MLW Fusion Report: Alex Kane vs. Davey Richards, Killer Kross vs. Matt Cross

Photo Courtesy: MLW

MLW Fusion #155

November 17th, 2022

Melrose Ballroom in Queens, NY

By: John Siino

Commentary: Rich Bocchini & Joe Dombrowski

Los Maximos (Joel Maximo & Jose Maximo) vs. Samoan Swat Team (Juicy Finau & Lance Anoa’i)

They start the match before the bell rings on the outside, with Juicy Finau catching both of Los Maximos as Lance Anoa’i dives onto them. They continue brawling until Anoa’i and Jose Maximo start the match. Anoa’i starts chopping and whipping Jose until Joel Maximo comes in and they start double-teaming Anoa’i as Joel hits a senton for a two. Jose comes back in, but Anoa’i hits a flying head scissors, and tags in Finau who misses a splash in the corner before smashing Los Maximos onto each other. Anoa’i comes in and hits a buckle bomb as Finau splashes Jose in the corner followed by a cannonball from Anoa’ for a two count. Los Maximos are able to stop Anoa’i on the top rope and try a double Spanish Fly but Finau stops them and hits a double Samoan Drop to Los Maximos followed by a top rope splash from Anoa’i to Jose for the pin and the win.

Winners: Samoan Swat Team (Lance Anoa’i & Juicy Finau) by pinfall at 3:15

Drinking & Thinking

We go to Mance Warner who’s at the bar at Melrose Ballroom and said he’s been drinking and thinking and is a little worked up and angry. He fought three people out front but now has his eyes on Mads Krugger. He thinks about what kind of match it will be, a death match, light tubes, tables, or maybe they’ll light a table on fire. He gets another beer and says one more thing, but Microman is there to take his beer away from him, as Warner gets another one. Warner says he doesn’t know if he met or fought Microman before but it takes a lot of balls for a man to steal one of his beers when he is pissed off. Because of that, they toast.

You Good, Man?

We see footage from an MLW media event of Calvin Tankman running into EJ Nduka after what went down at MLW Battle Riot IV. Nduka asks Tankman if he’s good, and Tankman says he guesses as they have these MLW World Tag Team Championships and have to defend them, and they will worry about everything else later.

Sam Leterna is with Myron Reed and congratulates him on retaining his MLW World Middleweight Championship last week. Reed says to keep sending their best from Dragon Gate, AAA, it doesn’t matter, because at the end of the day it’s Bomaye. Reed spots Calvin Tankman and calls him in. Reed asks why Tankman is fighting the movement as he was the #1 draft pick. Tankman said after he destroyed his knee, got screwed out of the Opera Cup and championship opportunities and Reed decided to flip. Reed brings up Nduka and the Battle Riot and asks where Nduka got his watch from and tells Tankman to think about it.

All You Had to Do Was Ask

We see footage from last week after Taya Valkyrie got attacked by Brittany Blake as Taya says all Blake had to do was ask for an MLW Featherweight Championship match. Taya says whenever Blake wants it, they go at it for the title. They announce the match will happen on next week’s Thanksgiving episode.

Next Week – MLW Fusion on Thanksgiving

·       MLW World Women’s Featherweight Championship: Taya Valkyrie (c) vs. Brittany Blake

·       MLW World Heavyweight Championship Falls Count Anywhere Match: Alex Hammerstone (c) vs. Richard Holliday

If You Can Make it Here…

We go to Richard Holliday and Alicia Atout as Atout calls Alex Hammerstone an idiot as New York City is Holliday’s town and he will defeat him for the world title. She continues that Holliday is getting bigger, faster, and stronger and he is the more intelligent and dynastic one. Holliday says that’s 100% right and if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere and he thinks that’s a crock of shit as he makes it wherever he goes. Holliday says since it is falls count anywhere, maybe he’ll beat him on the Brooklyn Bridge, under the Statue of Liberty or he’ll beat his ass on 52nd Street while the paparazzi are taking pictures of him. In the Big Apple, the sole proprietor will be the one who has the gold in his hand.

