GCW & BLP 4 Cups Stuffed: Moxley confronts Gage, Janela vs. The Cat, Bryan Alvarez in action

Jon Pine reviews GCW and BLP's 4 Cups Stuffed with an appearance by Jon Moxley, Team GCW vs. Team BLP, Ernest Miller vs. Joey Janela & more.

Game Changer Wrestling and Black Label Pro: 4 Cups Stuffed
Friday, September 2, 2022
Grand Sports Arena, Hoffman Estates, IL

Lucha Trios Match: Gringo Loco, Latigo, and Toxin vs. ASF, Drago Kid, and Laredo Kid

Laredo Kid and Latigo started the match with a series of heavy overhand chops which quickly turned into a game of evasion as they picked up the match’s pace to showcase their agility. All 6 men got a chance to shine early in the match with each of them getting a close near fall. Gringo Loco hit ASF so hard that ASF’s mask flew into the second row, Gringo caught ASF coming off the top rope and powerbombed him over the top rope. Gringo followed that up with a Fosbury Flop, Team Gringo Loco isolated ASF in the ring and beat him down until his partners finally made the save; Drago Kid entered the match but was quickly met with a forearm from Latigo, Drago Kid went around the world but before he could finish the move he was met with a dropkick to his head. Latigo and Toxin tossed into the air, Gringo came off the top rope and powerbombed him. This was an incredibly impressive and innovative maneuver. Gringo Loco pinned ASF after a popup piledriver. This was a really enjoyable match that never gave you a chance to look away from the screen. 

Gringo Loco, Latigo, and Toxin Defeated ASF, Drago Kid, and Laredo Kid 

Nick Gage: 

“Where’s my motherfucking gang at? Nah motherfuckers the God of this shit is back in Chicago, where’s my fucking gang at” Mox’s Music hits 

Mox: Now I do what the fuck I want, when the fuck I want, I thought It’d be appropriate since I have some things to say, there is only one way to do it, right here in GCW, live to your face, Nicky. And you all remember it was one year ago in this building I won the GCW Championship, I took this world championship as bait, as Nick Gage bait, and I baited you right in because I wanted to put you down like a dog because I love you. You know you say these people love you but I don’t know if they care about you as much as I do. I was willing to walk over you, step on your head, and beat you in Atlantic City so that you would go home for good because I love you. But you didn’t get the message and you didn’t get the message so this time I will put you down for good and if you hadn’t heard, the biggest match in GCW history, I have chosen October 8th and I have chosen Atlantic City, Nick Gage’s home turf in front of your friends, in front of your family because I want you to be prepared for life after wrestling cus when I choke you out, when I drop you on your head and put the lights out inaudible you talk about how you are ready to die in this ring, ‘I’m ready to die for this shit’ but professional wrestling, this gang of yours, GCW this is your life and on October 8th, your life is over”

Gage: Hey Moxley where the fuck do you think you’re going, you look at me when I’m talking motherfucker,  you’re not understanding who Nick Gage is and who the MDK gang is these motherfuckers out here give me the inspiration to get in this fucking ring and bust my fucking ass every time. So Jon not only will you have to go through me, you have to go through the entire MDK gang around the world. And Jon all I got is professional wrestling, I got nothing else, so you’re gonna have to kill me or I’m going to walk out with that world heavyweight title around my waist. 

Singles Match: Mike Bailey vs. Kylie Rae

The two hugged to start the match before engaging in a stiff collar and elbow tie-up, they wrestled to a stalemate with each competitor bowing at each other. The two fought over a waist lock with Bailey getting the advantage, he was able to connect with a Northern Lights suplex. The match spilled to the floor as Bailey hit Kylie with two consecutive backbreakers, then he beat Kylie around the ring post as he gloated to the crowd. This match is very much a departure from your usual Mike Bailey match, this was a very slow-paced match that really didn’t get a major pop from the crowd at any point. Bailey went for the flamingo driver but Rae was able to reverse it and roll up Bailey for a near fall. Rae locked in a crossface on the floor but Bailey quickly recovered and hit a triangle moonsault followed by a Boston Crab. Bailey sent Rae back inside the ring and attempted another flamingo driver, but Rae was able to “lock in a crossface” on his shoulders which didn’t amount to anything. Bailey kicked her in the face a couple of times, put Rae on the top rope, and followed her up there, Rae knocked Bailey off, but Bailey was able to kick her in the face a couple of times, Rae kicked out of the flamingo driver but finally tapped out via a Boston Crab. 

