘Shut the Fuck up” for a minute or two. He walked around the ring mumbling into the mic as the crowd got even more irate at this complete waste of time. He said a bunch of things into the mic but no one cared as we were chanting ‘wrap it up ‘Next Match’ and ‘Shut the fuck up’ at him. This segment went nowhere and you could see GCW staff cringing at this uncomfortable segment. Christian talked for a little bit but none of it made sense and he eventually just left. This killed the crowd’s enthusiasm and further proved why Blake should never have a mic in his hands. 

GCW Tag Team Championship Match: Los Mazisos (Champions) vs. The Briscoe Brothers

The crowd was electric throughout the match as both of these teams are fan favorites. The two teams shook hands as they kicked off the match with Mark and Miedo Extremo exchanging headlock takeovers, neither man was able to get the advantage and eventually tagged in their partners. Jay and Ciclope traded stiff forearms in the center of the ring and ran a couple of offensive spots together which saw Ciclope hitting a missile dropkick. That didn’t do much as Jay fired back up with some strikes and made the tag to his brother. Ciclope ran wild for a couple of minutes, and wore Mark down with a handful of strikes and power moves; Mark was eventually able to make the tag. Meido threatened Mark with a light tube bundle but was caught with a dropkick which caused the tubes to break over Extremo’s chest. The two teams brawled on the floor, Mark set up a door bridge and started to destroy each other’s skulls with chair shots. The Briscoes returned to the ring and tried to ground Extremo but Extremo proved to be too quick as he was able to avoid most of the Briscoe’s offense. Macizos hit a doomsday device through a door bridge in the corner of the ring, Jay returned to the ring and sent Ciclope to the floor. Big Vin brought in a pane of glass and placed it in the corner, Jay Briscoe was almost sent through the glass but he was able to back body drop which sent Extremo crashing through the pane of glass. The Briscoes were able to hit a Doomsday Device and almost got the pinfall but Ciclope was able to break up the pin. Jay hit the J-Driller on Extremo and went for a pinfall but Extremo kicked out, this sent the crowd into a frenzy. Jay hit another J-Driller onto a chair and secured the victory.

The Briscoe Brothers Defeated Los Maziso to become the new GCW Tag Team Champions

Post Match: SGC made their way to the ring, Mance cut a promo on both teams asking for a title match. The Briscoes accepted the challenge for September 3, 2022, in Chicago. Los Macizos vs. The Briscoe Brothers vs. Second Gear Crew. 

Extreme Title Match: Charli Evans vs. Cole Radrick

Radrick and Evans traded strikes in the center of the ring with Evans getting the best of the situation. She retrieved a baseball bat covered in thumbtacks and proceeded to tee off on Radrick’s back and head, Radrick was able to cut her off and pressed Charli’s head against the thumbtack bat causing her to start bleeding from the head. Radrick went to the floor and retrieved a door which he threw at Charli Evans’s head, Radrick brought the door into the ring and continued his onslaught on Charli. He gave Charli a moment to recover and she laid in a couple of shots but she was met with a light tube to the back of the head. Later on in the match, Charli was able to send Cole Radrick face first into a chair in the corner; she attempted a standing suplex and she was cut off but was still able to hit a kick to the face. Charli set a door up in the corner and tried to suplex Cole through the door, Radrick was able to muscle out and sent Charli through the door with an air raid crash. Radrick grabbed a tube and broke it across Charli’s mouth, he followed that up with multiple tube shots to Charli’s head and back. Cole was able to hit Lil’ Sebastians Curse to retain his Extreme title.

Cole Radrick Retained his Extreme Championship

Deathmatch: John Wayne Murdoch vs. Matt Tremont

The crowd came unglued for both of these men, the entire crowd was singing Tremont’s theme song which was an incredible moment. There was so much energy in that room for this match as we all knew that we were about to see something special. The match started with forearm shots from both competitors, this wrapped up quickly as they both grabbed 2x4s that had gusset plates on them. Both men were busted open as Tremont speared John Wayne Murdoch through a pane of glass, Tremont grabbed a gusset plate and hammered it into Murdoch’s skull. Tremont bailed to the floor and grabbed a chair and proceeded to hit Murdoch with it a couple of times, Murdoch hammered a gusset of his own into Tremont’s head, Murdoch threatened to throw a bundle of tubes into the crowd but decided against it and threw them across Tremont’s back, they bailed to the floor and fired up by headbutting each other. Tremont climbed onto the apron but was caught by Murdoch and was sent crashing to the floor through a pane of glass. The thud from Tremont’s fall was felt throughout the Carousel room. Tremont was able to steady the ship as he choke slammed Murdoch through a bundle of tubes, Tremont went for a top rope splash but Murdoch got out of the way which allowed Murdoch to lock in a submission maneuver. Both men stood in the center of the ring and proceeded to hit each other with a handful of bundles of tubes. Murdoch hit a superplex through a bundle of tubes and pinned Matt Tremont.

