GCW Planet Death: Alex Colon vs. Toru Sugiura vs. Drew Parker

Jon Pine's report on GCW's Planet Death event from Japan featuring Alex Colon vs. Drew Parker vs. Toru Sugiura in a three-way death match.

Photo Courtesy: GCW

GCW Planet Death
Monday, September 26, 2022, Shin-Kiba 1st Ring, Tokyo, Japan
Air Date: September 30, 2022

Scramble Match: Jimmy Lloyd vs. Nick Wayne vs. Toshiyuki Sakuda vs. Jordan Oliver vs. Kikutaro vs. The Invisible Man

Kikutaro cut a promo before the match began and called The Invisible Man to the ring. All the competitors sold for the Invisible Man but Jimmy was able to cut off his progress with a superkick. Wayne and Oliver started to work over Jimmy Lloyd with their tag team-based offense, Sakuda rejoined the matchup and took the fight to Oliver and Wayne sent them to the floor where Sakuda took them out with a dive. Not to be outdone, Nick Wayne followed that up with a moonsault of their own. They brawled into the crowd but the Invisible Man took them all out with a dive off the balcony. Kikutaro got a two count on the Invisible Man with a running European uppercut; the two men traded strikes in the center of the ring with Kiku getting the advantage. Jordan Oliver reentered the match-up and took out Kiku with a series of strikes, Sakuda cut off Oliver’s momentum with a couple of strikes followed by a standing moonsault. Sakuda hit Oliver with a slingshot senton and went for the cover but Jimmy Lloyd broke it up. Nick Wayne ran wild on Jimmy Lloyd with a high-flying offensive sequence that culminated in senton which took everyone out on the floor. Jordan Oliver caught Jimmy Lloyd by surprise and hit him with the clout cutter for the victory. 

Jordan Oliver wins the Scramble Match 

Deathmatch: Cole Radrick vs. Violento Jack 

The two men engaged in mat wrestling to start the match with neither man able to get the advantage over the other. Cole grabbed a chair wrapped in barbed wire and attempted to powerslam Jack onto the chair, Jack was able to counter and scoop slam Cole onto the barbed wire chair. They took turns slamming their heads into a gusset plate that was placed on a chair and proceeded to chop each other in the center of the ring. Cole sent Jack to the floor with a dropkick and took Jack off of his feet with a flying forearm, Cole rolled Jack back into the ring and covered him for two. Cole Radrick 619ed Jack with a barbed wire chair for another two count and attempted to continue his beat down but was caught with a lariat from Violento Jack. Jack grounded Cole with a head kick and placed a cut can chair onto Cole; Jack climbed to the top rope and hit a senton for another two count. Cole fired back up and placed the barbed wire chair onto the prone Violento Jack and hit a lionsault for a very close near fall. Jack hit Cole with a one-winged angel onto the barbed wire chair for the victory. 

Violento Jack Defeated Cole Radrick 

Tag Team Deathmatch: SHLAK and EFFY vs. Takashi Sasaki and Daisuke Masaoka 

EFFY and Sasaki started the match with a stiff collar and elbow tie-up followed by an exchange of holds from both of them. EFFY dropped to his knees but Sasaki kicked him in the face but EFFY no sold it and started attacking the veteran, Sasaki. SHLAK and Masaoka were both tagged in and they started to beat each other up, SHLAK grounded Masaoka with an overhead suplex and proceeded to place a plastic bag over Masaoka’s head and stabbed him in the head with a device. 

SHALK backed Masaoka up in the corner and tagged EFFY back into the match, who continued to beat down on the isolated Masaoka. SHLAK and Sasaki faced off in the center of the ring, Sasaki tried unsuccessfully to take SHLAK off his feet with a lariat. Sasaki grabbed a barbed wire bat and hit SHLAK with it a couple of times but SHLAK didn’t care, he easily wrestled the bat away from Sasaki, raked it across his own forehead, SHLAK bit the bat, and then threw it up the entranceway. No God, Only SHLAK. 

SHLAK tagged in EFFY who attacked Sasaki’s nipples and connected with a beautiful fisherman’s suplex for a two count. Sasaki placed EFFY up on the top rope and superplexed EFFY back into the ring. SHLAK reentered the match and double suplexed Masaoka and Sasaki, they sent Masaoka to the floor and beat down the much older Sasaki. EFFY wrapped Masaoka up in the ropes while SHLAK pinned Sasaki with a sit-out powerbomb. 

SHLAK and EFFY Defeated Takashi Sasaki and Daisuke Masaoka 

Deathmatch: John Wayne Murdoch vs. Masashi Takeda 

John Wayne Murdoch has been wanting this match for years, I am so happy and proud of him. They wasted no time as they started breaking tubes over each other’s heads, Murdoch grabbed a gusset and threw it to Takeda and they hammered them into each other’s heads. 

