REPORT: Details of negotiations between NOAH & WWE that led to Nakamura vs. Muta being made official

Tokyo Sports writes up a story about the negotiations between WWE and NOAH that led to Shinsuke Nakamura's return to NOAH being finalized

Photo Courtesy: Pro Wrestling NOAH

Shinsuke Nakamura weighs in on the match coming to fruition as well.

It is official that as a part of Keiji Muto (The Great Muta’s) retirement tour, he’ll be going one-on-one with WWE’s Shinsuke Nakamura at Pro Wrestling NOAH ‘s ‘The New Year’ 2023 event.

Nakamura has not wrestled under the NOAH umbrella in nine years. Tokyo Sports provided additional details on how this idea became a reality.

The site noted that according to sources involved, NOAH had Nakamura listed as someone they wanted to bring in immediately after Muto made the decision to go on this retirement tour. Initially, terms could not be reached but NOAH was persistent with WWE after Vince McMahon resigned as Chairman and CEO. The agreement was finalized on October 26th.

Nakamura told Tokyo Sports that people in WWE were behind him in terms of wanting this to come to fruition. He joked that this is the forbidden door.

There were people in WWE who pushed me forward. It’s nothing short of a miracle. Of course, I wanted to do it. It was an area that no one had ever stepped into, or rather, I opened a door that no one had been able to pry open. Ha ha ha… It’s a real ‘Fоrbidden Dооr’.

After the match with Nakamura, Muto will be sharing the ring with AEW’s Sting later that month. His retirement tour concludes in February with an event at the Tokyo Dome.

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