Lady Frost addresses exit from IMPACT Wrestling, looks back fondly on Knockouts Ultimate X

Lady Frost is no longer with IMPACT Wrestling after being granted her release from the company. She spoke about her departure

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For Lady Frost, her top priority was being okay internally. 

It was reported by Fightful Select that Lady Frost was formally granted her release from IMPACT Wrestling in October. In June, Frost publicly announced that she requested her release. She last wrestled for the company at Multiverse of Matches in April.

Frost was welcomed onto Cultaholic’s platform and as the conversation rolled on, she spoke about her exit from IMPACT. For her, it was about being okay internally.

She stated that once both parties realized time is of the essence, it played a different factor as far as what the future could look like. Frost does not know if there was anything IMPACT could have offered to change her mind. 

I don’t know [if there was anything IMPACT could have offered me to change my mind]. I think that was a very broad tweet [that I sent out in August]. I wouldn’t like to pin it anywhere but I think that in life, everyone changes perspectives at some point and often about whatever it may be and I think that’s okay. It should be okay for people to realize different things, come to different conclusions. I think maybe we’ve all been in a bad relationship too long that you wanted to hold onto or fix things or you thought it was gonna be a certain way and it wasn’t and that’s no blame to any side, person, anything. But, I am not a spry, young chicken, I’m not a teenager so I think once we realized time is of the essence, it plays a different factor I think. I just wanna be happy… That’s my top priority in life is being happy and if I can’t come home, be a good wife and a good mother and a good friend and a good daughter, what am I doing? You know what I mean? No money, no television, no anything is not worth being okay inside so, that was my primary concern pretty much with life and that’s where I got to a point where wrestling doesn’t matter if I can’t be — insert shoot name here — if I can’t be me, right? [Frost laughed] Yeah. That’s top priority.

This past January, she was a part of the first-ever Knockouts Ultimate X match at Hard To Kill. That is a moment she looks back fondly on from her time in IMPACT.

It’s definitely the women’s Ultimate X match [that I look back fondly on from my IMPACT run]. I went in wanting to be just [the] first female ever in [an] Ultimate X match and they’re like, ‘Actually, we’re gonna have an all-women’s match’ so that was a big deal. It was making history, it was something that I had my heart set on and I think that moment, that rush of climbing that structure and moonsaulting off of it, can’t really replace that. That’s a good one.

The conversation of being a free agent came up and Frost said she does enjoy it. She clarified that there was freedom in the last situation she was in, adding that there is a certain level of buzz that comes with an individual who has been on television. 

I do [enjoy being a free agent]. We still have freedom before but I think there’s a certain appeal after you’ve been on television a bit and you’re a little more recognized. I think you wanna get out and just do everything that you can do, whatever weekend that you want and stay for a week or two weeks or a month so, yeah, freedom is always nice.

IMPACT is gearing up for their ‘Over Drive’ event on November 18th. Below is the updated lineup for that show:

  • IMPACT World Championship: Josh Alexander (c) vs. Frankie Kazarian
  • Vacant IMPACT X Division Championship Tournament Final: Trey Miguel vs. P.J. Black or Black Taurus
  • IMPACT World Tag Team Championships: Heath & Rhino (c) vs. The Major Players (Matt Cardona & Brian Myers)
  • Knockouts World Tag Team Championships: Taya Valkyrie & Jessicka (c) (w/ Rosemary) vs. Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans
  • Tables Match: Bully Ray vs. Moose
  • Taylor Wilde vs. Mickie James
  • IMPACT Knokcouts World Championship — Last Knockout Standing Match: Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Masha Slamovich

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