Takeda sent Murdoch back first into a bundle of tubes, which sent Murdoch to the floor. Takeda followed Murdoch and continued to break tubes over Murdoch’s head. Takeda sent Murdoch back into the ring, shot him off the ropes, and hit him in the head with his sheers. With Murdoch grounded, Takeda started to carve away at Murdoch’s head with the shears. Takeda broke a tube across Murdoch’s mouth for a near fall. Murdoch fired up and connected with a series of strikes to Takeda’s head and back; Murdoch grabbed the fork board that Takeda came to the ring with and placed it in the center of the ring. Murdoch attempted to suplex Takeda onto it but he wasn’t able to, which allowed Takeda to chokeslam Murdoch onto the fork board. 

Around the 5-minute mark, Takeda power slammed Murdoch onto the entranceway and climbed a ladder that was in the ring. Murdoch was able to recover and met Takeda up on the top of the ladder, the two men traded fists with Takeda taking the fall off the ladder back into the ring. This didn’t phase Takeda who responded with a bundle of tubes over Murdoch’s skull; he once again placed Murdoch on the entrance ramp and placed a couple of tubes and a chair over his body and hit a senton off the ladder onto Murdoch.

Takeda dragged the fork board back into the ring but was caught with a Canadian destroyer. Takeda staggered back up to his feet, and they traded strikes in the center of the ring, Murdoch picked up a bundle of tubes but Takeda hit Murdoch with a back elbow which shattered the tubes in JWM’s face.

Takeda went for the pin but Murdoch kicked out at 1, Takeda hammered a gusset plate into his own head, power slammed Murdoch onto the broken glass, retrieved the fork board once again, and dumped Murdoch on top of his head on the fork board for the victory. This was a fantastic fast-paced match that lived up to the anticipation, now it’s time to run it back at the Showboat or in the chains. 

Masashi Takeda Defeated John Wayne Murdoch 

GCW Ultraviolent Championship Deathmatch: Rina Yamashita (champion) vs. Mance Warner 

They established early that Mance Warner had the strength advantage over the champion as Rina was unable to take Warner off of his feet with multiple running shoulder tackle attempts. Warner broke a tube over Rina’s head but Rina was unphased and responded with a tube shot of her own, she then proceeded to carve away at Mance Warner’s forehead with the broken end of the tube. Rina retrieved a handful of skewers and smashed them into Warner’s head.

Rina set up a barbed wire board on the ropes and attempted to whip Mance into the board but he reversed it and sent her crashing face first through the barbed wire board. 

Warner then grabbed a barbed wire strand and started to carve away on the champion’s head, he followed that up with a series of chair shots across Rina’s back which allowed him time to set up a barbed wire board across a set of chairs. Rina fired up and grabbed a tube and took a back bump on it, she encouraged Mance to do the same, Mance played along and while Rina had her back turned he rolled her up for a near fall. An irate Rina then attacked Mance with a couple of punches, Mance fired up and did a big wind-up for a punch but poked Rina in the eyes instead. Mance climbed to the top rope and muscled Rina up there with him, Rina was able to reverse his attempt and superplex him through the aforementioned barbed wire board door bridge. 

Rina and Mance traded multiple tube shots in the center of the ring, Rina got the best of the exchange but Mance quickly kicked her in the stomach and laid her out with a lariat for a near fall. Rina grabbed a staple gun and stapled Mance Warner’s tongue, set him up in the corner, and hit Mance Warner with the Splash Mountain onto a pile of tubes and chairs for the victory. 

Rina Yamashita Retained the GCW Ultraviolent Championship

Three-Way Deathmatch: Alex Colon vs. Toru Sugiura vs. Drew Parker 

All three men grabbed a tube and broke them over Drew Parker’s head which sent him to the floor, Toru and Colon ran a couple of spots which saw Colon send Toru to the floor. Parker returned and attempted to hit Colon with a tube but Colon evaded drop kicked Parker back out to the floor. Colon then attempted a tube-assisted tope but he was cut off when Parker and Toru hit him in the head with a chair.

 Parker and Toru traded strikes in the center of the ring, Toru was sent back first in the tubes that were strung up on the ropes but responded quickly with a moonsault; he set Parker up in the corner with a bundle of tubes and hit Parker with a cannonball for a two count. Colon returned to the ring and sent Toru to the floor and hit him with a tube-assisted tope, Parker took advantage and took both men out with a flip dive, Parker set Colon up on the top rope and called for a brainbuster but Toru returned just in time to powerbomb them off onto a bundle of tubes. Toru went for pins on both Colon and Parker but was only able to get a two count; Parker and Colon took a powder on the floor but Toru took them out with a dive of his own. Toru was firmly in control of the match by this point as he continued to inflict punishment with a series of tube shots across Parker and Colon’s heads. Colon set Toru and Parker up in the corner with a tube and hit a double knee which sent glass flying into their faces. 

Colon attempted to pin Toru but it was broken up by Parker. All three men stood in the center of the ring and traded strikes and tube shots, Colon broke up a pin attempt with a Frog Splash, he hit a glancing choke breaker onto Toru, place one of the light tube towers across his body, and climbed to the top rope. Drew Parker met Colon up on the top rope and after a brief struggle, Parker sent Colon crashing to the floor and hit a tube-assisted Swanton onto Toru for the victory. 

Drew Parker Defeated Alex Colon and Toru Sugiura 

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