Ryan Katz’s WWE return pushed back, was supposed to start on 9/1

Ryan Katz is no longer the co-host of the 'Oh...You Didn't Know' podcast. Katz addresses his return to WWE at the start of the show

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Katz no longer co-hosting the podcast with Brian James.

For a decade, Ryan Katz was with WWE as a Creative Producer for the NXT brand. This past January, Katz was released from the company alongside the likes of William Regal, Ace Steel, Brian ‘Road Dogg’ James, Dave Kapoor, Scott Armstrong and Allison Danger.

Brian James is back in WWE as the Senior Vice President of Live Events and Katz is scheduled to return to the company as well. The opening of this week’s ‘Oh…You Didn’t Know’ podcast was a farewell to Katz. He is no longer going to be co-hosting the show.

Katz: 20 episodes behind us and this is 21 and looking back at these few months, it’s been one hell of a run. But a conundrum has occurred and a decision has been made. One that benefits us all as we wanna get paid so with sadness in my soul, this intro will be my last, as we welcome a new host as this torch gets passed. So instead of a two-box, Steve, for a moment we’ll take three and then we’ll drop back to two as Casio [Kid] replaces me. He’ll slide in the spot and fit tight like O.J.’s glove and to the D.O. double g, I show my appreciation and love. This is ‘Oh…You Didn’t Know’ and it won’t miss a beat as new host Casio joins Road Dogg to bring that podcast heat.

It was then said that Ryan is heading back to WWE, but Ryan clarified that he’s still trying to figure out what exactly he’ll be doing there. He said “nothing’s kind of official” and was supposed to start today, but that was pushed back. He joked that things could fall apart in a week.

Road Dogg: But Ryan, for real man, we both got released on the same day not too long ago and I guess people have figured out by now that you’re returning to the World Wrestling Entertainment and kind of taking over your exact previous job. Talk to me a little bit about what that job is Ryan before I let you go.

Katz: It’s gonna be interesting because I’m still trying to figure out if that’s exactly what I’m doing.

Road Dogg: So did you get a title or a billet or anything?

Katz: I mean, nothing’s kind of official so [Katz laughed]…

Road Dogg: Have you started yet at least?

Katz: No. I was supposed to start on Thursday, the day that this drops but it’s been pushed so the timing of this, it’s all gonna go kaput in a week.

People have wondered why I don’t respond to the questions or the stories out there. It’s because I’m still waiting to find out if it’s true too.

Ryan was part of Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque’s team in NXT and now Levesque is overseeing creative for Raw and SmackDown. Shawn Michaels is overseeing the NXT 2.0 brand.

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