Mike Bailey Defeated Kylie Rae 

Singles Match: Shane Mercer vs. Marko Stunt

Marko attempted a chokeslam, but he obviously wasn’t able to, Mercer piefaced him which caused Marko to bail to the floor, he scurried underneath the ring to evade the advancing Mercer. Stunt attempted a blockbuster but he was caught in mid-air and brainbustered. Mercer threw Marko into the air and hit him with a devastating powerslam but Marko kicked out at 1. Marko Sabu’d a chair into Mercer’s head and hit a swinging DDT on the floor, Marko rolled Mercer back into the ring, Mercer was taken off of his feet with a drop toe hold but he quickly regained the advantage tossing Marko around the ring like a sack of potatoes. Somehow Marko kept kicking out. Marko jumped off the top rope and connected with an elbow to Mercer’s head and then a lariat to the floor. Mercer cut off Marko’s momentum with a boot to his face, Mercer then threw Marko over 5 rows of chairs, Mercer grabbed a door and threw Marko back into the ring, Marko was able to briefly get the advantage and sent Mercer through the door with an acid drop. Mercer hit two consecutive moonsault and batteries for the victory. 

Shane Mercer Defeated Marko Stunt

Tag Team Match: Killer Kelly and Tom Lawlor vs. Billie Starkz and Bryan Alvarez

Dave Meltzer was sitting in the front row for this match. Billie and Kelly started the match with a collar and elbow which Billie transitioned into a brief abdominal stretch into a waist lock. The two traded forearm shots causing Kelly to tag in Tom Lawlor. Bryan and Tom fought for the advantage on the mat. Bryan was caught in a figure four but was able to transition out of it, he ate a  forearm from Lawlor as Bryan retreated to the corner and hit behind Billie. Tom Lawlor no sold a series of chops in the corner, Lawlor whipped Bryan across the ring. The match spilled to the floor, Tom unleashed a long series of chops onto Bryan’s chest they fought back into the ring with Bryan getting a brief advantage. Bryan attempted to choke out Lawlor but was planted with a brutal bodyslam. Kelly was tagged in and ran wild on Billie Starkz but Bryan quickly regained his bearings and attempted a Swanton but was caught in a choke, Billie broke up the hold which caused Tom to get distracted, Bryan hit a super kick, attempted another Swanton Bomb which was successful this time around, but both Kelly and Tom locked in sleeper holds, Tom transitioned his and stretched Bryan for the victory.

Tom Lawlor and Killer Kelly Defeated Bryan Alvarez and Billie Starkz

Singles Match: Ernest Miller vs. Joey Janela 

The two locked up with both men landing some strikes, Janela was taken off of his feet with a thrust kick, and Ernest attempted a splash in the corner but Janela got out of the way. Joey hit Ernest with a forearm which took Ernest off of his feet, Joey bailed to the floor after Ernest was able to fire up, and the two men traded stiff forearms and chops on the floor which the crowd got really into. Joey set up a chair in the middle of the ring and placed Ernest on it, Joey came off the top rope with a senton but Ernest got out of the way which caused Janela to crash onto the chair which caused him to clutch his lower back throughout the rest of the match. Joey grounded Ernest with a  forearm, he climbed to the top rope and hit a RamJam for only a two count. Ernest fired back up and knocked Joey off the apron which sent Joey through a door on the floor. Ernest set up a door in the corner but he took too long which allowed Joey to get back up to his feet; Janela hit Ernest with a press slam. Ernest Irish whipped Joey through the door, Ernest’s advantage didn’t last long as Joey hit him over the head with a broken piece of the door and followed that up with a double stomp off the top rope for the victory. 

Joey Janela Defeated Ernest Miller

Singles Match: Masha Slamovich vs. Sandra Moone

Masha took the fight to Moone early on in the matchup, but Moone quickly responded with a couple of strikes followed by a tope which sent Masha into the chairs. Moone repeatedly chopped Masha, she attempted another one but Masha reversed it and suplexed Moon on the astroturf. Masha sent Moone into a trash can which caused a bunch of trash to spill onto the floor; Masha muscled Moon up onto the bleachers and powerbombed her. The two headed back towards the ring with Masha hitting a series of Kawada kicks for good measure. Masha needed the referee’s help to get a door into the ring which she set up in the corner. Moone regained her advantage and curb stomped Masha onto a pile of chairs, she placed Masha up on the second rope and lawn darted Mashsa into a chair that was placed between the ropes. Moone attempted a gutwrench powerbomb but couldn’t muscle Masha up but still attempted to pin her. Masha took control of the match, got Moone up onto her shoulders and sent her through the door and dumped Moone on her head for the victory. 

