Renee Paquette reflects on her AEW debut, talks MJF’s impression of Jon Moxley

Renee Paquette is now weeks into her on-camera role with AEW and she discussed it all during her appearance for AEW Unrestricted

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Renee discusses her time in AEW thus far. 

To kick off AEW’s debut show in Toronto, Canada, Renee Paquette made her on-screen debut after signing with the company. 

The following day, she detailed how her arrival to AEW as an on-screen figure came to be and during her appearance on AEW Unrestricted, she reflected on her time with the company thus far. 

Before Renee signed but had decided she wanted to get back into the mix of wrestling, AEW World Champion Jon Moxley suggested that Toronto would be the perfect spot for her to debut in. Paquette appreciated the reception she got from those in attendance. 

So I think that was kind of the plan all along [her AEW debut]. It’s funny because Jon [Moxley] had kind of kept saying leading up to it, as that seed was blossoming and I was like, I should get back to doing TV. He was like, ‘Well, Toronto makes the most sense’ but I had not had any conversations officially with anybody and that had always kind of been in my head that was like, yeah, Toronto, I should do something and I was like, but what? What am I gonna be doing? Do I just come out and say hey? Am I actually gonna start working that day? What is that gonna look like? But, I mean Toronto just couldn’t have been a better fitting for me. I really didn’t know what to expect of what kind of reaction I was gonna get, if people were gonna care, any of those things so it was really, really nice to be able to go out and open the show and have a pretty warm reception from everybody. Really kind of made me check myself a little bit. It was really, really nice. 

On the lead up to Jon Moxley versus MJF at Full Gear, Paquette conducted an interview with MJF. He made light of Moxley’s mannerisms and his sayings. Renee thinks Friedman did a good impression. 

It was actually a pretty good impression [MJF mocking Jon Moxley]. I mean not that we’re surprised by that. I mean MJF is MJF. He’s a world-class performer… Obviously, I didn’t see it prior to going out, I didn’t see him going over it, I didn’t see anything like that so, me seeing it out there for the first time and being able to just hear what he was saying and anytime someone does that Jon mannerism, it’s like this big shoulder movement, so anytime someone does that, it’s pretty funny but yeah, just the lowered brow, just skulking around. I feel like MJF definitely did his due diligence in his Jon Moxley performance. Little sh*t.

In addition to MJF and Moxley being official for Full Gear, Saraya is making her in-ring return. She’ll be facing Britt Baker and detailed the process of getting cleared to compete. To read her comments, click here

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