Eddie Kingston reflects on ‘explosion’ at AEW Revolution: What got me mad was I saw disappointment in Tony Khan’s face

Eddie Kingston looks back at the 'explosion' that closed the 2021 AEW Revolution pay-per-view

Eddie Kingston looks back at Revolution 2021 and discusses his growth as a person.

Next up on the docket for Eddie Kingston is a singles match against Tomohiro Ishii on the AEW All Out ‘Zero Hour’ pre-show. This is going to be the second time that Ishii and Kingston have wrestled each other one-on-one.

Ahead of the pay-per-view, Pro Wrestling Illustrated released their interview with Kingston. Among the topics reflected on was Kingston’s arrival to AEW. While talking about that, Kingston stated that he tries not to let outside factors ruin his energy. He said there are times when the old version of himself wants to creep out and he’ll have to step outside the arena and take a walk.

Kingston went on to add that he has a certain code on how people should act backstage and as human beings, but has to remember that not everyone abides by that same code.

It turned out I was able to say some stuff and challenge Cody [Rhodes] and I didn’t think — for the TNT Title when he had the open challenge — I didn’t think anything of it, I didn’t think it was gonna happen because if you noticed, I mentioned Nick Aldis last because he was the NWA Champion at the time. But then I got the phone call and I was like, okay, stay focused and that’s what I do now. I stay focused, I try not to let outside stuff ruin my energy. I may sound like a hippie but let me tell you something, there’s days when old Eddie wants to creep back up and I gotta walk outside the arena and take a long, long walk, you know what I mean? Because I have my own code on how people should act in the back and I have my own code on what it is to be a good human being or a bad human being. I have my own code but I have to always remember not everyone has the same code that I do and I can’t force my beliefs on anybody or whatever and I gotta walk away. Now back in the day, I used to yell and scream and get in people’s faces when I felt they weren’t doing right and they would be like, ‘Eddie, you were right but the way you came at it was so rough that no one’s hearing your words. They’re just hearing your volume.’

At the 2021 Revolution pay-per-view, there was an explosion that was supposed to go off at the conclusion of Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega’s Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match.

Kingston came out to the ring to cover Moxley from the explosion, but there was not much pyro that went off. What got Eddie upset was seeing the look of disappointment on the faces of Tony Khan and others who were involved in crafting the ‘explosion’ and those involved in the match.

I wasn’t demoralized [Kingston said about the ‘explosion’ at AEW Revolution 2021] because neither was Mox because we both knew we could fix it. But what got me mad was I saw the look on Tony Khan’s face and that bothered me, you know what I mean? The disappointment in his face and others who worked in that match or others who worked to set that up. To see their disappointment, that’s what bothered me, you know what I mean? And nothing else really got to me. There was no, oh, was big my chance. I just remember me and Mox went to the back and we were both like, ‘We got this’ and I was like, ‘Oh yeah, we got it. We’ll talk Tuesday about whatever we gotta do.’ But it was just seeing the disappointment in others, I was like, ah, that sucks.

AEW All Out on September 4th is going to be the seventh AEW pay-per-view in a row that Kingston will have wrestled on. POST Wrestling will be live with a review of the pay-per-view once it concludes.

If the quotes in this article are used, please credit Pro Wrestling Illustrated with an H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions. 

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