Roman Reigns vs. Logan Paul title match confirmed for Crown Jewel at press conference

The pair will meet at the premium live event in Saudi Arabia on November 5th.

Photo Courtesy: WWE

Roman Reigns vs. Logan Paul was made official today as the main event of WWE Crown Jewel at a press conference in Las Vegas.

Crown Jewel takes place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on November 5th.

In storyline, Logan Paul arranged the press conference himself, and appeared on SmackDown on Friday night to announce it and challenge Roman Reigns to attend.

In front of a backdrop displaying the Crown Jewel logo, Michael Cole opened the conference at the Dawg House Saloon and Sportsbook. He explained the reason for the presser, which he said had been “thrown together at the last minute”.

Cole introduced Roman Reigns, who came out to his theme music, accompanied by Jimmy and Jey Uso, Solo Sikoa, Sami Zayn, and Paul Heyman. Sami Zayn has never appeared at a Saudi WWE event.

Logan Paul was then introduced, appearing on his own.

WWE Chief Content Officer Paul Levesque came out to confirm that the match between Reigns and Paul was official, noting that he was happy to deliver the ”groundbreaking announcement” during a “big fight weekend” in Las Vegas, referring to the boxing match between Canelo Álvarez and Gennady Golovkin at the T-Mobile Arena tonight.

Levesque said that the WWE specialized in creating spectacles, referencing the recent Clash at the Castle stadium show. He put over Logan Paul as representing the “youth of the world” on a “god-tier level”. He mentioned that Floyd Mayweather couldn’t put Paul down but that Roman Reigns was on a “whole different stratosphere.”

Roman Reigns then came to the podium, telling Las Vegas to acknowledge him. He said he had been given the statistics on Logan Paul, who had been in two matches while Reigns had been champion for two years. He added, “You are in the water with the biggest shark to ever live in WWE.”

He said that “you need to crawl before you walk, and walk before you run,” adding, “when we get to Saudi Arabia, we’re going to smash you.”

Logan Paul then took the podium, promising that he would deliver a performance “unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.” He said that he had been wrestling his whole life, but that it took him a while to find his home.

He told Reigns, “This might be your sport, but this is my match.” He added that, while Reigns may be the Head of the Table, “I am the table, and Roman Reigns will acknowledge me on November 5th.”

There followed a few softball questions from the media, who seemed to be playing their part in the “sports entertainment” nature of the presser.

In answer to one question, Paul noted his amateur wrestling background, having represented Ohio University, an NCAA Division 1 wrestling school.

Levesque noted during the Q&A portion that he had been skeptical about Logan Paul but that the 27-year-old had “put in the grind every day,” and had earned his respect. Levesque added, “Is he biting off more than he can chew? We’ll find out.”

Logan Paul then noted that he was a “delusional optimist”, telling Reigns, “I see you not paying attention. Keep that up and you’ll see what happens.”

Heyman then took the microphone to say he was calling a close to the press conference, telling those in the audience who were chanting Logan Paul’s name to “STFU please.”

At that point, in the sole piece of very limited physicality, Logan Paul stood up to confront Reigns. Reigns shoved him and Levesque stepped in to separate the pair.

The pair then faced off while Cole reiterated that the match was official.

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