GCW Fight Club – Night 2: Rina Yamashita vs. Ciclope, Speedball vs. YAMATO

GCW's second night of Fight Club was headlined by Ultraviolent champion Rina Yamashita defending the title, Speedball Mike Bailey against YAMATO & more.

Photo Courtesy: GCW

GCW Fight Club Night 2
Sunday, October 9, 2022
Carousel Room, Showboat Hotel
Atlantic City, New Jersey

Nick Gage:

“WHERE’S MY FUCKING GANG AT, I SAID WHERE’S MY FUCKING GANG AT. I’ll tell you what it feels fucking good to have our title back around my waist. I’ll tell you what, if it wasn’t for you people I wouldn’t be wrestling, and if it wasn’t for you people I wouldn’t be GCW Champion. And you already know how I roll, I’m a fighting fucking champion, so what I’m going to do, is anyone in the back that wants a shot at my title, all you have to do is come get it.” 

*Sawyer Wreck entered* 

Gage: You want a shot at the God?

Sawyer: Let’s fucking Go

*Alec Price enters the ring*

Gage: You want a shot at the God?

Price: *Unintelligible*

Gage: I’ll fight you anytime anywhere motherfucker, bring them on

*Lio Rush enters* 

Gage: You want a shot at the God?

Shane Mercer and Axton Ray came to a ring; Emil J announced that it would be a scramble match.

Scramble Match: Sawyer Wreck vs. Alec Price vs. Axton Ray vs. Lio Rush vs. Shane Mercer vs. Dustin Waller

Mercer and Lio Rush cleared the ring and started to go after each other, Mercer tried to charge into the corner but Lio Rush was able to get out of the way. Lio attempted a swinging DDT but Mercer stopped him and got Lio up in the Military Press position. Lio wiggled out of it and sent Mercer to the floor where he took him out with a tope; Ray and Waller followed suit.  Sawyer was unimpressed and pulled a chair up and goaded Dustin Waller and hit him in the head with a chair. Price attempted to Sabu a chair at Wreck but Wreck blocked it but was caught with a kick to the jaw which sent her to the floor. Axton Ray took her spot and ran an impressive offensive sequence with Price; Price and Waller were able to get Mercer out of the ring with a series of high-flying offenses. Price turned his back on Waller but was quickly taken out by the much quicker Lio Rush. Price was rocked by a spinning roundhouse kick to the head, Price got out of the way and they both were sent to the canvas with a double chokeslam. Price received a great reaction when he came out to challenge Gage and it continued to grow throughout this match. Mercer hit Wreck with the moonsault and battery but before he was able to win the match, Waller came off the top rope with a giant splash and was planted with a code red. There was a weird moment where Waller didn’t kick out of a move but the ref called off his own three-count, which led to Lio Rush hitting a Frog Splash on Alec Price for the victory. 

Lio Rush won the Scramble Match 

Singles Match: Blake Christian vs. Shun Skywalker

The two engaged in a series of feeling-out sequences but Skywalker hot-shotted Christian on the second rope with a monkey flip and started to work over Blake’s arms. Skywalker’s advantage didn’t last long as Blake Christian built up some momentum which sent Skywalker begging off into the opposite corner. Christian followed Skywalker and started to run wild with his constant motion-based offense. These two are very evenly matched and a lot of fun to watch as they never let a moment breathe. Christian went to the corner to recover but Skywalker kicked him in the face and planted him with a falcon arrow for a two-count. Christian responded with a handspring into a kick to the head, Skywalker was sent to the floor and taken out by a beautiful Arabian Press. Blake Christian hit a big Frog Splash for a two count, and before he jumped he pointed to the sky, as it is Eddie Guerrero’s birthday. Christian was briefly taken off of his feet after a couple of strikes to the head, he tried to fire back up but was again cut off by Skywalker’s impactful offense. Blake Christian was able to land a springboard 450 for the victory. The pin came out of nowhere but this was a very good back-and-forth match. 

