The Young Bucks reflect on their return to AEW, comment on last several months being difficult

Matt and Nick Jackson, The Young Bucks, speak about their return to All Elite Wrestling in the return edition of BTE

Matt and Nick chat The Elite’s return to AEW.

The second match on the AEW Full Gear 2022 match card was Death Triangle (PAC, Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fenix) successfully defending the AEW World Trios Titles against The Elite (Kenny Omega, Matt & Nick Jackson). 

The Elite had been off-screen since the reported physical altercation they were a part of with CM Punk. Omega and The Young Bucks were welcomed back by the audience inside the Prudential Center and a “f*ck CM Punk” chant broke out while the match was taking place. 

The Being The Elite YouTube series returned and in episode #323, Matt and Nick Jackson spoke about how they felt one day following their returns. Nick was questioning if he could still perform at a high level and Matt said the past few months have been some of the hardest of his life. 

Matt: It’s the end of the loop. We’re finally back home here in Ontario, California. 

Nick: We’re officially back. 

Matt: We’re officially back. We, however, have been technically back backstage a few weeks but now, we’ve been on-screen, we’ve wrestled, we’ve done it, we’re back, now Being The Elite is back. 

Nick: It didn’t feel like we were officially back though until [Full Gear]. We were around for four weeks but it didn’t feel like — there was something missing I think and I think that something missing was us performing live so, we did that, we scratched that itch and we’re back. I was just gonna say I’ve had anxiety thinking of it. Been anxious, didn’t know if I could still perform at a high level. 

Matt: I was actually waking up in cold sweats. I haven’t been sleeping. People, they don’t really understand because we haven’t been able to really talk about it but this has been two of the hardest months of my life. I know you too. My family and here we are, we got through it. You just never know what’s gonna happen until you do it and just to hear the support and just to hear how happy and to see how happy a lot of people were to see us, that really meant the world to us and Kenny [Omega] and it felt good and we’re going through the healing process right now but, I think last night was a big step for us to get there and I feel good and we got to come out to a song we grew up listening to with our dad. 

Nick: Badass song too. 

Matt: A song that we almost didn’t get. A song that we used to come out [to] in the backyard. But yeah, a song that we literally didn’t get until the 11th hour. That was stressful. Getting that the night before we finally knew so it was just collectively a really crazy, crazy time and now I see the end, almost a sigh of relief at this point. 

Coming out of Full Gear, it is official that The Elite and Death Triangle are in the midst of a best-of-seven series that continues this Wednesday on Dynamite. 

If the quotes in this article are used, please credit Being The Elite with an H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions. 

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