Former referee Jack Doan states that he would love to come back to WWE

Longtime official Jack Doan states that he would love to get back to refereeing for WWE

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Referee Jack Doan expresses his interest in a return to WWE. 

From 1991 until 2013, Jack Doan worked for the WWF/E. He started with the company as a part of their production staff and eventually became a referee. 

He has been away from his former role for nine years and while being interviewed on Sportskeeda’s ‘UnSKripted’ show, Doan expressed that he would love to come back. He enjoys his current job, but says nothing beats the pro wrestling atmosphere. 

He added that he recently found out the reason why he was let go and the person who is responsible is no longer with the company.

I would love to come back [to refereeing for WWE]. It was something I would obviously discuss with my wife, we just got married in July. She’s never been in the wrestling business and she’s heard the traveling, being away and all that. Of course, they don’t travel like they used to which is a good thing. Definitely save some marriages but, I would love to, if we talked about it. Now she’s standing here staring at me right now. If it was something we both agreed this is good, I would love to. My heart, I miss it every day. It’s hard to have a job that you go to that you love every day and I loved that every day. I have a good job now, but there’s days I just don’t wanna go, you know? Or it’s not enjoyable. So, when you can find that career and that’s the part I miss the most. I miss the locker room, I miss traveling, I miss being in front of the fans. WWE fans, there’s no other fans like ‘em. They’re awesome, loyal, supportive and I miss that part of it. Not only financially, you know, what WWE does because they do take care of their talent but just being in that ring, I’ve always been competitive and although I wasn’t competing in a match, but I got to be in there with the athletes and be able to move around and I probably could lose, shed about 30 pounds before I ever thought about getting back in there but, yeah, if they called tomorrow, I would love to. Actually kind of — that’s a whole other show. Kind of just got the backstory of why I was let out of my contract and it’s kind of disheartening. Let’s just say the gentleman that did it is no longer there… And I do got some things down the road if it works out… Stuff that I’ve gone through that I would like to eventually branch out and travel and talk to people about things I went through… and we’ll let everybody know so it’s something about a year, we’ve been talking about doing me kind of becoming a spokesperson and going around.

The topic of the Montreal Screwjob came up and Doan was asked what he would have done if he was in Earl Hebner’s position.

Doan stated that he would have done with Vince McMahon asked him because either way, Bret was leaving the company for another big money deal and if he opted not to do as he was told and side with Bret, he’d be out of job with no guarantee that Hart would be there to support him. 

Well, I’ll tell you, it’s easier for you if you’re a Bret Hart fan if my answer offends you [as to what I would do in the referee spot for the Montreal Screwjob]. But, Bret Hart was leaving for I don’t know how many millions of dollars. You don’t do your job and I lose my job. Now I can’t support my family, support myself. Yeah, I would have done what Vince [McMahon] asked me to do. I gotta be secure. Bret’s not gonna cut me a million dollars, you know what I mean? To give him a heads up and I don’t mean that to be disrespectful. I love Bret. I thought Bret was always professional. Professional in the locker room, very professional in the ring but you have a job to do and regardless of the whole story of it, he was leaving for a big contract.

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