Blake Christian Defeated Shun Skywalker

Singles Match: Gringo Loco vs. Masha Slamovich

Masha has had a great couple of weeks culminating in a match with Jordynne Grace for the Impact Knockouts Championship. The two started with an exchange of arm drag reversals which got the crowd excited as Masha was able to display a different type of offense. Masha took the fight to Gringo with a series of kicks and strikes, she took him out to the floor with head scissors followed by a swinging DDT from the apron to the floor. Gringo popped back up and hit Masha with a suplex on the floor and rolled her back into the ring; Gringo placed Masha on his shoulders and hit her with a Styles Clash for a near fall. Masha was grounded and Gringo went to the second rope, Masha recovered and climbed up and she was planted with a top rope DVD but kicked out at 2. Gringo body-slammed Masha and hit his double jump moonsault but Masha got out of the way and hit a shining wizard for a two count. Masha planted Gringo with a destroyer followed by a piledriver for the victory. This was one of Masha’s best matches in Game Changer Wrestling and it’s no coincidence that she was in there with Gringo Loco. 

Masha Slamovich Defeated Gringo Loco 

DDT Extreme Champion vs. GCW Extreme Champion: Joey Janela (DDT Champion) vs. Cole Radrick (GCW Champion) 

The match picked up where we left off last night with the two men trading fists and chops in the center of the ring. Joey hit Cole with a rolling elbow but Cole hit him quickly with a superkick, Joey went to the floor and was wiped out with a beautiful moonsault. Cole grabbed a door and put it over Joey’s back and hit it with a chair, the two continued to brawl on the floor with neither man getting the advantage. Joey was placed on a chair and Cole Radrick rode an electric scooter and kicked Joey in the face. Back in the ring, Cole set a ladder up but was backdropped followed by a DVD through the ladder but Cole was able to kick out at 2. Joey Sabu’d a chair at Cole’s head which gave Joey enough time to set up a door bridge but he took too long. Cole connected with two stunners followed by a Lionsault through the door for another false finish. Joey went for a moonsault Press and tried to turn it into a short Rikishi Driver for another two count; Joey set up 5 chairs and attempted to smash Cole through them but Cole reversed it and hit the Little Sebastian’s Curse for a near-fall. Cole took too much time to set up a door bridge which allowed Joey to cut him off at the pass and hit an avalanche DDT through the door. Cole kicked out at 1 so Joey placed the broken door onto Cole’s body and connected with a double stomp but Cole kicked out again. Joey broke the rest of the door over Cole’s head but he no-sold it and beat Janela up some more. Janela cut him off with a superkick but took too long to go for the cover, the crowd was alive for the entire match. Cole hit Janela with an air raid crash through the chair which busted Joey open, Cole placed Joey up on the top rope and hit a superplex but Joey rolled Cole up for the victory. This was the best match of the weekend. 

New GCW Extreme Champion and Still DDT Extreme Champion Joey Janela 

Tag Team Match: Jordan Oliver and Nick Wayne vs. BUSSY

Jordan Oliver and EFFY started the match with an aggressive lockup that ended when EFFY licked Jordan Oliver, they locked back up and started running a sequence of evasion-based offenses. They each tag in their partners, Wayne sent Katch to the floor and teased a dive but begged off. EFFY tried to get back into the match but he was met with a flurry of tandem offense, Katch suffered the same fate. Wayne and Katch were once again left in the ring together where they exchanged some offense which culminated in Katch taking Wayne out with a northern lights suplex, EFFY returned to the match and speared both men and connected with a series of pump kicks. BUSSY hit a Doomsday Sack Ryder, onto Nick Wayne as they continued to isolate the youngest member of the match. Wayne made the hot tag to Oliver who ran wild on BUSSY, Oliver attempted a Boston Crab but Katch was able to reverse it, she shot Oliver into the corner which allowed him to make the tag to Wayne. All four competitors started to hit each other with moves in a complete sprint, Katch locked in a Boston Crab on Wayne and Oliver locked one on EFFY. Jordan broke his hold and slapped Katch across the face, she responded by unloading on Oliver with a couple of strikes but her hot streak didn’t last long as she was planted with a couple of tandem moves followed by a splash from Wayne. Katch recovered and was about to take out Wayne when Charles Mason entered the ring and took out Allie Katch with a piano wire. 