Masha Slamovich Defeated Sandra Moone 

Black Label Pro Heavyweight Championship Match: Calvin Tankman (champion) vs. Rich Swann

The two men shook hands as the action commenced, Rich Swann was able to evade the big man using his own momentum against himself which caused Tankman to crash to the floor. Swann attempted a move off the apron but Tankman caught him and powerbombed Swann on the apron; the two men traded chops and forearm strikes but they didn’t have much effect on Tankman as he tossed Swann across the ring with ease. Tankman hit a cartwheel into a crossbody for a two count. Rich Swann finally connected with a series of kicks and strikes but he struggled to turn the big man over which resulted in a two count. Tankman hit Swann with a back elbow and a Saito suplex for a near fall. Swann connected with a boot to the face, climbed up to the top rope, and hit a Frog Splash which he got incredible elevation on but he wasn’t able to capitalize as Tankman hit him with a forearm followed by a pop-up spinning back elbow for another near fall. Swann swatted away another forearm strike and connected with a back handspring elbow and a Phoenix splash but Tankman muscled out and hit Swann with the Tankman Driver (piledriver) for the victory. 

Calvin Tankman retained the Black Label Pro Championship

14-Man Tag Team Match: Team Black Label Pro (August Matthews, Crash Jaxon, Davey Bang, Dominic Garrini, Josh Bishop, Kevin Ku, and Levi Everett) vs. Team GCW (Blake Christian, Ciclope, Cole Radrick, Jordan Oliver, Miedo Extremo, Nick Wayne, and Tony Deppen)

Ku and Deppen started the match with some excellent technical wrestling which saw neither man able to get a definitive advantage. Blake Christian and August Matthews entered the match-up next and started to engage in various lucha-based offensive moves and evasions. Blake was taken off of his feet by Josh Bishop, all of the team GCW attempted to take out Bishop with Miedo Extremo the only one able to land any strikes. Los Macizos then unloaded on Team Black Label Pro with chair shots with Davey Bang causing a distraction that briefly swung the momentum in Team BLP’s advantage. Ku and Dominic faced off with both Los Macizos and Nick Wayne and Jordan Oliver; Oliver and Wayne gained the advantage and sent Ku and Dom to the floor. Deppen and Levi faced off in the center of the ring with Levi, Levi out-wrestled Tony, Tony bailed to the floor as Josh Bishop powerbombed his own partner onto the pile of competitors on the floor. Crash Jaxon hit a dive as well. Tony Deppen climbed onto a structure in the arena which Kevin Gill beautifully  described as “It looks like he’s about to do a puppet show up there, what is going on.” Deppen soared off the puppet show area onto both teams on the floor, Deppen and Cole Radrick returned to the ring with Davey Bang, Bang took a powder on the floor as he grabbed a Bang energy drink. Bang evaded a series of clotheslines and elbows but was eventually grounded by Radrick, Levi came to Bang’s aid with a headbutt followed by a powerslam. Levi climbed to the top rope but was caught with a DDT from Blake Christian followed by a frog splash. Davey Bang and Agusut Matthews isolated Blake Christian in the corner but Nick Wayne quickly entered the match and hit a half and half suplex. Oliver and Wayne proceeded to run wild on Bang and Matthews but Crash Jaxon took Oliver out with a vicious lariat. Jaxon did a couple of big man spots, Cole Radrick hit Jaxon with a lionsault but Bishop broke up the pin and beat down Radrick and Deppen. Bishop stacked both of them up on his shoulders and DVD’d them into the corner. Los Mazicos hit Bishop with a doomsday device but the pin attempt was broken up by Dom and Kevin Ku. Los Mazicos started to beat down on Davey Bang, Miedo hit him with a powerbomb followed by a moonsault from Ciclope for the pin. 

Team GCW Defeated Team Black Label Pro 

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