Matt Cross vs. Killer Kross (w/ Scarlett Bordeaux)

Matt Cross starts the match ducking Killer Kross, as commentary starts making crossfire and Kris Kross jokes. Thankfully for my report, these two spell their last names differently. Kross takes control beating down Cross in the corner, tossing him, and hitting forearms while driving down his elbow while Cross is in the ropes. Cross comes back with some kicks before getting taken down hard with a clothesline as we go to commercial.

When we come back, Kross has Cross tied in the middle of the ring with a face look. Cross elbows his way out and hits a tilt-a-whirl arm drag for a two-count. Cross comes back with the Cross Cutter, heads to the top rope, and gets the crowd to get behind him. As Cross goes for the Shooting Star Press, Kross gets out of the way and catches a springboarding Cross into the Doomsday Saito Suplex, as Kross gets the pin for the win.

Winner: Killer Kross by pinfall at 4:23

The Gates Open

We see a video for Shun Skywalker that says ‘the gates open, the dark madness enters. Dragon Gate’s harlequin, Open the Twin Gate Champion, Rookie of the Year Shun Skywalker is arriving soon’.

The Hunt Never Dies

Sam Leterna is backstage with Davey Richards and says Alex Kane has been calling Richards a loser and a quitter and Richards’ response is Kane is talking so much while being so deadly and precise, but he doesn’t talk he does. And what he will do tonight is become the MLW National Openweight Champion, because this hunt never dies.

No Cup, No Tournament

We see a video about the Opera Cup that says for months the whereabouts of it has been under investigation. And now 2022 plans for the tournament are up in the air and if there’s no cup, there’s no tournament. League officials continue to investigate the whereabouts and ask if anyone has any tips to share them at [email protected].


As Alex Hammerstone is exiting a room, reporters are trying to get a word with him as EJ Nduka steps in and says his people have been trying to get in touch with him to get an opportunity and says Richard Holliday doesn’t need another shot, he does. Hammerstone says Cesar Duran has been making all his matches before we hear some commotion from another room that Hammerstone goes into. We see Calvin Tankman is knocked out cold with the same card with symbols that Savio Vega and Lince Dorado found on Budd Heavy last week. Cesar Duran steps in and Hammerstone asks him what’s going on, but Duran says he has nothing to do with this and wants his champion to be focused as Hammerstone says this isn’t over. Duran looks at the card and says ‘interesting’.

MLW National Openweight Championship: Alex Kane (c) (w/ Mr. Thomas) vs. Davey Richards

Alex Kane starts the match twisting Davey Richards’ left arm, but Richards is able to escape as they go into pin attempts. They start getting into waist locks in the middle of the ring before Richards leapfrogs and trips Kane into an ankle lock that he kicks his way out of. Kane catches a running Richards and hits an exploder suplex into the corner, as they go to commercial.

When we come back, Kane is attacking Richards on the apron and hits a running splash onto Richards on the apron for a two-count. Kane starts chopping Richards in the corner before hitting him with forearms to the side of Richards’ head. Kane walks around the ring talking trash to the crowd as he stays in control saying it’s ‘my time’. Kane whips Richards hard into the corner and talks trash to Richards now saying, ‘you not better’. Kane heads to the second rope, but Richards stops him with headbutts. They continue fighting on the top rope as Richards hits a dozen or so more headbutts followed by a superplex. They start trading blows before Richards hits kicks, dodges Kane in the corner and hits a dragon screw on the ropes. Richards heads to the top rope, but Kane dodges him. Richards catches Kane and puts him in the trailer hitch, but Kane grabs the bottom rope. They trade forearms again before Richards hits a Saito Suplex and a clothesline. Kane comes right back with a toss suplex for a two-count. They go back and forth until Richards traps Kane in an ankle lock, followed by a punt kick and a double stomp off the top rope that Kane kicks out at one. Richards follows it with a brain buster for a two and a sit-out Gotch-style piledriver for the pin and the win.

Winner: Davey Richards by pinfall at 12:21 to become NEW MLW National Openweight Champion

As Richards is celebrating, Myron Reed stands with Kane and Mr. Thomas and stares down Richards.

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