Jazzy Gabert comments on IWGP Women’s Title tourney: “The call from STARDOM came as a surprise”

Jazzy Gabert speaks about the IWGP Women's Championship tournament which begins at NJPW Royal Quest II

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‘Alpha Female’ is excited for the upcoming tournament.

On day two of NJPW Royal Quest II, ‘Alpha Female’ Jazzy Gabert will take on Ava White in the first round of the international bracket for the IWGP Women’s Championship tournament.

The winner will advance to the next round to face KAIRI. Ahead of the bout, Jazzy was interviewed by NJPW1972.com. She said the call from STARDOM came as a surprise and joked that it’s only right that they called a former World of STARDOM Champion.

Super excited. The call from STARDOM came as a surprise to me at first, but I guess it’s only right that they should call a former World of STARDOM Champion! Seriously, it’s a huge honor. I’m nervous, but I’m definitely excited, and I know what this means, so I’ll put all my heart into it.

Throughout the chat, Gabert’s bond with Masahiro Chono was discussed. She said they have stayed in contact throughout the years and she went to Chono for advice before the 2017 Mae Young Classic and they chatted again as the IWGP Women’s Title tourney inches closer.

Oh yeah, absolutely. Like when I wrestled in the Mae Young Classic in WWE, I called him and asked him, ‘I really want to make a good first impression, what do I do?’ He gave me the most amazing advice I would have never thought of. How to move in the ring, how to present myself, everything. It turned out that match (with Abbey Laith/Kimber Lee) was something I was really proud of. Then when I found out I would be in this IWGP tournament, I called him and he was so happy for me. So he’s been following my career all the way, and I’ve been watching his matches and sometimes we watch things together, analyze stuff. We have a special bond, I feel.

Gabert has her own promotion called ‘SIRIUS Sports Entertainment’ which is based in Bisingen, Germany. With her relationship to STARDOM, she is hoping that she can get STARDOM talents over to Germany for shows.

Yeah. I always keep track of what they’re doing, who their champions are. I’m a promoter now in Germany as well; my dream is to have the STARDOM girls to Germany, so I’m keeping a close eye on them.

STARDOM along with other Joshi-related news is covered here on POST Wrestling by way of Karen Peterson in her ‘Dream Slam Weekly’.

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