No Contest

Singles Match: YAMATO vs. Mike Bailey 

They got down to business right away as they each tried to get the advantage over the other; they had a couple of aggressive lockups before they took their fight to the floor. While they were on the floor they continued to chop each other on all sides of the ring; considering how technically gifted both men are I was surprised to see this match spill to the outside so early into the match. There’s a man in the crowd wearing an American flag onesie who is desperately trying to make himself a thing. It’s embarrassing. The fight returned to the ring where Speedball took out YAMATO with a top rope shotgun drop kick followed by a stiff kick to the chest and a brutal double knee. Bailey locked in a leg lock and started to wrench away on YAMATO’s ankles in the center of the ring. YAMATO was able to break the hold and he created some separation from Bailey by hitting an exploder suplex and a series of body kicks. Bailey fired back up and hit Mars Comet but it was still not enough to put away the tenacious YAMATO. Bailey unleashed on YAMATO’s chest with a flurry of stiff kicks, YAMATO got right back up and hit Bailey with a forearm which stopped the momentum for both men. They got back up to their feet and YAMATO proceeded to destroy Bailey’s chest with a bunch of chops and two massive drop kicks in the corner but he was unable to secure the victory. Bailey sent YAMATO to the floor with a thrust kick and took him out with a beautiful dive to the floor and then he rolled YAMATO back into the ring and hit him with his shooting star double knee but YAMATO kicked out. Bailey attempted the flamingo driver but YAMATO caught him with a sleeper suplex that planted Bailey right on his head. Bailey kicked out but YAMATO hit Galleria for the victory. This was an amazing back-and-forth match that delivered far beyond the already high expectations. 

YAMATO Defeated Mike Bailey

King of FREEDOMS World Championship Deathmatch: Miedo Extremo vs. Drew Parker (Champion)

Miedo secured a waist lock as the two danced around the numerous panes of glass and bundles of tubes. Parker sent Miedo to the floor and took him out with a dive, Drew Parker retrieved darts and started to throw them into the back of Miedo Extremo. Drew Parker grabbed a gusset plate and hammered it into Miedo’s head but Miedo responded with a half-in-half suplex through the pane of glass and delivered some payback by hammering a gusset of his own into Parker’s head. Miedo grabbed a bundle of tubes and shattered them across Drew Parker’s chest with a kick, Miedo towards Parker with a bundle of tubes but Parker kicked them and planted Miedo with a brainbuster for a near fall. Drew Parker went to the floor and set up a double-door bridge, this allowed Miedo to get back to his feet inside the ring. Miedo tossed Drew Parker to the floor, sending him crashing through the contraption he just had set up. They returned to the ring where Parker hit Miedo with a cutter, Miedo bailed to the floor where Parker once again set up a door bridge; Parker placed Miedo on the door and hit him with a Swanton. Miedo got right back up and the two started trading shots on the apron, Parker grounded Miedo with a tube strike then planted him with a top rope DDT onto a pile of tubes. Parker placed a pane of glass on the top of Miedo and came crashing down with a Swanton. Miedo kicked out at 1 but was unable to kick out after a light tube-assisted knee strike. 

