Malakai Black further addresses his status with AEW, says he’ll be back with the company soon

Malakai Black went live on Instagram and further addressed his status with All Elite Wrestling. He says he'll be back with the company soon

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Malakai addresses his situation with AEW and the feedback he’s gotten on social media.

Last week, Malakai Black issued a public statement and confirmed that he requested his release from All Elite Wrestling. He listed off several factors that affected both him and his wife, WWE’s Zelina Vega such as the passing of a close friend and medical setbacks.

Black also shared that he was dealing with a back injury that he was sure would end his career and that was just the tip of the iceberg for him opting to step away from wrestling. He went live on his Instagram page and further addressed his status with AEW. He said he’s only taking some time off and there’s no conspiracy to his situation. Malakai added that he’ll be back with the company soon.

Anyway, I will see you guys in a couple of weeks, maybe a couple of months. Like I said, I’m only taking some time off, that’s it. Just taking some time off. There’s no conspiracy to this. Just taking some time off, all right? I will see you guys soon, take care of yourself. Stop believing any other narrative. Like right now, I’ve debunked it. There’s nothing going on. Don’t believe these people. Don’t write opinions, believe it, nothing. I’m fine, I’m going to be fine, everything is fine. You’ll see me right back with AEW pretty soon. I’m just gonna take some time, that’s it and guys, last thing before I leave, don’t make me some instrument for this whole tribalism, us versus them thing because I don’t do that stuff. I don’t do the whole team AEW versus team WWE. I don’t play that. To me, this is a business. This is genuinely a business in the sense of the way it’s a business. This is my job, this is what I do for a living, this is how I’ve made my living for the past 12, 13 years of my life. I’ve been in the business since the 2000s. Okay, so thank you for those who have been supportive of me, thank you for your nice messages.

During the same live stream, Black touched on the death threats and hate messages he has received online. He said he’s simply been given time off by Tony Khan to take care of personal matters. Black said people are making things up and trying to tie bridges together that are no longer there.

Death threats? Death threats? You wish death upon a person because of what someone else says and it’s confirmed? It’s not confirmed, it’s clearly not confirmed. None of it’s confirmed. There’s no confirmation because I haven’t left. Luckily, I’ve been — and that’s what this whole thing was about. I’ve been given time by Tony [Khan] to take care of a bunch of stuff. All this stuff has been cleared up like weeks, weeks ago. All this stuff was weeks ago and I posted that statement as a summary for you to understand why I took some off. Again, it’s in the statement. It is in the statement. It’s mind boggling — if this isn’t enough incentive for you guys stop believing these people then I don’t know what is… because again, if you were a part of this whole mob that went into, like I said, sending me a bunch of hateful comments based on the words of someone else and sorry but you’re dumb. You’re stupid and of course, again, does anyone understand that in the time where I’m going through this stuff and I’m kind of dealing with a bunch of stuff in a very productive manner, that-that doesn’t exactly help? And what I hate about it is that none of these dirt sheets will take responsibility. None of these guys will take accountability and say, oh sh*t, we f*cked up. I’m sorry. We probably should have not said that. He’s going through some stuff. Maybe we should not, you know? Maybe we should not make all these basic assumptions because again, as it turns out, it’s not true. None of its true. Not one single thing is true. So again, if you were a part of this mob that felt the need to even send me death threats then, thank you dirt sheets because clearly, those people, they don’t care about my mental health, they don’t care about your mental health. They don’t care about your feelings, they don’t care about my wife, they don’t give a sh*t. All they want is dumb clicks for stuff that they’re making up because they’re trying to tie bridges between things that are no longer there. Tying things that don’t exist.

Malakai’s fellow House of Black member Buddy Matthews stated at an independent show that he was going to be taking some time off. Matthews has not addressed his status with AEW directly but tweeted out a GIF from Seinfeld with the caption “Fake”.

On the 9/26 Monday Night Raw, as a part of the ‘White Rabbit’ teases, there was an Q.R. code and in the HTML code, it read that, “No man is ever truly good. No man is ever truly evil” which are the lyrics of Malakai Black’s WWE theme.

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