John Wayne Murdoch Defeated Matt Tremont

GCW Ultraviolent Title Match: Alex Colon (Champion) vs. Rina Yamashita

Colon and Rina started the match with a series of offensive evasions with neither of them able to gain the advantage. Colon wrestled a tube out of Rina’s hands and broke it over her head. Rina fired herself up by taking a back bump onto a tube, Colon did the same but Rina went for a pin. The fight spilled to the floor where Colon hit a running double knee, he went for another one but Rina cut him off and body slammed him on the floor. Rina grabbed a ‘fan’ and suplexed him onto Alex Colon, Rina broke a tube over her head and proceeded to ‘eat’ some of the glass to the crowd’s delight. Rina started to carve away on Colon’s head which left a shard sticking out of his head and was kind of gross. Colon went for a Gory Bomb through a pane of glass but the pane didn’t break so Colon sent her head first through the pane of glass. Colon dragged Rina through the glass and went for a pin attempt but Rina was able to kick out. Colon broke a couple of tubes over her head of Rina but she got back to her feet and hit a forearm which caused a tube to break in Colon’s face. Colon retrieved a Dry Wall saw and started to ‘carve’ away on her forehead as the crowd chanted ‘over here.’ Rina hit Colon with a boot to the face followed by a German suplex through some tubes and followed that up with a curb stomp through a bundle of tubes for a very close near fall. The crowd was hungry for a title change and were firmly behind Rina; Colon hit a swinging DDT out of the corner through the glass, he picked up a bundle of tubes and broke them over Rina with running double knees. Both competitors were on their knees as they continued to battle and delivered forearm shots to each other; Rina grounded Colon and put a bunch of tubes on his prone body and hit a big splash off the top rope for a very close near fall. Rina set up a pane of glass across two chairs and attempted to Rana Colon off but he reversed it and hit a Style’s Clash through the glass. Rina kicked out at 1 and the crowd went wild as they smashed a bunch of tubes over each other’s heads which took this match to another level. Rina locked in the camel clutch and Alex Colon tapped out. The roar from the crowd was unbelievable, I’ve never heard the Showboat that loud. Incredible match that kept the crowd engaged throughout. 

Rina Yamashita Defeated Alex Colon to win the GCW Ultraviolent Championship

GCW World Title Match: Jon Moxley (Champion) vs. EFFY

The match started with a ‘New Champ’ chant as the crowd reached a fever pitch during the entrances and introductions for both of these men. The match started with EFFY dropping to his knees, Moxley slapped EFFY across the face but he remained on his knees, Moxley slapped EFFY again and started to talk trash. EFFY chopped Mox but they didn’t have any effect on the champion who returned fire with a couple of chops of his own. Moxley grounded EFFY with a devastating clothesline and proceeded to stomp on EFFY’s head. Moxley was in firm control throughout this match. EFFY kissed Mox on the cheek, Mox kissed EFFY on the cheek, and they kissed on the lips as the crowd went wild. Moxley licked EFFY’s face and sent EFFY out to the floor. Mox grabbed a door and set it up in the corner, they brawled on the floor as Moxley started to work over EFFY’s bleeding forehead. Mox sent EFFY crashing through the door, and the crowd started booing Moxley as he took a broken piece of the door and stabbed EFFY in the head and back. Moxley went to the floor and lit up a cigarette and continued his beatdown of EFFY. EFFY tried to fire back up but Moxley had an answer for every attempt. There was a ref bump that allowed Allie Katch to run in and low blow Moxley which resulted in a visual pinfall. Moxley regained his bearings they kissed again and Mox hit the Death Rider for the victory. 

Jon Moxley Defeated EFFY and retained the GCW World Title 

Post Match: Moxley grabbed the mic and said that he loves GCW and loves the fans but he wants more competition and he’s waiting for someone to finally step up. The bell tolled and Nick Gage came to the ring to a thunderous ovation. Nick Gage cut a promo talking about how this year has been one of the worst years of his life due to personal losses and injuries. He notes how he has come to terms with the fact that his body is breaking down but he still has a little left and challenged Moxley for the title. Mox took the mic and explained the ending of the classic kid’s book Old Yeller and told Gage he will give him a title shot if Nick Gage puts his career on the line. Gage accepted and sent the crowd home happy with his MDK call and response. 

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