Drew Parker Retained the King of FREEDOMS World Championship

6 Man Tag Match: Wasted Youth (Marcus Mathers, Dyln McKay, and Jimmy Lloyd) vs. Second Gear Crew

Manders attacked everyone before the match, Jimmy Lloyd was the only member of his team who was able to stay on his feet but that didn’t last long as SGC sent him to the floor. Mathers and Dyln took out SGC with a set of double drop kicks followed by a massive dive to the floor. The match spilled to the floor where each member paired off with the other, Wasted Youth were unsuccessful in their attempts at stringing together any sort of offense. Justice and Manders set up a barbed wire door on the floor, as Warner attacked Marcus Mathers. Marcus turned the tables on Mance Warner who took a strand of barbed wire and raked it across Mance Warner’s head. Jimmy Lloyd hit Manders over the head with a bucket full of beer, he then turned his attention to starting to break a door over the head of  Mance Warner. Mance Warner cracked Jimmy Lloyd over the head with a steel chair and then Jimmy with a Superplex through a door for a two count. Dyln McKay tried to set up a door bridge but it just wasn’t working so Manders took charge and set it up for him. Jimmy Lloyd and Mance Warner traded punches in the ring, Wasted Youth ganged up on Warner which culminated in Dyln McKay hitting a shooting star-assisted piledriver for a two-count. Manders and Mance Warner choke slammed Mathers off the apron through a barbed wire door on the floor. Matthew Justice hit Jimmy Lloyd over the head with a steel chair 3 times as Manders threw Dyln to the floor through a door. Mathers returned to the ring and faced off with all three members of SGC; the crowd didn’t believe Marcus could get it done so they started for Jimmy Lloyd who just got his brain rocked worse than Tua. Manders and Warner beat up Mathers while Justice grabbed a giant ladder, Justice climbed to the top of the ladder but he was met by Dyln McKay. Justice put McKay on his shoulders and hit a DVD off the top of the ladder for the victory.

Second Gear Crew Defeated Marcus Mathers, Dyln McKay, and Jimmy Lloyd 

GCW Ultraviolent Title Match: Rina Yamashita (Champion) vs. Ciclope 

Ciclope extended his hand, Rina went to shake it but Ciclope flipped her off which got the match underway; they exchanged a couple of headlock takeovers and an arm drag or two but quickly took turns taking a bump on a light tube. The match spilled to the floor with Ciclope firmly in control he grabbed a ladder and rammed it into the chest of the champion, Rina regained the advantage after Ciclope took too long setting up the ladder in the corner. Rina got caught and had her face double-stomped into a bundle of tubes followed by a vicious piledriver for the first near fall of the match. Rina fired up and broke three tubes across the chest of Ciclope, broke one over her head then started to eat the shards of glass. They battled on the apron above a glass and barbed wire contraption, Rina got Ciclope on her shoulders and hit a Finlay roll through the plunder. Rina rolled Ciclope back inside the ring and hit a tube-assisted running forearm shot for a near fall; Ciclope ‘woke back up’ and locked in a cross face and then landed a spinebuster. Ciclope grounded Rina with a light tube shotgun dropkick, this was after he kissed Rina on the mouth. Dave Prazak questioned whether Rina was blushing or if it was just blood. Ciclope climbed on the ladder but as Emil J said perfectly, “Rina just punched him in the asshole” and met him up on the other side of the ladder and hit a Superplex. Ciclope piled a bunch of tubes up on the canvas and knocked Rina down continually with a forearm. Ciclope hit her with a running knee strike but she caught it and hit Ciclope with a dead eye, Ciclope used his weight to his advantage and reversed the pin but Rina kicked out. They tossed tubes at each other’s heads and they each grabbed a coil of barbed wire and wrapped it around their forearms. They traded barbed wire forearms, Rina had to tear the barbed wire out of her hair a couple of times which gave Ciclope the opening to hit a shining wizard for a very close near fall. Ciclope missed a moonsault and was met with a barbed wire forearm to the face, Rina climbed to the top rope and hit a big splash for two. Rina German Suplexed Ciclope but he popped back up, Rina was finally able to take him down after three stiff barbed wire forearm shots. Rina placed a bundle of tubes in the center of the ring and hit Ciclope with a splash mountain through the tubes, Ciclope flipped her off, and she wrapped the barbed wire around his head and wrenched back for the submission victory. This was an incredible match between two of the best in the world, easily top 5 Deathmatches of the year. 

Rina Yamashita retained the GCW Ultraviolent Championship

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