Brian Gewirtz gives his take on what’s next for Vince McMahon, comments on Ed Koskey’s tenure in WWE

While making the media rounds to promote his new book, Brian Gewirtz spoke with POST Wrestling's own John Pollock

Brian Gewirtz speaks with POST Wrestling.

August 16th is the date that former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz released his book about his time in WWE. To promote it, he sat down for a conversation with POST Wrestling’s own John Pollock.

As the conversation went on, Gewirtz was asked for his thoughts about what could be next for Vince McMahon following his resignation as CEO and Chairman of WWE. Gewirtz described that answer as one of the most fascinating unknowns.

Honestly, it’s one of the most fascinating unknowns I think there is [what Vince McMahon is going to do post-WWE] because this is, you know… Vince famously, first to arrive, last to leave type guy and it all starts with him and WWE is his life and his passion but also working is his passion. As a WWE employee, I remember I got four weeks of vacation a year. I would savor whatever time on the weekend when I wasn’t working on the show that I would have. Vince’s mindset is one of, ‘Vacation?’ He didn’t take vacations. He’s not a fan of sleep because that’s less hours you could be working and doing something. He is a driven individual who doesn’t, you know — maybe with grandchildren and everything, there’s that aspect of not working, family that you can embrace and seek your teeth into… we’ll obviously lead different lives. He’s not watching the Mets game. He’s not watching the fantasy football draft this August so, I have no idea. I really don’t. I just know that he is one that always loves to work and be in the moment and not really, like, leisure time is not something I’ve ever known of him to be a big fan of so it’s a truly great unknown. I have no idea.

A constant in WWE over the last two decades is Ed Koskey, who serves on the writing team. Gewirtz said Koskey is one of his longtime friends and he chooses to remain private so he can focus on his job.

He added that Koskey is one of the funniest people he’s ever met and is a huge fan of all pro wrestling and not just WWE.

He’s [Ed Koskey] a rat bastard and he needs to be stopped. I’ve always been against it — no, I’m just kidding. Ed’s probably like one of my closest friends in wrestling. He’s someone who, like if you thought I was off the grid as far as social media and Google Images and that type of thing… no [one can identify him]. He’s D.B. Cooper and there’s a reason for that. He’s focused on the job at hand. From a personal standpoint, he’s as funny as anybody I’ve ever known. Not just in the wrestling business but in general and he’s a hard worker and a huge fan of wrestling and I don’t mean WWE, I mean wrestling. The territories and NWA and ECW and WCW and everything else.

There is a written review of Brian Gewirtz’s book here POST Wrestling. That review was written by Brandon Sears.

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